Do men and women have different “fat”?

Do men and women have different “fat”?


365mc, a medical institution specializing in liposuction and obesity treatment, will start a “study on the mechanism of gender fat accumulation” with Johns Hopkins Medical School in the U.S.

Women and men have been considered to have different aspects, causes and solutions to local accumulation. But until now, fat studies have been conducted in the same way for both women and men. All local obesity treatments, liposuction and various obesity treatments did not reflect gender-specific differences.파워볼사이트

365mc will conduct a gender subcutaneous fat study as part of a study aimed at laying the foundation for personalized obesity treatment, and collaborate with Johns Hopkins Medical School, the world’s top medical school in Baltimore, Maryland.

The joint research team plans to determine the cause of different fat accumulations in certain parts of women and men’s bodies, and will develop and introduce 365mc of women-specific liposuction technology using these findings. Its goal is to announce its research results by 2023.

Meanwhile, 365mc is a medical institution that extracts about 30 tons of fat annually through liposuction and Rams implementation at 18 locations, including Seoul, Daejeon and Busan liposuction hospitals. It is a specialized medical institution that deals only with obesity and conducts more than 50,000 liposuction surgeries and liposuction injections (LAMS) annually.

365mc is conducting various studies such as artificial intelligence liposuction, suction fat analysis medical research institute, ultra-efficient liposuction cannula development, cloud anesthesia safety system, and personalized obesity psychological treatment tools.

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