It didn’t work for Roh Hong-chul who is suspected of stock

It didn’t work for Roh Hong-chul who is suspected of stock price manipulation I’ve made several suggestions, but I refuse

Roh Hong-chul

It was belatedly reported that suspected stock price manipulation forces, which are known to have caused enormous damage by approaching various celebrities, including singer Lim Chang-jung, also approached broadcaster Noh Hong-chul.

According to an entertainment industry official, broadcaster Noh Hong-chul was almost damaged by the situation in which he manipulated stock prices by buying and selling stocks and adjusting the market price in the name of some investors who entrusted the money.

It was revealed that A, one of the suspected stock price manipulation groups, ran a golf academy in Gangnam, Seoul, under the nickname “Top Star Professional Golf Pro,” and encouraged Roh Hong-chul and a number of other celebrities to invest in the name of golf lessons.

In response, Noh Hong-chul’s closest aide said, “A approached Noh Hong-chul through golf lessons like other celebrities. While learning golf there, it is true that I was recommended to continue investing in stocks, but Noh Hong-chul admitted to receiving an investment offer, saying, “Even though A is young, his spending is ridiculously large and I didn’t think it was strange to make an investment offer.”

“I don’t think I was swayed by such temptation because Noh Hong-chul is more meticulous and realistic than he seems.He said, “The only money transaction I made with A was to cut off a membership of about 1 million won for golf lessons for about two to three months. I have no longer made money transactions with them, nor have I been investigated by an investigative agency. It has nothing to do with this incident,” he stressed.

Financial authorities are investigating whether the stock price has been manipulated as the stock price plunged due to the pouring of foreign securities firm SG (Societe Generale) securities. According to the Financial Services Commission, the capital market research team has long been looking into the issue.

Some suspect that a group of buyers and sellers, who had been engaged in manipulation transactions by buying and selling stocks at a certain time, hurriedly disposed of the sale after learning in advance of the financial authorities’ investigation.

Singer Lim Chang-jung is appealing, “I’m a victim, too,” when he invested a total of 3 billion won in the names of himself and his wife and suffered great damage due to a plunge in stock prices. Another singer, A, said, “Im Chang-jung invested in it”I’ve invested for a long time, but I feel like I’ve been swindled,”

The Seoul Southern District Prosecutors’ Office’s joint investigation team on financial securities crimes banned 10 people from leaving the country suspected of stock price manipulation. They are suspected of conducting wiretapping transactions with mobile phones opened under the name of investors

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