Genesis G80 Sport 3.5T, poor engine performance

Genesis G80 Sport 3.5T, poor engine performance

Genesis G80 Sport
He demonstrated the Genesis G80 Sports 3.5T. G80 Sports is a model that emphasizes sportiness based on the 3rd generation G80, and 3.5T can be added with a dynamic package that includes rear wheel steering. More agile movement, more solid suspension, and quietness are satisfactory, but engines such as regular models are disappointing.

The new G80 sport is available in all engines, unlike the existing G80 sport. The existing G80 sports were differentiated from the general G80s, which were operated with 3.3 and 3.8 liters of natural intake engines with 3.3 liters and 6-cylinder twin turbo engines. There is no increase in engine power like the Genesis G70’s sports package.

It is believed that some consumers will be disappointed that there is no powertrain exclusively for G80 sports. However, 3.5T is provided with a dynamic package that is specialized in sports. Dynamic package consists of rear wheel steering, sports+ mode, and active noise control. The test drive costs 86 million won.

The G-matrix pattern radiator grille on the front of the G80 sport is dark glossy chrome and the headlamps are finished with black bezel. It is a similar closing method to previous G80 sports. The bottom of the bumper has been changed to a three-dimensional wing shape. Side mouldings on the side are also painted with gloss chromium. A dedicated wheel is provided.

The color of the brake caliper is red or black according to the engine specification. The rear trunk lid molding is also finished with dark glossy chrome. Both ends of the bumper are decorated with air intake shapes. Dual mufflers are shaped like regular G80. What if it had been changed to a quad muffler?

The G80 sports exterior color is Cavendish Red. The exterior color of the test drive is brighter than the Blazing Red Cavendish Red. Inside, a sheet with a sports-only diamond pattern or V pattern was applied. Sports-only 3-spoke steering wheels leave fingerprints around buttons.

Genesis G80 Sport 3.5T

Garnish can be selected from real aluminum and real carbon, including diamond-patterned hybrid weaving patterns, which are provided for the first time by Genesis brand. The exclusive embedded color is Opseedian Black/Sevilla Red Two Tone. The test drive is a two-tone sports design selection gray/vanilla beige .파워볼사이트

As G80 sports is based on G80 model year changes, new specifications are also installed. The icon of the neutral parking button in the center console has changed intuitively compared to the previous one. Wireless charging pads for smartphones have been added to the second row multi-functional arm rest. High-performance antibacterial & combination filters are applied to air-cleaning systems.

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