Ford, the electric SUV Mustang, Mach-E, shut down

Ford, the electric SUV Mustang, shut down while driving in Norway. Mach-E,

The Ford Electric SUV Mustang “Maha-E” was driven off in Norway. 안전놀이터

According to Inside EVs, an overseas automobile media outlet, Mach-E was unable to operate for a while while going down the steep hill “Eagle Road” leading to a popular tourist destination in Norway.

The media reported that six Mach-E drivers, including the incident, stopped suddenly while driving and were eventually taken to Ford Service Center.

Experts judged that the vehicle seemed to have overheated due to regenerative braking technology, and Ford Norway agreed.

“Because the vehicle was moving along a steep road, it would have been able to exert maximum regenerative braking power,” the company said. “High levels of regeneration could cause overheating of the battery, but the vehicle stopped due to security functions, and fortunately, there was no accident.”

“Software updates will solve the problem,” said Ford, director of Norwegian intelligence. “To do so, Maha-E owners should visit dealerships and conduct software updates.”

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