Chelsea again? …Interested in Arsenal-Tottenham target.

Chelsea again? …Interested in Arsenal-Tottenham target.

Chelsea are interested in Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur target Leandro Trosar.

Following last summer and winter, Chelsea are the owners of the transfer window. Nearly 20 billion won was spent on loan to bring Joo Felix, and 62.5 million euros was spent on David Dart to recruit Popana, Andrei Santos and Benois Badiassil. This is not enough, and Shakhtar’s “divine” Mikhailo Moodreek was invested 100 million euros, including options.


He was also criticized by Arsenal fans for his transfer to Moodrick. Because he was originally Arsenal’s target. Arsenal have kept an eye on him since last summer and have taken a practical approach. However, due to the difference in transfer fees, negotiations with Shakhtar were difficult, and in the meantime, Chelsea made a high jacking.

Chelsea, who have hurt Arsenal, are once again aiming for Arsenal’s target. The main character is Trosar of Brighton. He is from Belgium and is versatile enough to handle the entire area of attack. He has good on-the-ball skills and excellent kicks, so he exerts considerable influence when attacking. There is also a “crack” aspect enough to change the flow of the game with individual skills, and soccer intelligence is considerable. This season alone, he is leading Brighton’s attack by scoring seven goals and three assists in 16 games.

However, rumors of a transfer have surfaced. Trossar, who wanted a bigger stage, asked for a transfer. As a result, Tottenham and Arsenal, representing London, participated in the recruitment race. Tottenham actually made a suggestion as well. But Brighton refused. British media The Athletic said, “Brighton rejected Tottenham’s 120012 million offer.” It was judged that the amount was far less than his value.

In the meantime, the trip to Arsenal, which missed the mood leak, gained strength. The British media Mirror reported that Brighton’s agent had offered Arsenal Trosar to solve the player’s situation. With abundant EPL experience, Trossar’s joining is expected to be of great help to Arsenal. If the player himself moves as actively as he wants to transfer, there is a good possibility of recruiting.

However, he must win the competition against Chelsea again this time. ‘Mirror’ reported, “Chelsea, which recruited Moodrik, is watching Trossar, the target of Tottenham and Arsenal.” Although two strikers have already been recruited, Raheem Sterling and Christian Pulisic are out due to injuries, so they are eager to recruit additional strikers.

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