Chuu even though LOONA is kicked out you’re so cute

Chuu even though LOONA is kicked out you’re so cute Na Taejoo is so nice


The recent status of singer Chuu has been revealed.

Singer Na Tae-joo posted on her Instagram on the 9th, “Hello, Kim Ji-chu and Chu-kkumi, who are so nice.” Taekwondo class is over. See you on YouTube at 6 p.m. ♥. Chuu. Chuu. Na Taejoo. Protect Chu. I want you,” and two photos.

The released photo showed Na Tae-joo with Chu. Chu is wearing a taekwondo uniform and smiling brightly. In addition, his unique cute expression makes him forget his recent worries such as being kicked out of LOONA.

Fans who encountered the photo showed various reactions, including “I’m rooting for you” and “Taeju oppa is cool.”

Meanwhile, Blockberry Creative, the girl’s agency of the month, recently reported the news of Chu’s removal. Regarding the reason for Chu’s exit, the agency said, “There was power abuse and abusive language toward the staff.”

Since then, Chu denied the allegations of abuse and power abuse on his Instagram story on November 28, saying, “I have not been contacted or known about a series of situations, so I am aware of the situation, but what is clear is that I have never done anything to embarrass the fans.”

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