ITZY Yeji Reveals Healing Daily Vlog showed

Yeji Reveals Healing Daily Vlog


ITZY Yeji showed off her lovely charm that stimulates childhood innocence in her own content VLOG.

JYP Entertainment released a vlog video on ITZY’s YouTube channel at 6 p.m. on the 23rd, where you can meet Yeji’s daily life.

In the video, Yeji introduced the attached doll she had been with since childhood and told various memories related to it, saying that it needed to be repaired. In particular, he gave the teddy bear the names “dol-i” and “dol-min” or expressed his/her warm heart by saying that he/she was sorry for using the dryer after washing. He also made viewers smile by making happy faces while choosing delicious desserts such as donuts and cakes for the members.

ITZY is building a more special bond with global fans through its own content series that shares small daily lives. MIDZY around the world is enthusiastically responding to the charisma on stage and the familiar charm of other members. Proving keen interest, ITZY was the only girl group to be listed on the top three list that recorded the highest SNS index rise within four years of its debut in the first half of 2021’s “Hanteo Global K-pop Report” released by Hanteo Chart on the 21st.

Also, ITZY’s new dance content, the “K-pop representative performer,” has been announced, making fans twice as happy. Recently, Mnet’s digital studio M2’s “STUDIO CHOOM” selected Chaeryeong as the artist of August. In August, Chaeryeong will show outstanding performance capabilities following Yeji, who is the main character of March and has the largest number of clicks among all contents of “Artist of the Month.”

“Artist of the Month” is a content of “STUDIO CHOOM” by Mnet digital studio M2, where you can hear in-depth stories about dance from K-pop artists’ performances.

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