Is it bread wet with tears or invincible? Park Hyojun’s

Is it bread wet with tears or invincible? Park Hyojun’s decision is imminent.


The future of Park Hyo-joon, who was assigned a designation (DFA) measure at the Atlanta Braves five days ago. No team has yet come out to claim him.

If there is no news a week after DFA, Park Hyo-joon will either go to the minor leagues or be released and become invincible.

If he goes to the minor leagues, Park Hyo-joon has to start everything again. You have to eat the ‘tear-soaked bread’ that you ate for seven years again. For Park Hyo-joon, it is not easy to accept.

However, it is common to be demoted to the minor leagues after being excluded from the 40-man Major League list.

In addition, there are many cases where they are released completely. A close example is Korean Rob Levsnyder.

Left Snyder spent several years in the big leagues and minor leagues in several teams, but after being released after being released from DFA measures, he spent several years signing minor league contracts with other teams.

Last season, he was also called up to the big leagues during the season after signing a minor league contract with the Boston Red Sox, and signed a one-year Major League contract with an Altoran-like performance.

Park Hyo-joon could do the same. Whether you go to the Atlanta Minor League or are released, you can plan for the future after signing a minor league contract like Left Snyder.

As a last resort, he can leave the U.S. and return home to play in the KBO League.

However, it is still too early to give up the Major League. I just haven’t had a chance to show it properly yet 토토추천

Attention is focusing on what decision Park Hyo-joon will make.

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