Born in 1984, Anyos, an tireless UFC giant

Born in 1984, Anyos, an tireless UFC giant


Former UFC lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos (38, Brazil) will play his third game this year. The UFC Fight Night “Thomson vs Holland” competition, which will be held at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida on the 4th, is the stage for Brian Barberena (33, USA), and the dark horse in the weight class, which has recently won three consecutive games. The two will face off in a welterweight match.

Dos Anyos is one of the veterans representing the organization, as can be seen from his playing at UFC from 2008 until now. Although his height (172.72 cm) is not large, he continues to be competitive with his practical play based on the harmony of hitting and submission. Of his 31 wins, 16 (52%) are judged, but he often produces impressive scenes in knockouts and sub-missions, so he has a strong image of a hot fighter.

He is a case who made his name known at a rather late age. Although he has consistently performed well since before, it is true that he regretted an impactful victory against the so-called strong players. It was evaluated as 2% insufficient to reach the top, but it has been awakened since 2014 and has risen to a new level. Benson Henderson, Donald Seroni, Nate Diaz and Anthony Pettis will be defeated one after another to become a new ruler.

Analysts say that the upgrade of batting ability had the biggest impact on this. Dos Anyos, who used to be a joujit group, succeeded in evolving into an all-weather total fighter while properly mounting the hit. Beyond just being good at it, it was fast, diverse and heavy enough to defeat professional hitters with firepower in the standing battle.

Against Henderson, who has good defense skills and avoidance skills, he responded more than that to a quick attack, and above all, he was able to take the lead in the standing match with an overwhelming advantage in power. He kicked freely with his front and back feet as well as his body shots and straight feet. At this time, it is true that there was a lot of doubt about Dos Anyo’s batting ability.

However, the evaluation begins to change significantly after winning a complete victory in the standing area against Petis, who once had the strongest striker force. The middle kick gained the upper hand with a middle kick against Petis, his main specialty. In the match at the time, Anjos pressed Pettis without hesitation and kicked a middle kick faster and heavier. Pettis had no choice but to panic.

When Petis counterattacked, he avoided the counter as if he had waited and aimed for the counter. Body shots and take-downs were used as a combination, and when Petis without Earl prepared for the pattern, he swung a heavy punch to the face instead of a tackle. For Petis, there was nothing to do throughout the fifth round. After pressing with punches and kicks against Ceroni, who was the second most upset by firepower, the game ended in 1 minute and 6 seconds of the first round with a series of storms. Some even said, “A new lightweight ruler has been born to succeed Frankie Edgar.”

Unfortunately, Dos Anjos’ stormy run was hit by Eddie Alvarez and the brakes were jammed. Dos Anyos was expected to win in terms of power, but he was beaten by an unexpected blow and collapsed, losing his championship title. If it wasn’t for the defeat at the time, the big matchup opponent with Conor McGregor would have been Dos Anyos, not Alvarez.

For Dos Anyos, it can be said that it was a match of pain that shocked him with more than one loss. Alvarez was unilaterally beaten by McGregor, who came up from the lower division after failing to overcome the limitations of his size. Analysts say that Sang-sung played a role in the match against McGregor, a puncher type that has the same punch-oriented fighting style. On the other hand, Dos Anyos is likely to have fought much better as he has even grappling and kicks.

Dos Anyos’ bad luck didn’t stop there. In the match against Ferguson, he also lost in a row. It was clear that Ferguson was strong enough to aim for the championship title, but the early flow was taken by Dos Anyos and the atmosphere went over after the eye poke.

Desperate Dos Anjos started a new challenge in the welterweight class, but the evaluation around him was negative. There was no doubt about Dos Anyo’s skills, but it did not seem easy to survive in the welterweight class, which is full of big sizes, due to its small physique even in the lightweight class. However, Dos Anyos won consecutive games as if proving that “size is meaningless in front of skills,” clearly showing his presence as an ambush in the welterweight class.

He beat Tarek Safidin, who was considered a tricky opponent by anyone, and surprised the surroundings by catching tall Graffler Neil Magny. Some even said, “In fact, there is a difference between the two weight classes” with the 190cm Magny, but he showed off his Jiu-Jitsu technique on the ground and won a complete victory. Dos Anyos’s appearance of blocking the road while pressing Magny from the top was enough to reaffirm his presence as a group of special jiujitro, which had been hidden from the batting for a while.

