Crazy situation anger explosion criticism of how to lose

Crazy situation anger explosion criticism of how to lose the red card while pushing the referee and protesting


He pushed the referee and protested strongly. The ending was a red card.

British media Daily Mail said on the 20th (Korea Standard Time), “Fulham received three red cards in a minute against Manchester United. There was a crazy moment for Aleksandar Mitrovich to referee Chris Cavanagh. He was immediately sent off after pushing the referee,’ he reported.

Fulham lost 1-3 in the quarterfinals of the 2022-2023 English Football Association (FA) Cup against Manchester United at Old Trafford in Manchester on the 20th. Fulham took the lead with Mitrovich’s first goal in the set-piece situation in the fifth minute of the second half. However, the situation changed rapidly when Willian’s handball foul was declared in the 25th minute of the second half.

The Daily Mail said: ‘The referee conducted a video review (VAR) to confirm the situation. In the process, Marco Silva Fulham was sent off for shouting at the referee. After checking VAR, the referee took out a red card for Willian. After seeing this, Mitrovich pushed the referee and criticized him. My colleagues had to stop Mitrovich 토토추천

Roy Keane from Manchester United said, “It was a crazy 90 seconds. That’s why they lost. It was not Manchester United winning, it was Fulham’s way to lose. They blew their chances,” he accused.

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