Four reasons to sweat even if it’s sticky and sticky.

Four reasons to sweat even if it’s sticky and sticky.


Exercise experts say it’s “real exercise” until you sweating. Walking slowly like a walk is not an exercise.

For elderly people with weak joints or patients who need walking rehabilitation training, walking slowly helps their health a lot. However, healthy ordinary people need to move to the point of sweating to say that they exercised.

Even if you don’t exercise, you may sweat while walking in these hot weather. This is because sweat controls body temperature. When you walk in hot weather, your body temperature rises, when sweat is released and evaporates, cooling off your body’s heat.

In other words, sweating in the weather when it is not hot means that the body temperature has increased enough to increase. That I did enough physical activity to show the effects of exercise. If you don’t sweat at this time, the inside of your body will overheat and damage many organs and tissues. Sweats produced during exercise are secreted from two to five million skin’s ecrine glands. When the body temperature rises, sweat is generated from the sweat glands, which releases waste matter and moisture.

1. Heart Health Benefits

According to a Finnish study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, people who sweating regularly about four times a week suffered from heart failure, fatal coronary artery disease and cardiovascular disease.

Another study published in the Journal of Human Hypertension also showed that the time spent sweating for about 30 minutes was related to the decrease in blood pressure.

It is analyzed that exercise itself strengthens cardiopulmonary functions to improve health of the heart and blood vessels, but the process of sweating also helps to manage blood pressure. That there is an advantage of exercising while exercising.

2. Sweating a lot means you’re healthy.

Sweating a lot can cause excessive sweating. The palms of your palms may become damp with sweat or your armpits may sweat a lot, which may not look good on your face. That excessive sweating causes inconvenience in daily life.

But sweating a lot may mean being healthy. Generally, people who exercise a lot tend to sweat and shed more quickly than those who do not. This is because they quickly recognize that their bodies are active and quickly implement “cooling strategies.” That is, it quickly releases sweat to cool off the body. Of course, on the contrary, the body may easily overheat due to overweight or obesity. Since you know your body type well, you know why you sweat a lot.

In fact, a study published in the journal Plos One found that athletes not only sweat faster but also sweat more, producing a lot of sweat.

3. Skin health benefits

Sweating seems to be bad for your skin’s health because it stinks, but if you take a shower immediately after exercising, it can actually help your body get rid of waste and make your skin cool and healthy.

Sweat also provides moisture to prevent dry and rough skin surfaces.

The problem is that shower rooms are not available at indoor sports facilities because of the distance these days. It’s good to sweat through exercise, but if you don’t wash your face and body immediately, it can irritate your skin.

Skin bacteria like warm and humid environments, so they get along well in sweaty and hot skin. Continuing to wear sweaty clothes can lead to pimples, hair follicles or inflammation. Bacteria can accumulate in the follicles, causing itching and pigmentation. Therefore, it seems necessary to think more about whether it is appropriate to restrict the use of shower rooms in the current distancing.파워볼사이트

4. Sweating makes me feel better.

When it gets hot, the heated blood passes through veins under the skin, causing sweat to lower body temperature and cold blood to circulate again. At this time, the heart secretes happiness hormones such as endorphins. After sweating, you gain biochemical pleasure and catharsis.

There are also interesting findings on sweating and emotional conditions. That the sweat I shed affects other people’s feelings. According to a 2015 study, participants were shown a video of inducing fear, happiness, and neutral emotional conditions and then sweated. And when the other participants were exposed to the sweat, they also showed a “dursen smile” when they were exposed to the sweat they had collected in a happy state.

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