Group of employees resisting allegations

Group of employees resisting allegations of sexual harassment by Activision Blizzard

Activision Blizzard

More than 1,000 former and current employees of Activision Blizzard have protested against the company’s management. Former and current employees who protested against the alleged denial of suspicion by Activision Blizzard management accused of discrimination and sexual harassment against female employees have demanded the resignation of the manager and the prevention of recurrence.

Activision Blizzard was indicted by the California State Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) on the 20th (local time) on charges of discriminatory treatment and continuous sexual harassment of female employees. According to DFEH, 20% of all employees at Activision Blizzard have suffered disadvantages throughout the past two years, and sexual harassment is rampant in the company, with male employees making obscene and nude pictures of female employees.

Activision Blizzard denied the allegations, calling the lawsuit “distorted or false” and “a worthless and irresponsible lawsuit,” but the controversy escalated as related testimony from former and current executives continued.

“Francis Townsend’s subsequent internal statements about the action Blizzard and the DFEH lawsuit are disgusting and insulting,” said some 1,600 former and current employees of Activision Blizzard, calling the testimony “distorted or false” an attempt to silence the company.

“We cannot believe that management will put employees’ safety above their interests in the face of legal action and concerns,” said former and current employees of Activision Blizzard. “We cannot accept what many former and current employees claim to be a “valueless and irresponsible lawsuit.”

Activision Blizzard’s former and current employees urged the resignation of Francis Townsend, a senior executive who spoke in question, and demanded that employees have a safe say. “We stand with friends, team members and colleagues who have experienced all kinds of abuse or harassment. We will not be silent, and we will not give up until the company becomes a job that everyone can feel proud of.”

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