Jeep Reveals Wrangler 4xe 3D Anamorphic Media Art

Jeep Reveals Wrangler 4xe 3D Anamorphic Media Art


Jeep will showcase the Anamorphic media art for the first time at COEX K-POP Square Media in Samseong-dong, ahead of the official launch of Jeep Wrangler 4xe, the start of all SUVs.

The 4xe Anamorphic Media Art, planned and manufactured with CJ Powercast, is designed to emphasize that the plug-in hybrid SUV Wrangler 4xe, Jeep’s first motorized model ahead of its release in September, is still an eco-friendly vehicle, but it has inherited its unique adventurous spirit and strong off-road performance.

Wrangler 4xe media art, produced under the theme of Our green is not mild, uses an optical illusion of trick art to maximize the 3D effect at a certain point. Using this technique, it creates the illusion that water and stones, the effects of the video, are likely to pop out of the screen, and the Wrangler 4xe model boasts an overwhelming sense of immersion as if it is running out of the country’s largest outdoor digital signage, measuring about 81 meters wide and 20 meters long.토토사이트

4xe Anamorphic Media Art will be sent out up to three times per hour from 6 a.m. to midnight on September 16 (Thursday), especially every 16 minutes until August 31. It is expected to catch the eyes of many citizens as it can be found not only in walking tours around COEX but also in vehicles between Yeongdong-daero and Tehran-ro.

Jeep will also host a Jeep Wrangler 4xe Anamorphic video authentication shot event to share the Anamorphic media art with more people. Social events, which run from today to September 9, can be simply applied by taking videos or photos and posting them on personal social accounts (Instagram, Facebook). Essential hashtags include #RanglerAnamorphic, #Jeeprangler4xe, #4xeAnamorphic, and #OurGREENisNOTMILD. Participants of the event will receive a variety of prizes including Jeep 4xe laptop ready-back through a lottery.

“We wanted to give you a thrilling experience of summer heat away from the Wrangler 4xe in the middle of the city,” Stellantis Korea President Jake Aumann said. “We hope this will give more people a chance to feel and sympathize with what truly Jeepy eco-friendly vehicles are.”

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