Cocoon won the prize at the world’s top three performance festivals

Cocoon won the prize at the world’s top three performance festivals


The new concept gag idol “Cocoon” was praised at the Adelaide Fringe in Australia, one of the world’s top three performance festivals, and stood as the vanguard of K-comedy.

Content producer Yoonso Group said on the 20th, “Cocoon won the 4th Week of Adelaide Fringe Weekly Awards in Australia.”

Cocoon held a performance combining K-pop and comedy at the Adelaide Art Theater in Australia from the 6th to the 18th and met with audiences who visited Adelaide.

The “Adelaide Fringe Weekly Awards,” which Cocoon won, is an award given to outstanding performances among 1,200 teams participating in the festival by a panel of art industry leaders and art lovers.

Cocoon’s performance, which was selected as a “must-see event” by Adelaide Fringe experts, was performed in English from beginning to end. Cocoon practiced several times to enter the English-speaking world even before participating in the Adelaide Fringe, and received help from experts to get closer to the English-speaking audience.

Audiences who watched Cocoon’s performance praised it as “a show with many things to see” and “a high-quality show that the whole family can watch together.” In particular, when Cocoon performed a K-pop medley at the end of the performance, there was an unusual scene in which all audiences stood up and enjoyed together.

Comedian Yoon Hyung-bin, who leads Yoonso Group, said, “Kokun has already made a successful debut in the Japanese market,” adding, “Kokun’s goal is to be at the forefront of promoting K-comedy to the world. “I will be a comedian who travels around the world, not only in Korea but also in Asian English,” he said.

Meanwhile, the gag idol Cocoon is an all-around entertainer group that debuted in July 2018, consisting of five members who combine good looks, excellent wit, acting and singing skills. Based on his young comedy style, he also performs music activities.

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