However, there was no business in front of time. Dos Anyos has come down from his heyday since 2018, and has begun to move away from the top. He suffered a series of hardships in the match against the top rankers and seemed to be taking steps to retire. However, the extent of aging does not seem to be significant compared to other veterans. As can be seen from the fact that they have lost more than two consecutive games, they still have a fierce taste for their mid-tier opponents.

He has recorded one win and one loss in two games this year, and he has maintained much of his physical strength to the extent that he led the game to the fifth round. Of course, Barbara, who will play against him, is not an easy opponent. It is on the rise with its good size of 182.88cm and strength and mill. Although he is said to have passed away, he also caught Robbie Lawler, who is famous for his stone fists and grit, with a knockout.

Dos Anyos’ batting is still sophisticated. Barberena, on the other hand, is rather rough and close to a wild fight. Nevertheless, it is analyzed that the beast’s instinct to endure the opponent’s onslaught in the early stages and slowly turn the atmosphere upside down with mud fights and eat them up had a big impact.

Attention is focusing on whether Dos Anyos, who showed more than that every time there is a harsh criticism that “That’s your limit,” will be able to lay the foundation for a leap forward by revealing his veteran fighting spirit again.

Suarez, 12 years ago, “I don’t apologize, I was sent off.”

Suarez, 12 years ago, “I don’t apologize, I was sent off.”


Uruguay national soccer team striker Luis Suarez (Nacional) said he would not apologize for his handball foul in the World Cup match against Ghana 12 years ago.

Suarez joined Diego Alonso at an official press conference ahead of the third Group H match against Ghana at the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup.

Suarez is an unforgettable target for Ghanaian football fans. In the quarterfinals of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Ghana was eliminated due to Suarez’s ‘Hand of God’ incident.

At that time, Ghana and Uruguay entered the extra time with a 1-1 tie, and at the end of the extra time, a header attempted by Ghana’s Dominican Adia headed into the goal. If this goal was scored, Ghana was likely to advance to the semifinals, but Suarez intentionally blocked the ball with his hands.

Suarez was sent off immediately after conceding a penalty for this handball foul. However, Asamoa Gian, a Ghanaian kicker, missed the penalty kick and Uruguay eventually advanced to the semifinals with a 4-2 lead in the penalty shootout.

Asked if he would like to apologize for the incident 12 years ago, Suarez said, “I won’t apologize. I got a red card at the time. It’s not my fault that Ghana missed a penalty kick. “If I had injured a Ghanaian player, I would have to apologize,” he said.

“I’ve never heard (Gana fans will revenge on me) before. You don’t know if you want real revenge. “We beat Portugal in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia (round of 16), have you ever heard the Portuguese say they will revenge on Uruguay?”

Suarez also said, “It’s time to forget the past. How long will we talk about the past and revenge? It’s not productive,” he said proudly.

However, both team coaches were wary of paying attention to the incident. Uruguay coach Diego Alonso said, “This is an important match that will determine the advancement to the round of 16. This fact is important to us. I’m not sure Ghana wants revenge. “We respect Ghana and will do our best to get to the round of 16,” he said.

Ghana coach Otto Ado also said, “What happened in 2010 is very sad,” but added, “But the result does not change. “It’s always important how you look at the past,” he said.

Kim Minjae is concerned about “worsening”…

Kim Minjae is concerned about “worsening” after fighting against injury…

Kim Minjae

Bento’s team is anxious ahead of the Portugal match, where the fate of the Korean World Cup team’s round of 16 is at stake. This is due to Kim Min-jae (26, Napoli), the core of defense,’s unusual physical condition. He collapsed again after struggling with an injury even though he was injured. We cannot rule out the possibility that the defense without Kim Min-jae will become a reality in the match against Portugal.

Kim Minjae missed the training session at 10:30 p.m. on November 30 (Korea Standard Time) at Al-Egla Training Center in Doha, Qatar. This is to focus on the treatment and recovery of injuries that still remain. On the previous day, he came to the training ground to train for recovery, but he did not come to the training ground at all on that day.

He did not appear on the training ground twice ahead of the second game against Ghana, and he focused on recovery training the day before the match, but the situation is different this time. In the previous match against Ghana, he played with a strong will even though the pain has not subsided. However, Kim Min-jae, who had endured with evil at the time, was not in good shape enough to ask for a replacement for extra time in the second half.

He struggled once in a situation where he suffered a muscle injury, so his physical condition cannot be improved. The day after the match against Ghana, the main players returned to their accommodation after only recovery training, so it doesn’t mean much, but it suggests that they missed their first training to prepare for the match against Portugal, which must be won.

