I didn’t say that Why did Kim Sae-ron insist on living

I didn’t say that Why did Kim Sae-ron insist on living

Kim Sae-ron

This is the position of actor Kim Sae-ron, who was put on trial for causing an accident while driving drunk. He reflects on drunk driving, but the controversies that have arisen so far are unfair. The public’s response to Kim Sae-ron’s appeal that he “has never appealed for living” after posting a photo of a fake part-time job at a cafe is cold.

On the 5th, the Seoul Central District Court sentenced Kim Sae-ron, who was indicted without detention on charges of violating the Road Traffic Act (drunk driving), to a fine of 20 million won. The prosecution demanded a fine of 20 million won at the last trial. At that time, Kim Sae-ron’s lawyer’s complaint about the hardships of life did not seem to have worked

During the trial, Kim Sae-ron’s side has insisted on “difficulties in living,” saying that Kim Sae-ron is working part-time after the drunk driving incident. He complained of economic difficulties due to the huge amount of compensation for damages and advertising penalties.

As if to prove it, Kim Sae-ron also posted a picture of himself as if he were working at a coffee shop. However, when the coffee shop in question said it had never officially hired Kim Sae-ron, there was a “false life problem controversy.” Kim Sae-ron’s lawyer is also known to be a large corporation with top 10 sales among domestic law firms. On the 4th, the day before the sentence, a photo showing Kim Sae-ron playing a game at a hold pub (a bar where you can enjoy card games while drinking) was released.

Some in the legal community are analyzing that Kim Sae-ron’s “difficulties in life” was a planned scenario. It has already hired former lawyers specializing in criminal cases.Drunk driving cases can’t be contested already. This is because the evidence that it is the result of a breathalyzer test is obvious. The lawyer’s top strategy is to avoid jail time. Kim Sae-ron’s drunk driving is imprisonment for more than two years and less than five years, or a fine of more than 10 million won and less than 20 million won.

The worst is prison time, and the second evil is probation. It’s the best if you can pay a fine. For Kim Sae-ron, who claims to have a hard time living, the “penalty” seems to be the harshest on the surface. The lawyers must have known that the claim of living difficulties by appointing several lawyers for large law firms would not reach the court as well as the public. This is why the legal community believes that it was a strategy to get a fine from the beginning

Is the standard of “difficulty of living” that Kim Sae-ron thinks and “difficulty of living” that the public thinks are different. Kim Sae-ron said, “I didn’t appeal to the controversy over false living conditions. There were a lot of money related to compensation for damages and penalties. “It is true that I am working part-time, and it is true that the penalty is high,” he said adding, “I have not set the standard for living expenses.”

In addition, drunk driving reflects on itself, but “I can’t explain anything because the article came out that it’s not true.” “It’s scary,” he said. “It’s too much to point out one by one, so I don’t know how to tell you.”

Kim Sae-ron was caught by the police in May last year when he ran away after hitting a transformer while driving under the influence of alcohol on a road in Gangnam, Seoul. Kim Sae-ron’s drunk driving accident prevented nearby stores from doing business in the morning.

Kim Sae-ron escapes in a broken vehicle He was caught by the police, and Kim Sae-ron refused to take a breathalyzer test at the scene and wanted a blood collection test, so he collected blood at a nearby hospital. The blood alcohol concentration was more than 0.2% which far exceeded the license cancellation standard.

Starting with a drunk driving accident, Kim Sae-ron appears to be suspected of sincerity due to controversy over false living conditions, suspicions of drinking parties with male BJs, and controversy over a hold pub. That’s why his injustice can only be felt as a shallow excuse

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