Hyundai Motor U.S. cumulative production surpassed 5 million

Hyundai Motor Company’s U.S. cumulative production surpassed 5 million units.

Hyundai Motor

The Alabama plant, Hyundai Motor’s U.S. production base, has accumulated 5 million vehicles. This is the result of 16 years since the plant started operating. According to Hyundai Motor on the 13th, the U.S. plant (HMMA), located in Montgomery, Alabama, recorded a production record of 5 million units on the 27th of last month.

Hyundai Motor held a ceremony at the factory on the 12th to celebrate the achievement of 5 million units, attended by government officials such as Joe Bonner, Alabama Governor, Alabama Representative Terry Swell, and Montgomery Mayor Steven Reid, and HMMA Corporation Chairman Kim Eui-sung.

The 5 millionth vehicle is Hyundai Motor’s new pickup truck called “Santa Cruz.” The factory unveiled Santa Cruz in the form of a motor show and held celebrations such as car parades. In particular, the parade featured a lineup of all the vehicles currently being produced, along with the first “NF Sonata” produced by a U.S. factory. Founding members of the U.S. factory and local high school bands also attended the event.

Hyundai Motor started production in May 2005 in the U.S. and has produced 2,562,880 Sonata, 1,489,568,568 Elantra, 908,779 Santa Fe, 36,989 Tucson and 1784 Santa Cruz.

After surpassing 1 million units in 2009, 2 million units in 2012, 3 million units in 2015, and 4 million units in 2018, it reached a new high of 3 million units, surpassing a cumulative 1 million units and setting a new record of 1 million units every three years. Hyundai Motor emphasized, “The production of 5 million units is meaningful because it was achieved amid unfavorable factors such as last year’s coronavirus 19 and this year’s supply of semiconductors for vehicles.”

Hyundai Motor’s U.S. plant has a press, body, painting, chair and engine plant capacity of 370,000 vehicles per year on 7.03 million square meters of paper, and produces five key U.S. models including Avante, Sonata, Tucson, Santa Fe and Santa Cruz. In particular, the plant in question has recently been expanded to produce new Tucson and Santa Cruz. “Without strong leadership and dedication from team members at the Alabama plant, there would have been no recent expansion or accumulated production breakthroughs of 5 million units,” said Jose Munos, president of Hyundai Motor’s North American region.

The Santa Cruz, which has recently started production at the plant, will be developed based on Tucson, Hyundai Motor’s best-selling SUV model in North America, and will be sold in the U.S. in the second half of this year with excellent fuel efficiency. The Santa Cruz is a “powerful” car that can be driven with a powerful powertrain engine at all times.

“This achievement was achieved with constant support from Alabama and local governments, as well as employees and business partners who have kept the best quality,” said Kim. “I deeply appreciate all the officials and customers who have worked hard to grow and sell Hyundai Motor’s brand.”토토사이트

Alabama Governor Kay Ivy said in a congratulatory letter, “Hyundai Motor is an indispensable member of Alabama, not only in the region, but also in the state as a whole. Congratulations on Hyundai Motor’s Alabama plant’s remarkable achievement.” “We appreciate Hyundai Motor’s commitment to the community,” Montgomery Mayor Steven Reid said. “We will actively help the city achieve continued success in the future.”

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