Considering the proportion of Kim Min-jae, who is simply “irreplaceable,” it is truly an emergency for Bento. This is because it is unknown whether Kim Min-jae, who has already fought once despite the risk of injury, can expect another fight. No matter how strong Kim Min-jae’s will to play, there is a possibility that Kim Min-jae’s physical condition will not allow him now.

The best scenario would be for Kim Min-jae to play normally against Portugal at a monstrous recovery speed, but it is also difficult to expect it positively as he has been overworked by his team throughout this season and suffered muscle injuries during the tournament. In order to advance to the round of 16, Portugal must be defeated, and for this, a stable defense against Portugal’s attackers is urgently needed. The “Kim Min-jae variable,” which is so fatal to Bento’s team, which is on the brink of collapse, appears to have occurred again.

Bento’s team will play the final group match against Portugal at Alaiyan Education City Stadium in Qatar at midnight on the 3rd. South Korea must beat Portugal and watch the outcome of the Ghana-Urugua transfer at the same time. If Portugal is not defeated, the number of cases in the round of 16 will be meaningless.

“Doncic Triple Double” NBA Dallas beats Golden State…

“Doncic Triple Double” NBA Dallas beats Golden State to escape its fourth consecutive loss


The Dallas Mavericks of the National Basketball Association (NBA) escaped from their fourth consecutive loss thanks to the performance of Luka Doncic, who scored a “triple double.”

Dallas won 116-113 at home against the Golden State Warriors in the 2022-23 NBA regular league at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, on the 29th.

Dallas, who escaped from four consecutive losses with the victory, recovered its winning rate of 50% with 10 wins and 10 losses in the season, ranking ninth in the Western Conference.

On the other hand, Golden State, which failed to win four consecutive games, ranked 10th, one notch lower than Dallas, with 11 wins and 11 losses in the season.

The match drew attention as a showdown between Doncic, the No. 1 scorer this season, and Stephen Curry (Golden State), the No. 2 player, won by decision.

Doncic led the team to victory with a triple double with 41 points, 12 rebounds, and 12 assists. Doncic has already achieved his fifth triple double this season alone and is well worth his name.

Curry scored 32 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists, but bowed to the defeat.

In addition to Doncic, Tim Hardaway Jr. (22 points), Spencer Dinwiddy (14 points), and Josh Green (13 points) scored double-digit points, helping to win the game.

Golden State passed the attack to Dallas 10.1 seconds before the end of the game, when Curry committed a traveling foul, trailing 113-115, and Dallas succeeded in free throws with 4.4 seconds left, driving the game to a wedge.

Coach Kim Seungki said, “I won’t let this kind of game come out.”

Coach Kim Seungki said, “I won’t let this kind of game come out.”

Kim Seungki

Carrot suffered a painful crushing defeat to SK.

The Goyang Carrot Jumper lost 68-93 to the Seoul SK Knights in the second round of the 2022-2023 SKT A-dot Professional Basketball Regular League at Goyang Gymnasium on the 29th.

Carrot lost two consecutive games due to the loss. Carrot, who finished the first half by four points, fell sharply behind in the third quarter when both offense and defense were in serious trouble. It was not enough to reverse the gap in the fourth quarter.

Coach Kim Seungki said, “I thought it would be hard. There were signs of a crushing defeat. I thought I would be exhausted after losing the entire game, not the players who were capable. He said, “I’ve been doing really well so far and I won’t let this kind of game come out again.”

“I gave a lot of compliments, but I think it’s time for maintenance. In a team with few A-class players, I think players who can’t play team games should tighten up well. Still, the players did so well and losing one game does not mean that the players couldn’t The important thing is that these games should not come out. I don’t want to lose helplessly in front of the fans, but I think they will be disappointed if these games keep coming out. We will try to prevent it,” he added.

Carrot is using the small lineup for a long time due to the roster conditions. The benefits from the small lineup are also great, but it is regrettable that Big Man is weak.

Coach Kim said, “There is a limit. It is not easy to cover the limit and play the game, but it is not easy to be seen through. The goal is to continue to be 20 wins. The growth and reinforcement of the players are the top priority. have a wrong multiplier SK is likely to go up quickly. “But I won’t give up and try to do it until the end,” he said.

Seiya Suzuki said, “I really want to go out on WBC, but…”

Seiya Suzuki said, “I really want to go out on WBC, but…”

Seiya Suzuki

Japanese slugger Seiya Suzuki (28), who plays for the Chicago Cubs in the Major League Baseball (MLB), expressed his strong will to play in the World Baseball Classic (WBC) in March next year.

