Connor McGregor, who praised Jose Aldo as a “true legend.”

Connor McGregor, who praised Jose Aldo as a “true legend.”

Jose Aldo

Connor McGregor (32, Ireland) has started to fly his archrival Jose Aldo (34, Brazil), praising him as a legend. McGregor recently posted a post on his social media saying, “Jose Aldo is a true legend.”

Aldo won two consecutive bantamweights by defeating Pedro Munyoz by decision at the UFC 265 in Houston, Texas on the 8th. He also achieved 30 wins in his career, adding significance.

Aldo mainly played in the featherweight class but changed his weight class to bantamweight through UFC 245 in 2019. However, he lost to his first opponent, Marlaes, and lost to Petr Jan for two consecutive games in a row.

In addition to the previous season, the team recorded three consecutive losses, drawing a sharp downward curve. However, the victory led to two consecutive wins and a reversal. Aldo confirmed his position as a bantamweight top contenter by showing his best performance.

Aldo is the one who gave McGregor a world-class reputation. The two players competed in the 2015 UFC 194 featherweight title match. At that time, Aldo gained the highest reputation and popularity as a champion.

He was called a “living legend” after nine successful defensive battles before confronting McGregor. McGregor, on the other hand, was just a far below content.

However, Aldo McGregor, who had been called the strongest player, quickly emerged as a top star by making him KO just 13 seconds after the game started. After the kick-off against Aldo, McGregor dominated the UFC as well as the world’s martial arts machines.

McGregor did not hesitate to make provocations in the faceoff ahead of the match against Aldo, and provoked Aldo by pouring out his unique traffic talk. They couldn’t have been on good terms.

McGregor has been struggling recently. He lost both games against Dustin Foyrier. In January this year, he was defeated by a punch in the second round at UFC 257, and in the UFC 264 on the 11th of last month, he fractured his ankle and lost face in the first round with a TKO defeat by Dr. Stoppy.

What is the reason why Aldo, who is like a enemy, is praised as a legend at this point? Recently, there has been talk of the second round of the two players around the UFC. Since both players have commanded Octagon, it is a good news for fans. If Aldo and McGregor’s rematch is made, it’s no wonder that it’s a huge box office hit.파워볼사이트

McGregor, who showed outstanding talent for box office success by stimulating UFC as well as his opponent with his strategy of winning the game. This is why calling it a legend sounds like a bait for another big event, not a sincere comment from the heart.

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