Draymond Green, Unmannered to take off his opponent’s pants

Draymond Green, Unmannered to take off his opponent’s pants

Draymond Green

The court was muddy on the night when the Golden State Warriors took a step closer to the final champion by beating the Boston Celtics in the second leg of the NBA Finals. Draymond Green (32, Golden State) played full-time without being sent off despite an unmannered foul.

Golden State won 107-88 in the second leg of the 2021-2022 NBA championship against Boston on the 5th. Golden State, which gave up one win to Boston in the first game, put the game back to square one.

Green, who scored nine points, five rebounds, and seven assists, contributed as much to his team’s victory as Stephen Curry (34, Golden State), who exploded 29 points. But the public’s eyes on Greene are cold. It’s because of his “dirty play” that goes too far.

Green strongly protested against the referee when he was given a foul after a collision with Grant Williams (24, Boston) during the first quarter, and received a technical foul. If you receive two technical fouls, you will be sent off.

But Green continued to play rough. In the second quarter, Green was fouled and fell while fouled by Jaelen Brown (26, Boston), who shot a three-point shot. However, when he was called foul, Green pushed Brown and even grabbed Brown’s pants. As the war of nerves between the two players intensified, fellow players and referees had to hold them and stop them.

“I don’t know how I should have acted in that situation,” Brown said after the match. Green put his legs on my head and tried to take off my pants. I don’t know what you meant by that. Green will do anything to win,” he said, expressing displeasure.

The two players had to face technical fouls because they had a fierce war of nerves on the court. Green, who had already received a technical foul, was on the verge of being sent off. However, the referee did not declare a technical foul, and Green sat on the court until the end of the game.

NBA commentator Jeff Van Gundy said, “I don’t want to see someone sent off from this stage, but if it was judged normally, double technical should have been called.”

After the match, Green said, “We need that energy. It doesn’t work for me to just stand back and say what part I’m going to push and pull, he said, justifying his behavior, adding, “I think all players have played with greater offense than before.”

Stephen Curry, who led Golden State to victory in Game 2, said, “Green knew what he was going to do. He is strong for our team and the other team in his own right,” he evaluated Green’s performance. Golden State coach Steve Kerr also said, “We had to play with much greater concentration and offense. Green played a big role,” he praised Green.

Green is famous for being an ‘outlaw’ who commits a lot of fouls in the NBA. In 2016, he accumulated so many explicit foul points that he was banned from playing in Game 5 of the championship match against Cleveland. In Game 4 of that year’s championship game, Green also committed a foul by hitting LeBron James in the groin.  파워볼사이트

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