According to a report by Japanese media “Sports Hochi” on the 28th, Suzuki, who attended the event held in Naha, Okinawa, on the 27th, repeated four times in about a minute and a half, saying, “I want to go out.”

Suzuki, who met Hideki Kuriyama, who leads the Japanese national baseball team in the United States in August, said, “I heard a lot of stories while eating together. “I thought he was such a good person, and I wanted to be with him on WBC,” he said.

However, Suzuki said, “It’s not up to me to decide alone. I am not in a position where I can only express my opinion. “We need to discuss it with the club,” he said, avoiding a definite answer.

Suzuki, who signed with the Cubs through the posting system after the 2021 season, failed to properly digest the spring camp in the first season of the big league as MLB began to close its workplace. If he participates in the WBC, it will be difficult to participate in his team’s spring camp next year.

Suzuki said, “If I participate in the WBC in March next year, I can’t play my team’s spring camp next season and welcome the opening,” adding, “I’m thinking about a lot of things.”

Suzuki is Japan’s leading slugger.

Suzuki, who made his professional baseball debut in 2013, played nine seasons for Hiroshima Toyo Carp until last year and played in 902 games, batting average 0.315 182 home runs and 562 RBIs. He hit more than 25 home runs every year from 2016 to 2021.

Suzuki also played the fourth batter of the Japanese national team at the 2019 World Baseball Softball Confederation Premier 12 and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics last year.

He signed a five-year, $70 million contract with the Cubs through the posting system after the 2021 season. In his big league debut season, he played 111 games and batted .262 with 14 home runs and 46 RBIs.

If Suzuki joins, the Japanese national team can set up a strong clean-up trio that leads to “baseball genius” Shohei Otani (LA Angels), Munetaka Murakami (Yakult Swallows), who hit 56 home runs this year, and Suzuki. Otani confirmed his intention to play in the WBC in the middle of this month.

Argentina is worried about Messi’s injury

Argentina is worried about Messi’s injury


Another worrisome news has been delivered to Argentina, which is on the verge of being eliminated from the group stage of the 2022 FIFA (International Football Federation) Qatar World Cup.

Spanish media Marca said on the 25th, “The injury to the left flounder muscle, which Messi had previously suffered, has recurred. Therefore, I separated from my colleagues and trained alone today,” he said.

Messi showed up late at the training ground just before the first match of the World Cup and had personal training, raising concerns among fans.

He seemed to clear his concerns by scoring the first goal in the first Group C match against Saudi Arabia on the 22nd, but Argentina is suffering from an abnormality in his physical condition once again.

“There is no doubt that Messi will play against Mexico,” the media said, predicting that Messi will not be too much to play in the next game.

At the same time, “Messie is currently focusing on treatment. Argentina’s coaches and coaches are worried every time he goes to the medical staff,” he added.

Argentina, which suffered a shock come-from-behind defeat in the match against Saudi Arabia, will play its second game against Mexico, a North and Central American powerhouse, on the 27th.

The third game against Poland remains on the 1st of next month, but if they lose against Mexico, Argentina will have to leave Qatar as it has been confirmed that it will fail to advance to the round of 16.

Ha Jooseok drunk driving, the Players Association announced an apology

Ha Jooseok drunk driving, the Players Association announced an apology, “I apologize for dangerous and irresponsible behavior.”

Ha Jooseok

The Korea Professional Baseball Players Association issued an apology for Ha Joo-seok’s recent drunk driving.

The Players Association said in a press release on the 21st, “The players should recognize that drunk driving is a behavior that can cause great damage not only to me but also to others and a very dangerous and irresponsible behavior that can threaten the foundation of the KBO League.”

Ha Jooseok added, “In particular, during the year-end and New Year’s holidays, when COVID-19 sanctions have been eased and many gatherings have occurred, it should be recognized that a moment’s wrong choice can destroy one’s player’s life and other’s lives.”

Recently, Hanwha’s captain Ha was caught by the police while driving under the influence of alcohol. The license was suspended with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.078%. According to the KBO regulations revised in June, those who are eligible for a license suspension will be suspended for 70 games.

On the 6th, Kim Ki-hwan, a member of the NC Dinos, also caused an accident due to hangover driving. It was released as a resultant.

In a series of drunk accidents, the Players Association said, “I am so sorry for causing social controversy with some players’ careless behavior. “On behalf of Korean professional baseball players, I apologize once again,” he said.

