Ferrari Rome, Aston Martin and Bentley and other specials.

Ferrari Rome, Aston Martin and Bentley and other specials.

Ferrari Rome

Personal taste is still the most crucial factor for anyone choosing a new sports car. It’s like no one can force you to choose a bottle of Argentine Carmenere wine, a black-and-green rib eye steak, or the music of The Wars.

Nevertheless, it can be difficult enough to narrow the range of options in the bizarre sports car market given to us. “What’s next, Mr. Road Tester from Motorca? Do you want me to pick a really fast guy? Or is it a hybrid? Or a lightweight with a driver’s seat in the back? What about heavy electric vehicles or really rough and hardcore ones?”

My general response to this question is that you tend to drive as much as possible to discover any unexpected facts, making you choose carefully whatever you imagined in the first place. Whatever you like, I would always advise you to think carefully about where to actually use and how to drive a car, and how to drive it and how often before you sign it.

After all, only two types exist, considering the practical part of today’s sports car market, where there are many different options. It’s actually a car you can use and a car you can’t. Nothing has a greater impact on the enjoyment of possession than practical utility. This may sound like a simple distinction, but in reality it is often forgotten or overlooked. This can also be said to be a unique personal taste.

The concept of a sports GT car designed to be more useful explains these parts. That’s because it’s all about modern grand tourners.

Modern GT cars will permeate your life very simply. Because their strengths are designed for that. However, in some areas, it has a completely different direction from other vehicles.

As a result, Ferrari’s GT car, featuring a brand-new front with a V8 turbo engine, offers a perfect example in a very special, fresh, dynamic and convincing way.

If there is an opportunity to compare them continuously, as I have done here, what anyone will know is that they are quite different from those of Bentley and Aston Martin, the closest competitors.

In the meantime, I find it strange that this company, which has a lineage of GT, such as Daytona or 250 GT and 550 Maranello, has been allowed to be so underrated in the market of this genre until recently. Ferrari’s relatively more expensive V12 front engine model was ultimately quite niche.

However, Rome turns the company back into the center of the Grand Touring Sports Car genre. The car is beautiful, elegant, powerful, exciting, compact and clearly usable.

But what’s really impressive is that next to Aston Martin’s DB11 AMR, which is ahead of the cylinder’s number and top output, and the Bentley Continental GT8, which is differentiated from any other GT car on the planet, Rome has created its own space very effectively.

Rome accurately found a finer gap in the niche market and carved its own location. And this was something that a well-qualified demonstrator should be able to predict.

Rome, which maintains its versatility in everyday life and the elegance of its classic front engine layout, is simply a daily GT sports car that differentiates Latin energy and vitality from the mid-ship engine model.

The first clue to how this vehicle achieved that can be found in that ratio. When next to Aston Martin and Bantley, the size certainly looks small (and also light). It weighs up to 300 kilograms lighter than Aston Martin and is similar to the weight of the four-cylinder F-type Jaguar.

It also certainly feels that way inside. While the main dimensions of a typical vehicle do not tell the whole story (actually the loop in DB11 is quite low), both the Ferrari’s loop and bonnet are quite low to actually sit on. The packaging of the front end is actually very tight, and the engine position is set significantly lower than other competitive models.

That’s why driving DB11 or Continental on narrow roads can make you feel like you’re going down narrow corridors with a dinner table made of teak wood, but Rome can do it much easier.

From any angle, this Ferrari looks great. Much simpler and softer than Aston Martin, who is more masculine and muscular, and much smaller and more delicate than Bentley, who is handsome, but Dodrazy. Even with a slightly less characteristic metallic color, such as the “Blue Rome” applied to Ferrari’s British test-drive, it overwhelms both competitive models with its static appeal.

It can be expected that inside the vehicle it feels much smaller than its rivals. In the driver’s seat in Rome, there is a certain close intimacy that cannot be found in Bentley. However, Ferrari is actually satisfactorily packaged and is certainly better than the larger Aston Martin. Aston Martin’s broad threshold and transmission tunnels seem to rob him of the advantages of what otherwise might have been the spaciousness.안전놀이터

Roman sheets do not have as much leg space as DB11 or as much space as Continental, but even tall people can sit comfortably in the front. In the case of second row space, Aston Martin and Ferrari are somewhat similar. So either way, you can seat the young children in the second row (actually I’ve been to Rome) but you don’t want to burn them for hours at a time. Nevertheless, even adults and teenagers should abandon the idea of burning them in this space.

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