CL signs ‘Adele-Beyonce’ UK agency Satellite414

CL signs ‘Adele-Beyonce’ UK agency Satellite414


Singer CL has signed a contract with global agency Satellite414, strengthening its global move.

C-L, who announced “SPICY” on the 24th and took the first step of the solo full-length album “ALPHA” project, signed the contract for active overseas activities.

“Satellite414” is a British-based global entertainment agency that includes famous actors such as Simon Peg, as well as world-renowned musicians Adele, Beyonce, Duarifa and Duran Duran.

C-L was the first Korean musician to decorate the cover of fashion and art magazine 032c in Berlin, Germany, in June, and will expand its activities in Europe in addition to Korea and the United States.

C-L, who still confirmed his global influence through “SPICY,” once again confirmed his strong presence in Korea after appearing on music shows eight years since “Bad Guy” in 2013 and seven years after 2NE1 in 2014.

C-L showed off a strong presence by showing off different charisma on each broadcast. In particular, his unique live performance and stage dominance, which reminds him of a concert, overshadowed the past gap.

“SPICY”‘s domestic activities, which maximized CL’s charm as a rapper, will end with “Popular Songs” on the 29th, and the second single of “ALPHA” will be released in September, which will confirm another aspect of CL.토토사이트

Meanwhile, CL will release the full album “ALPHA” in October.

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