Coach Kim Seungki said, “I won’t let this kind of game come out.”

Coach Kim Seungki said, “I won’t let this kind of game come out.”

Kim Seungki

Carrot suffered a painful crushing defeat to SK.

The Goyang Carrot Jumper lost 68-93 to the Seoul SK Knights in the second round of the 2022-2023 SKT A-dot Professional Basketball Regular League at Goyang Gymnasium on the 29th.

Carrot lost two consecutive games due to the loss. Carrot, who finished the first half by four points, fell sharply behind in the third quarter when both offense and defense were in serious trouble. It was not enough to reverse the gap in the fourth quarter.

Coach Kim Seungki said, “I thought it would be hard. There were signs of a crushing defeat. I thought I would be exhausted after losing the entire game, not the players who were capable. He said, “I’ve been doing really well so far and I won’t let this kind of game come out again.”

“I gave a lot of compliments, but I think it’s time for maintenance. In a team with few A-class players, I think players who can’t play team games should tighten up well. Still, the players did so well and losing one game does not mean that the players couldn’t The important thing is that these games should not come out. I don’t want to lose helplessly in front of the fans, but I think they will be disappointed if these games keep coming out. We will try to prevent it,” he added.

Carrot is using the small lineup for a long time due to the roster conditions. The benefits from the small lineup are also great, but it is regrettable that Big Man is weak.

Coach Kim said, “There is a limit. It is not easy to cover the limit and play the game, but it is not easy to be seen through. The goal is to continue to be 20 wins. The growth and reinforcement of the players are the top priority. have a wrong multiplier SK is likely to go up quickly. “But I won’t give up and try to do it until the end,” he said.

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