“Including Kim Minjae!” Fenerbahce, Frankfurt’s expedition list

“Including Kim Minjae!” Fenerbahce, Frankfurt’s expedition list is announced.

Kim Minjae

Fenerbache, who will compete in the European Games, has announced a call-up list for the Frankfurt expedition. South Korea’s national defender Kim Min-jae (24) is also proudly listed and is set to make his debut.

Fenerbache will face Eintracht Frankfurt in the first Group D match of the UEFA Europa League in the 2021-22 season at Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt, Germany, at 4 a.m. on the 17th (Korea Standard Time).

Fenerbache, who is on the upward curve, wants to continue his momentum. Fenerbache, who has been undefeated in four league games (3 wins and 1 draw), beat HJK Helsinki (Finland) in the UEL playoffs in August to advance to the finals. Fenerbache, who belongs to Group D along with Frankfurt (Germany), Olympiacos (Greece) and Antwerp (Belgium), is sweating to advance to the tournament as well as his first UEL win.

Fenerbahce’s power is expected to be further upgraded. This is because Kim Min-jae, who was unable to play during the playoffs, was included in the list. Fenerbache unveiled the squad on his away trip to Frankfurt on his official channel on the 15th. Kim Min-jae is set to leave Germany with his name proudly listed with key players from the team, including Mesut Ozil, Ener Valencia and Luis Gustavo.

Fenerbache’s expectations for Kim Min-jae are significant. Kim Min-jae, who stepped into the Turkish stage last month, has continued to play a big role after immediately securing the starting list. Kim Min-jae, who plays a central defense role in Vitor Ferreira’s three-back tactics, is leading Fenerbache’s victory by taking charge of the rear build-up with his solid defense as well as stable connection skills.토토추천

There are constant favorable reviews. Football statistics media “Hus Score Dotcom” gave Kim Min-jae an average rating of “7.28 points” as a starter in three consecutive league games. It is twice as high as all 24 players.

Fenerbache, preparing for the match against Frankfurt, raised expectations by sharing photos of Kim Min-jae, who is devoted to training. Kim Min-jae, who proved his potential on the Turkish stage, is now set to make his European debut.

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