Houston Silas coach “I want to say something about Doncic..

Houston Silas coach “I want to say something about Doncic, but I don’t have the money to pay a fine.”


Superstar Luka Doncic (Dallas), who has recently shown his best performance, will be judged in an advantageous way?

An interview with Houston Silas has become a hot topic. Coach Steven Silas left a controversial comment in an official interview after the team lost 106-111 on the 3rd, saying, “We blocked Doncic well.”

“In the end, the biggest problem was foul calls. I want to say something about this but I don’t have the money to fine the Secretariat. I will stop here,” he said.

It is pointed out that there was no direct comment, but Doncic is advantageous. It is not clear whether he was talking about the game limited to the game or about recent games, but it is clear that Silas is dissatisfied with the foul call against Doncic.

Silas is a former Dallas coach. Doncic has been raising him ever since his NBA debut. It is pointed out that even though he is a disciple with extraordinary affection, he should say what he has to say.

Doncic alone earned 22 free throws in the game pointed out by Silas. Of these, 19 were successful. Houston’s entire team got 29 and made 21 successfuls. It is clear that there was a difference in the number of free throws.

Doncic is becoming the league’s top star. On December 27, he recorded a triple double with 60 points and has been active with an average of 48.7 points, 13.0 rebounds, and 10.7 assists in the last three games. 메이저놀이터

So the secretariat gives him an advantage over the decision? Apart from Doncic’s excellent ability to induce fouls, is Doncic really being judged advantageously, as Silas said? Only they know the truth, but such a public sniper could serve as a point to watch with interest in the upcoming Dallas games.

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