Com2us signs a global publishing contract for ‘Project TS..

Com2us signs a global publishing contract for ‘Project TS’ with GameTails.


Com2us announced in a press release on the 4th that it has signed a publishing contract with GameTales for “Project TS (tentative name)” a multi-access role-playing game (MMORPG).

With this contract, Com2us has secured the rights to global services, including Korea, for the project TS being developed by GameTails. It also agreed with GameTails, a developer, to work together to target the global market through strategic collaboration.

Project TS is designed as an authentic MMORPG genre that supports multi-platforms such as PCs and consoles based on mobile. Graphics is based on the Unreal 5 engine.

Project TS is based on four novels by developer and author Jung Sung-hwan, CEO of GameTails. Class-specific characters created based on the characters in each novel will appear. In addition, Jung Joon-ho, former CEO of Pulsa Creative, illustrator of Lineage 2, was an art director, and Park Jin-bae, CEO of Esti, who was in charge of composing and producing music for various games such as “Genesis” and “DJ MAX,” participated in OST and BGM work.

A Com2uS official said, “Project TS is highly anticipated through overwhelming graphic quality, excellent developers, and differentiated play fun from the development stage. We will successfully settle Project TS in the global game market based on close collaboration with GameTails and Com2uS’s global service capabilities.”

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