Genesis’ first dedicated electric vehicle ‘GV60’ unveiled

Genesis’ first dedicated electric vehicle ‘GV60’ unveiled


Hyundai Motor’s Genesis brand’s first dedicated electric car has been unveiled. Genesis unveiled the world’s first electric sports utility vehicle (SUV) on the 19th.
The GV60 is the first Genesis electric vehicle to be produced on Hyundai Motor Group’s electric-global modular platform (E-GMP), like Hyundai Motor’s “Ionic 5” and Kia’s “EV6.” Genesis recently released the “G80 Electric Model” (Electric Vehicle), which is based on the existing internal combustion locomotive G80, and released the GV60, which is the first electric SUV produced on a dedicated platform.안전놀이터

Genesis will release a new car in a way that emphasizes the dynamism of lower numbers and elegance of higher numbers in the car name system consisting of alphabets and numbers. GV60, which has a lower number than the existing GV80 or GV70, emphasizes the dynamics of appearance.

The GV60 is in the SUV category, but it is characterized by its sleek appearance like a car with only two doors. There are four doors like regular SUVs, but the body is designed like a crossover utility vehicle (CUV). CUV is smaller than SUV and more fuel-efficient.

When viewed from the front, high-performance images are emphasized due to wide crust grills (bottom front). The crust grille is designed to further increase the cooling efficiency of high-voltage batteries located at the bottom of the vehicle. Genesis’s new logo was also applied for the first time. On a flat surface with nearly 80 percent less thickness of the existing logo, the new logo is engraved with sophisticated Guilloshe patterns that can be seen only in luxury watches. The side handle is usually buried inside, but it automatically pops out when you approach the vehicle with a key.

For the first time in Genesis, the GV60 has applied a shell-shaped “clamshell” hood that surrounds the entire upper part to minimize the separation line that occurs when the faces meet each other. The diameter of the wheel is 21 inches, which is larger than that of Ionic 5 or EV6 (up to 20 inches), so it emphasizes the unique appearance of electric vehicles. A fixed spoiler is installed at the end under the rear glass of the vehicle. Spoilers prevent the body from floating when a vehicle is driven. This is because if you run at high speed, the body rises due to the wind from the front and increases resistance to the wind, which hinders you from speeding up. Spoilers also decorate the exterior like a sports car full of dynamism.

If you look inside, you can see the beauty of space. Like the existing IONIC 5, the instrument panel and infotainment (Navigation) screen are smoothly connected. Side mirrors are also installed inside like Ioniq 5 and are displayed through a digital screen through an external camera.

The highlight of the GV60 interior design is Crystal Spear. It is equipped with a hemispherical electronic transmission. Crystal Spear is the way that the mood light comes in when the start is off, and when the start is made, the sphere model rotates and the shift control system appears. In the end, the device is a key design element that intuitively informs passengers of the driving conditions of the vehicle. “This is the first time that crystal spears have been applied among domestic mass-produced cars,” Genesis said. “Through this, we create an indoor atmosphere as if we are on board a future-type transportation.” The GV60 implements uniformity of design by applying circle or sphere shapes to crystal spheres, horn covers, and side mirror regulators. The central console is also floating in the air like Ioniq 5, so there is enough space underneath it to put bags and so on.

“GV60, the first dedicated electric vehicle, will provide high-end electric vehicle experience based on its brand identity,” a Genesis official said. “We will reveal detailed specifications of the vehicle, distance that can be driven after one-time buffering, and sales price according to the future release schedule.” Genesis is planning to release GV60 within this year.

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