ITZY RYUJIN LIA JYP’s personality score

ITZY RYUJIN LIA JYP’s personality score


Group ITZY Ryujin and Lia honestly revealed their personality evaluation when they were JYP trainees.

On the 10th, a video titled “ITZY Ryujin and Lia are asked how much the exchange rate is today” was released on the “Smile Show” channel.

Lee Yong-joo said, “I’ve been with a lot of JYP artists, and they seem to be mentally and physically healthy. I think you guys are like that too, but do you have a special way of managing JYP?I asked the question.

When Kim Min-soo added, “I heard that trainees receive personality education,” Ryujin said, “I receive education about once every two weeks.” There is a penalty point system in the trainee curriculum. “We considered the singing score, dance score, and personality score at the same time,” he explained. “I wasn’t that good. It was always in the middle. “My personality score was not that good because I was a person who expressed my opinion well,” he recalled.

Lia thought, “I might get fired this month.” When I said, “I thought so because I had a lot of penalty points,” Ryujin sympathized with me and made me laugh. In principle, food is prohibited in the vocal room, but both of them got caught eating something in the practice room and got a penalty 대전호빠

When asked, “Whose score was the highest?” Ryujin said, “Yeji?” and Lia asked, “But weren’t you in the top ranks, too?” When Ryujin said, “I’ve always been in the bottom or middle ranks,” Lia said, “We’re the same motivation,” making people laugh again.

Meanwhile, ITZY, which includes Ryujin and Lia, made a comeback with their new mini-album “KILL MY DOUBT” on July 31.

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