Greece’s basketball monster At the age of 26 he became the NBA’s

Greece’s basketball monster…At the age of 26, he became the NBA’s


The Milwaukee Bucks beat the Phoenix Suns to the top of the NBA final for the first time in 50 years.

Milwaukee won the Larry O’Brien trophy with a score of 4-2 in the series by winning 105-98 in Game 6 of the NBA Final against Phoenix on the 21st (Korea time).

It is the first time in exactly 50 years since 1971, when Karim Abdul-Java was born. Milwaukee’s second championship win.

In 2013, after naming Giannis Antetokounmpo, a 26-year-old Greek monster, as the 15th overall, the rebuilding, which had been steadily carried out, bore fruit.

Milwaukee took first place in the East last year, but dropped his head to Miami in the semi-finals of the conference.

Since then, there have been rumors that Antetokounmpo is responsible for the transfer. However, Milwaukee eventually stayed with the team and signed Combo Guard Zuru Halliday at the expense of three first-round nominations.

With the massive strengthening of his power, he once again challenged the presidency and succeeded in achieving results this year.

Antetokounmpo, the center of the team, flew with 50 points and 14 rebounds and five blocks. The final MVP honor was also his responsibility.

At the age of 26, he has won the final, MVP of the final, MVP of the regular season, and named the All-NBA First Team three times, completing preparations to surpass the star and become one of the “greatest.”

On the other hand, Phoenix sought the top spot for the first time in 28 years since 1993 when he was Charles Barkley, but this time, he was only a supporting actor.

Backcoat duo Chris Paul and Devin Booker collaborated with 45 points, and Jae Crowder also struggled double, but the victory was one step short.

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