Jessica has no choice but to be the center of girl group…

Jessica has no choice but to be the center of girl group…The visual of an idol who tore up the stage


Jessica showed off her gorgeous looks.

On the afternoon of the 1st, Jessica, a former member of the group Girls’ Generation, posted several photos on her Instagram with the message “Always for my #goldenstars.”

In the released photo, Jessica is on stage showing off her singing and dancing. Jessica’s beauty in a white dress looks more gorgeous than ever. His slim legs can also impress.

Jessica’s acting skills stand out in other pictures wearing a black dress. Her flawless beauty and stage performance draw praise from fans.

Jessica has been dating Tyler Kwon in public since 2013 with Tyler Kwon. He is also appearing in season 3 of the popular Chinese entertainment show ‘Seungpung Blue Jeojeo’.

Jessica’s second novel “Bright” has also been published. “Bright” deals with what Rachel, the main character of “Shine,” experiences after becoming a global top star as a member of the K-pop group.코인파워볼

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