Hyundai Motor Group Unifies ‘Lithium-Ion’ for Eco-friendly Vehicle

Hyundai Motor Group Unifies ‘Lithium-Ion’ for Eco-friendly Vehicle

Hyundai Motor Group

Hyundai Motor Group will unify the names of high-voltage batteries that are used in eco-friendly vehicles such as electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and hybrid vehicles into lithium-ion batteries.

Hyundai Motor, Kia Motors, and Genesis apologized for using lithium-ion polymer batteries or lithium-ion batteries mixed in price tags and catalogs, and announced that they will unify them into lithium-ion batteries from now on.

Recently, some Kia customers have questioned that the battery name of Niro Electric Vehicle (EV) is marked differently as lithium-ion batteries in the catalog and lithium-ion polymer batteries in the price tag.

Traditionally, where a polymer is added to the electrolyte inside a battery cell, it is classified as lithium-ion polymer battery and where it is a liquid electrolyte, it is classified as lithium-ion battery.

“Liquid electrolytes are used in all high-voltage batteries to meet the performance and durability characteristics required for eco-friendly vehicles,” Hyundai Motor Group said in a customer notice. “There are no cases where a polymer is added as an electrolyte material,” he said. “So, the lithium-ion polymer battery in the past literature is a battery that does not exist virtually from the perspective of eco-friendly vehicles.”

“Nevertheless, the term lithium-ion polymer battery has been used in battery and automotive industries because batteries that contain polymer components in cathode, cathode, and separator are also expressed as lithium-ion polymer batteries in a broad sense,” he said.

Hyundai MotorGroup explained that polymer components are being added to all cells of high-voltage batteries mounted on eco-friendly vehicles of Hyundai Motor, Kia and Genesis, as well as positive, negative and negative. For this reason, Hyundai Motor Group has used a mix of battery names for eco-friendly vehicles.

Hyundai Motor Group added that it will unify lithium-ion batteries in the future to prevent confusion among customers. 안전놀이터

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