Former TSM Academy Director Peter Zhang to Punish Permanent Eviction

Former TSM Academy Director Peter Zhang to Punish Permanent Eviction


Former Team Solomid (TSM) Academy coach Peter Jang was permanently expelled from Riot Games.

Riot Games officially announced the permanent expulsion of former TSM Academy coach Peter Jang on its website on the 9th.

According to Riot Games, Peter Zhang participated in unethical behavior against current and former TSM players and employees and did not compensate for the player’s car sales. It is also said that part of the player’s salary was diverted to the accounts of himself and his colleagues and recommended loans to the players and staff.

According to the details, Peter Zhang received a salary of $250,000 (KRW 320 million) from two players between December last year and February this year, and the players decided to receive some of their salaries from Chinese companies. However, part of the account belonged to Peter Chang and the money naturally went to him.

In October last year, Peter Chang did not send $45,000 out of $80,000 (about 104 million Korean won), which is the amount of cars sold by then-TSM player (now known as Weibo Gaming’s “Sword Art” post-shredder. In addition, from January to March this year, he borrowed $15,000 from eight TSM athletes and staff and did not pay them back properly.

TSM appointed a law firm and conducted an investigation with Riot Games, and asked Peter Chang to submit data on his claim, but he did not receive the information. In response, Riot Games permanently banned partnerships with teams or organizations in games approved by Riot Games against Peter Chang based on LCS regulations. 토토사이트

Meanwhile, Peter Zhang, who coached the LMQ composed of Chinese players, played for Team Curses, Team Liquid and Eco Fox, and was appointed as the coach of the TSM Academy in 2018. However, he was fired by the team in March this year based on conflicts of interest between players and staff and allegations of unethical practices.

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