Hyolyn-Dasom, the long-awaited combination to hit

Hyolyn-Dasom, the long-awaited combination to hit this summer.


Hyolyn and Dasom even mastered the pictorial, giving them a unique charm.

In late July, photos of the August issue of DAZED, a magazine of Hyolyn and Dasom, were released.

In the pictorial, the two showed off a chic atmosphere with hip and casual styling, while staring at the camera with intense eyes and even providing girl crush charm, showing women’s wannabe looks.

In the individual pictorial, Hyolyn overwhelmed the eyes with her expressionless yet soft charisma, and Dasom showed off her loveliness with a refreshing smile that gave her opposite charm. The two, who seem to be different, have been together for a long time, showing perfect chemistry that makes viewers smile.


This magazine DAZED photo shoot is the first solo photo shoot with Hyolyn and Dasom, and it is meaningful that Kim Young-joon, a photographer who took pictures for all album jackets during the SISTAR era, took pictures.

Hyolyn and Dasom, who recently announced their participation in Content Lab VIVO’s “How to Spend 2021 Well,” announced their special collaboration album “Summer or Summer” and delivered good news to K-POP fans who missed SISTAR at that time.

Fans are paying keen attention to Hyolyn and Dasom, who gave off their unwavering freedom and health through teaser images and video releases earlier, such as “Now listening to it coolly,” “My summer is finally coming,” and “I trust Hyolyn and Dasom this summer.” Attention is focusing on what concept and music to present to the public who are tired of the heat wave and coronavirus.


Meanwhile, Hyorin and Dasom’s “Summer or Summer” will be released on various music sites at 6 p.m. on the 10th.

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