Ji Seok-jin reveals her new profile, from a simple smile to…

Ji Seok-jin reveals her new profile, from a simple smile to dandy+casual.

A new profile of broadcaster Ji Seok-jin has been released.

Ji Seok-jin

On the 1st, Wooju Rocks Entertainment released a new profile picture of Ji Seok-jin on its official SNS account.

In the photo released this time, Ji Seok-jin shows a dandy mood that was not usually seen in a black suit with Stitch as a point.

In another cut, he wears casual fashion like a sweatshirt, giving off his charm with a friendly yet simple smile.

Ji Seokjin has established herself in many broadcasting programs with her unique witty talk and entertainment sense.

Recently, TikTok, a global short platform platform, has emerged at the center of the topic and has earned a unique nickname of “TikTok Grandpa.”

In particular, through his YouTube channel, “The Convenient World,” he continues to actively communicate with the MZ generation by showing endless challenges and trendy aspects such as daily disclosure as well as hot place experiences.

Meanwhile, in addition to SBS’s “Running Man,” which is broadcast every Sunday, Ji Seokjin is in charge of hosting JTBC’s “Friendly Clinic.”

In addition, MSG Wannabe M.O.M (Ji Seokjin, KCM Park Jae-jung, Wonstein), a project group, will announce its comeback in the music industry on the 11th.

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