Com2us Group Participates in World’s Largest Creator Event ‘Bidcon 2022’

Com2us Group Participates in World’s Largest Creator Event ‘Bidcon 2022’


Com2us Group participated in the industry session of “Bidcon 2022,” the world’s largest creator event.

Com2us Holdings announced on the 28th that Com2us Group participated in “Bidcon 2022” and shared the vision and direction of “C2X NFT Marketplace” with the C2X blockchain platform. Com2us Group made an announcement under the theme of “WEB3 & NFTS: THE NEXT LEVEL ENGAGEMENT OF FANS” through Bidcon’s industry session on the afternoon of the 24th (local time in the U.S.). Director Michael Lee and manager Kim Hong-seok participated in the session with the hosting of Scott Chavez, senior brand manager of Com2us USA.

In the announcement, which lasted about an hour, many content producers and media content company officials who visited the site shared actual operational examples of the C2X NFT Marketplace, including the vision of the C2X blockchain platform. The “C2X NFT Marketplace,” which opened in April, has successfully sold K-pop group “Very Berry,” “The Girl of the Month,” and JTBC’s dance survival entertainment program “Showdown” NFT.

Based on its operational experience, Com2us Group introduced the differentiated convenience of “C2X NFT Marketplace” and shared opinions on monetization of NFT-based content and ownership sharing by creators and media companies. Through various questions and responses from officials who visited the site, high interest in the growth potential of the “C2X NFT Marketplace” was confirmed.코인파워볼

Bidcon, which was held at the Anaheim Convention Center in California from the 22nd to the 25th, is the world’s largest creator festival that began in 2010, and YouTubers, creators, media companies, and MCN from around the world participated. This year, the short form platform “TikTok” was the main sponsor, and an industry session was also set up to share key policies, success stories and trends of various global media content companies.

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