Julia Roberts, can’t you come to Man City once?

Julia Roberts, can’t you come to Man City once?

Julia Roberts

There’s one thing Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola, the world’s greatest living master, desperately wants.

English Premier League (EPL) three consecutive times? The UEFA Champions League (UCL) championship, which has never been achieved since leaving Barcelona? No. Winning is something that can be achieved someday with Guardiola’s passion and efforts and passion. There’s something he can’t do with his passion and effort. It has nothing to do with one’s will. Guardiola lamented.

Guardiola said this after a 7-0 victory over Leipzig in the second leg of the UCL round of 16 on the 15th.

“There are three idols in my life. Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Julia Roberts. Roberts came to Manchester many years ago. It was Manchester United, not Manchester City. Not in the ’90s when Sir Alex Ferguson won. It was a better time for us than United. But she went to United and didn’t come to see us. I’m a failure. He is a failed manager at Manchester City. Even if he wins UCL, he can’t compare to the disappointment that Roberts didn’t come to see us in Manchester City.”

Of course it’s a joke. However, this remark caused a big issue. It has brought new big fun to the world of soccer.

According to Britain’s Mirror, Roberts, a world-renowned actor, beauty, and lover of the century, visited Old Trafford, Manchester United’s home stadium, exactly on November 28, 2016. The opponent is West Ham. I came with my husband and three children. Roberts met Wayne Rooney and Michael Carrick on the pitch. 메이저놀이터

At the time, Manchester United’s manager was Jose Mourinho, AS Roma. The game was tied 1-1. In particular, Mourinho made an impressive scene in front of Roberts. Mourinho was sent off directly after protesting strongly against the referee.

Even if he was sent off, Guardiola envied him more than anything else. Roberts will have to help Guardiola make history as a successful manager at Manchester City. I recommend visiting Etihad Stadium, the home stadium of Manchester City.

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