Cha Cha-young is very popular as The Glory I believe in my

Cha Cha-young is very popular as The Glory I believe in my confidence until now

Cha Cha-young

Cha Cha-young showed another appearance than usual.

The magazine “Dazed” released a beauty pictorial of actor Cha Cha-young in its May issue.

In this pictorial, Cha Joo-young perfectly digested the concept with her unique sophisticated image and confident attitude, revealing her glint model-like side without any hesitation.

Cha Cha-young not only appeared on Netflix’s “The Glory” but also the recent KBS2’s “Real”!It is gaining huge popularity with ‘. Cha Cha-young said, “I’m well trained to deal with everything clearly, and I’ve been living with my confidence so far. “I’ve done everything by trusting myself, not anyone else, so I don’t think I should be lazy to look into myself so that I can have better choices and confidence in the future,” he said. Also, “No more, no less, just as much as now. Since you have enjoyed and enjoyed your life well, you should create your own foundation that will not be shaken so that you can live without losing your romance in the future. In addition, I think it would be better if I became more mature both acting and personally,” he said, expressing his commitment to the future

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