Is there a possibility that ESPN James Harden of the U.S

Is there a possibility that ESPN James Harden of the U.S. will actively review joining his home team Houston next year?


Will James Harden (Philadelphia) return to his old team, the Houston Rockets?

ESPN reported on the 25th (Korea Standard Time) that “James Harden is seriously considering reuniting with the Houston Rockets without renewing his contract with Philadelphia next summer.”

The reporter who made the report was Adrian Warnarowski. He has the highest credibility in the NBA.

Harden signed a two-year, $68.8 million contract with Philadelphia in July. He will receive $33 million this season and $35.64 million next season. However, there is a player option. It is the right of a player to stay in the team with that salary if he wants, or to transfer to another team by FA.

ESPN said, ‘Harden was not good in the process of breaking up with Houston. At that time, he demanded a trade, and the feud with Houston was severe. However, I am interested in returning to Houston due to various factors such as Houston’s lifestyle,’ he reported.

Harden moved from Houston to Brooklyn, forming a big three with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, but ultimately failed to win. Irving was absent for a long time due to his refusal to vaccinate against COVID-19 at the time, and Durant and Harden were injured in turns.

In the end, Harden moved on to Philadelphia when he was traded again. In Philadelphia, Harden was in a slump, but he is leading Philadelphia’s offense by forming a league-leading one-two punch with Joel Embiid.

However, Harden denied the report for now. “We (Philadelphia) are doing well now,” he said in an interview with local media. I don’t know where those reports come from, but we keep improving. I won’t answer that question,’ he said.

There is a real possibility. Houston is in the middle of rebuilding. Future main players such as Jaylen Glyn, Javari Smith Jr. and Alferen Sen are showing good competitiveness. All three players are around 20 years old 토토추천사이트

CBS Sports of the U.S. said on the 26th, “When LeBron James returned to his old team Cleveland Cavaliers, Kyrie Irving was 22, while Tristan Thompson and Dion Waitters were 23. However, LeBron made a major team reshuffle when he joined Cleveland. He traded 18-year-old Andrew Wiggins with Kevin Love and eventually made a winning record, he said. “Harden’s joining Houston means ending Houston’s rebuilding policy.” We need to clean up the prospects and make a winning team through a massive team reorganization,’ he said

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