Find the best still pick in NBA history. The 2021 NBA

Find the best still pick in NBA history.


The 2021 NBA draft will be held at the Barclays Center in New York on the 30th. The time has come again when each club’s scouting ability and intelligence shine. 토토사이트

The draft is basically a stage where high-ranked players receive great attention. However, as time goes by, players who are ranked relatively low receive more spotlights. This is because there are players who can be called “steelpicks” in the draft every year.

In fact, Denver’s Nikola Yokichi, who won this year’s regular season MVP, was the lowest-ranked MVP in NBA history. It was only the 41st time Yokichi was named in the 2014 draft. Yokichi was also named the first second-rounder MVP since the NBA-ABA merger (1976).

And even before Yokichi, there were many still picks in the NBA. From now on, let’s take a look at the still-pick cases that represent the NBA.

NBA draft nominations are often the yardstick for assessing the player’s potential. Of course, there are many external variables in the draft, such as the roaster and operation direction of each team with the right to nominate, and preference of the front desk and coaching staff. However, it rarely happens when promising players who are considered to have superstar-like potential are pushed out of the top 10, or top 3 or top 5 in the draft. Unless it’s an injury variable.

However, if you look at NBA history, there are many cases in which players named outside the 10th generation have grown into superstars representing the league and the times.

Kobe Bryant is the most representative player in the case. Covey was named Charlotte Hornets 13th overall in the first round of the 1996 draft. Shortly after the nomination, Kobe was traded against Vladivach and immediately wore a Lakers uniform.

At the time, the Lakers chose Kobe, who was a promising high school graduate for two reasons. The first was to make room for a salary cap to recruit Shaquille O’Neill.

By sending Divacci after receiving the right to nominate Kobe, the Lakers were able to save a considerable amount of team celery at the time and were able to recruit O’Neil, who became an FA, with the extra money they secured.

Another was Kobe Bryant’s potential, the first high school rookie guard in NBA history. According to rumors, Charlotte had never thought of picking Kobe as the 13th-ranked nominee until she received the Lakers’ trade offer. In other words, if the Lakers hadn’t tried to trade, Kobe could have been drafted lower than 13th.

However, Jerry West, who exalted Kobe’s potential and passion for basketball at the age of 17, made a bold choice, which eventually became a “god’s move” to determine the Lakers’ next 20 years.

The Lakers eventually hired Shaquille O’Neill and Kobe Bryant to join the roster at the same time through Vladivach Trade and Kobe Bryant, who seemed reckless at the time. Four years later, from 2000, the two will lead the Lakers to their third consecutive league loss. Three-fit teams have not appeared in the NBA for nearly 20 years since the Lakers of O’Neill-Covey One-Two Punch.

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