GM’s second-in-command, CEO of real-life Amin

GM’s second-in-command, CEO of real-life Amin, visited Korea in extreme corruption.What’s his mission?


It has been confirmed that General Motors (GM) President Silpan Amin, who has been called the influential figure among the influential figures, visited Korea in strict secrecy.

According to industries on the 5th, President Shilpan Amin, who oversees GM’s overseas business, visited Korea on the same day. Amin is also considered the next runner to succeed GM Chairman and CEO Mary Barra, who has a strong influence on GM’s future and overseas business sectors.

President Amin was originally scheduled to visit Korea around August 20, but some say he only visited Korea this time because he felt burdened by the labor-management conflict at GM Korea and the passage of the U.S. Biden government’s Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

Although his specific schedule during his visit to Korea is kept in strict confidence, he is expected to inspect Korean operations such as the Bupyeong plant, which produces small SUV trailblazers that lead Chevrolet’s sales, and the Changwon plant, which is preparing to produce next-generation CUVs.

He also closely checks the marketing strategy of GMC, a premium pickup and SUV brand that announced its launch in the Korean market in June according to GM’s multi-brand strategy. GMC plans to start selling Sierra in Korea within this year, so it will check its marketing in earnest, including implementing pre-contracts.

In addition, President Amin is said to test the design and performance by driving various models of Hyundai Motor and Kia brands, including Chevrolet’s rival Genesis GV80, at GM Korea’s “Cheongra Prubing Ground” located in Bupyeong, Gyeonggi-do.

In particular, he is known to meet with government officials, including the Korea Development Bank, during his visit to Korea. As Korean businesses have been considered as a strong candidate for GM’s electric vehicle production base, analysts say that there is a high possibility that they will naturally demand the government’s financial support while discussing GM Korea’s mid- to long-term plans. 안전공원

Meanwhile, GM plans to invest as much as 35 billion dollars (about 45.6575 trillion won) in electric and autonomous vehicle technologies to lead the future mobility market. GM plans to release 10 new electric vehicles in the Korean market by 2025.

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