EDG-“Mayco” appeared in Times Square at 43 minutes every hour

EDG-“Mayco” appeared in Times Square at 43 minutes every hour


At 43 minutes every hour, an Edward Gaming (EDG) video advertisement appeared in an advertisement at Times Square in New York, New York.

Two days before the opening of the 2022 League of Legends World Championship (LOL World Cup) group stage, Chinese fans prepared advertisements for EDG and “Mayco” Tenye.

To be exact, a Chinese fan of “Meiko” was greeted, and EDG’s wish for the LOL World Cup was also made.

Last year’s winner EDG was eliminated from the 2022 LPL Summer Playoff, but beat Royal Never Give Up (RNG) 3-2 in the starting game and advanced to the LOL World Cup as the third seed.

It’s not the first time a LoL professional has been advertised in Times Square.

In 2019, T1 “Faker” Lee Sang-hyuk received a congratulatory advertisement ahead of his birthday in May.

LPL Fun Plus also decorated the Times Square electronic display after winning the 2019 LOL World Cup.

Edward Gaming became the third main character after ‘Faker’ Lee Sang-hyuk and Fun Plus.

Edward Gaming also thanked fans for taking a proof shot on his official SNS.

EDG, meanwhile, entered Group A on the LOL World Cup group stage and will face Cloud Nine, T1, and Fnatic. 토토사이트

Edward Gaming will play his first group stage match against T1 on the 7th.

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