“Even within the squad, there is a growing voice of self-reflection that players should continue to take more thorough management of the prevention and eradication of damage to dignity, and take greater responsibility for themselves. In response, the Players Association said, “We will do our best to help domestic professional baseball players feel social responsibility by distributing our own notices and preparing educational programs to prevent recurrence.”

England’s first goal against Jude Bellingham

England’s first goal against Jude Bellingham

Jude Bellingham

Jude Bellingham (19, Dortmund) broke through Iran’s swamp.

England scored the first goal in the first Group B match of the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup against Iran at Khalifa International Stadium in Doha, Qatar, at 10 p.m. on the 21st (Korea Standard Time).

For England, Kane aimed for Iran’s net. Sterling, Mount, and Saka supported firepower from behind, and Rice and Bellingham coordinated offense and defense from the waist. The four backs were Luke Shaw, Maguire, Stones and Trippier, and goalkeeper gloves were worn by Pickford.

Iran’s Puriliganj, Taremi and Jahanbaksh Three Top aimed at England. Karimi, Hajisafi and Nurolahi played in midfield. The defense was defended by Mohammadi, Hoseini, Chashmi and Moharami, while the goal was guarded by Beiranband.

England shook and Iran defended. Iran focused on defense with a concentration of five-backs. As England increased its ball share, it penetrated the Iranian camp and put the ball into the box while aiming for half space and the side.

The Beiranband goalkeeper covered his face in a clash with Hosseini in the eighth minute of the first half. A medical team was deployed to check the injury and woke up, but eventually lied down again. He sent a replacement sign to the bench and was carried on a stretcher in the 19th minute of the first half and replaced by goalkeeper Hossein Hoseini.

Maguire aimed for the net with a header from England’s corner kick in the 30th minute of the first half. However, he failed to score when he hit the post. The first goal was England. Jude Bellingham shook the net with a header in the 34th minute of the first half.

Maradona ‘God’s Hand’ soccer ball sold for 3.1 billion won

Maradona ‘God’s Hand’ soccer ball sold for 3.1 billion won


During the 1986 Mexico World Cup, Argentina’s “football hero” Diego Maradona scored a goal by hitting the ball with his hands, causing controversy over “God’s Hand,” and the soccer ball was sold for billions of won at auction.

According to the AP on the 17th, the “God’s Hand” soccer ball was sold for 2 million pounds (about 3.18 billion won) at an auction held at Graham Bird Auction House in London, England. This ball is Adidas ‘Azteca’, the official ball of the World Cup at the time. So far, the world record for the highest auction of sports souvenirs is Mickey Mantle baseball card, a slugger of the New York Yankees in the U.S. Major League Baseball, issued in 1952. The winning bid in August was $12.6 million (about 18 billion won at the time).

In the quarterfinals of the Mexico World Cup against England, Maradona scored with her hands, but it was recognized as a goal as the referee did not see it. At that time, they didn’t use multiple balls, but used one ball for the entire 90-minute game. The soccer ball was auctioned off by former Tunisian referee Ali bin Nasser, who was the referee of the quarterfinals at the time, after 36 years of possession. “In fact, I couldn’t see (the goal scene) exactly at the time,” former referee bin Nasser recalled. “After the game, England coach Bobby Robson told me, ‘You (the referee) did a good job, but the good referee was irresponsible.”

Maradona dribbled about 70 meters from the half-line and scored his second goal about four minutes after the goal. The goal was considered the best goal in the tournament. With Maradona’s performance, Argentina beat England 2–1. Argentina won both the semifinals and the finals against Belgium and West Germany to lift the World Cup. The event made Maradona a national hero of Argentina. Along with Brazilian soccer emperor Pele, he became the most famous soccer player in the world. Born in Buenos Aires in 1960, Maradona showed talent for soccer from a young age. He was only 1m 65cm tall, but his main weapons were explosive speed and bull-like power emitted from his muscular body. His excellent sense of soccer also devastated the opposing defense with colorful dribbles and sensuous shots. It was literally a ‘little giant’. 파워볼게임

He made his professional debut in 1976 with Argentinos Juniors and went on a roll. Starting with Argentina’s prestigious Boca Juniors, he went through Barcelona (Spain) and Naples (Italy). Argentina’s national team career has been more spectacular. He scored 34 goals in 91 international matches (A matches). After retirement, he walked the path of leadership. At the same time, it has been constantly rumored to be drugs, alcohol, and obesity. From 2019 until his death, he was the coach of Argentina’s Himnasia Laplata. Maradona died of a heart attack (60 years old) in November 2020. He was called a “bad boy” due to various travel and privacy controversies, but his soccer skills were not controversial.