dignity of claims that Son Heung-min showed

dignity of claims that Son Heung-min showed

Son Heung-min

Son Heung-min’s appearance is also a topic in local.

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London on the 16th (Korea Time) on the 1623-24 season (PL) at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London on the 16-24 season.As a result, Tottenham kept the second place in the league and continued the league.

Tottenham is in order to be Tottenham in order.In the cup game with grass, but it is rising in the league, but in the league.Last Manchester United scored 2–0 victory in Manchester United, and proud of the five points before again.Tottenham, who recovered the stability of defense stability and defense stability

Even though the recent trend, Tottenham led Tottenham led Tottenham.Through frequent conversion pad and active forward passengers through frequent transition pad and active forward passengers.Both players have weight through organic movement, and Son Heung-min scored a uniform heat of the opponent’s defense exploration.

However, the frustrated game continued.Tottenham pressed a lot of shots, but Tottenham pressure was not followed by scoring several shots, but he did not follow the score.The effective shot was all over the chef’s defense or goalkeeper.In the second half, the situation was similar.As the balance of 0 was followed, Tottenham Hotspur, Tottenham, and finally allowed the first point of the second half of the second half of the second half of the second half.

Coach Paul, who allowed the lead lead lead to lead the lead.On the 35 minutes, Son Heung-min, called Son Heung-min, and Lee Van Gogh, and added this half of course.At the same time, I wanted to use a rule of the attack

This was perfect judgment.The two players who came out with the replacement of the second half of the second half.The main characters and healing.At the second half of the second half of the second half, Hashley Song, hit a corner kick in the second half of the second half of the second half, and changed the direction.Hasha was a moment when he suffered a goal of scoring poverty.

Tottenham successfully succeeded in the station.At the second half of the second half, Tottenham players who received a strong shot in the second half of the second half of the second half, scored a strong shot in the goal.chef had to win the tie goal, but he overlapping his pants.Eventually, the game ended with Tottenham’s 2-1 victory.

There were a lot of hot topic.Son Heung-min’s aggressive Yong Byung-min’s aggressive Yong Byung-min’s attack, but the most attention of Son Heung-min’s performance.After the end of the game, Tottenham players went to greet fans in the audience seats in this process, Son Heung-min, and Son Heung-min created a atmosphere where Son Heung-min can receive compliments.Today’s main characteristic of Hashley Song, and gave him confidence

In the interview, I mentioned Hashley Song.According to the British media “Didley”, he had a hard time.I really’m so happy.I’ll probably be happier than that.We need him as a team.He’s really good skills.But confidential is certainly a different problem.I want to hug Hasha.He said that.

“It was a really hard time to him.We hope he regain confidence through this game.He changed the entire game.It was the moment we waited.He’s a really strong person.It can be back again.However, it is necessary to help people around people around.I always try to become his friend and try to help.I thought all people are support him behind his back.”

This behavior has become a hot topic.Tottenham fan community media, “The reason why Son Heung-min’s behavior is a fantastic claim for Son Heung-min’s behavior.Son Heung-min is a solo player, and it is a person who sympathized with other people.I complimented with his competitors, saying that he would not have many players and act like this.”

Hashley Song was rarely adapted to Tottenham.Although he showed existence in PL and Everland, he expressed his advantages from PL and Everland, he did not use his advantages.Harry Kane, Son Heung-min, Son Heung-min, Son Heung-min, and coolness was not implemented at all.

This season was the same season.Ford coach Ford scored as a replacement of Kelly, who left Hashley Song, and used as the front-line striker, and used as the front-line striker.I played all four games, but the score points.Although I put one goal in the cup competition, there were almost no Lim pack.In the national team, Boo-jin continued.Hashley Song made the worst performance in Bolivia, after replacing the worst performance in Bolivia.

Recently, it was revealed that it was suffering from psychologically difficult time.The British “SKZ’s sports” will receive help the help of psychology to improve economic power and osteoporosis.In particular, he said there is a problem outside the game for several months.”

Through the media, he said.Hasha is a player who tries to help the team through Brazil media’s ” Globbo” through Brazil media’s media.But sometimes there are times when you want.Personally, I think that there was a problem because there was a problem.I wanted to deal properly, but I didn’t work well 파워볼사이트

“I will continue to focus on Tottenham.The storm passed away.I spent the time in the last five months.Now I’m doing well.People who have been explaining my money is now not beside me.From now, I think it would be able to make good performance again in Tottenham.

Hashley Song took a little cry as a chef’s performance.The important thing is to maintain this trend, and season.

Two-way agreement with center released in Sacramento Boston

Two-way agreement with center released in Sacramento Boston


The Boston Celtics (Boston) will be accompanied by Nimias (24, Portugal).

According to Shams Canary, who is fluent in NBA, Boston agreed to a two-way contract with Quetta on the 17th (Korea Standard Time).

Quetta, a 7-foot (213cm) center, likes to finish on the rim with excellent athletic ability and also shows her defensive presence. Quetta, the first NBA leaguer from Portugal, joined the Sacramento Kings with the 39th overall draft pick in 2021. In the past two seasons, he has played 20 NBA regular league games as a two-way contractor.

Quetta, who played as a starting pitcher for the Stockton Kings of the G League last season, played in 29 regular league games in the G League, scoring 16.8 points, 8.8 rebounds, and 1.9 blocks per game. As a result, Quetta was honored to be selected for the All-G League team and the defensive team by finishing second in the G League MVP vote.

However, Sacramento was full of resources to see the center, including Domantas Sabonis, Alex Len, and Jervale McGee. Therefore, Sacramento has recently come to release Quetta.

Meanwhile, Boston urgently transfused the 7-foot center with Quetta.

However, even in Boston, it may be difficult for Quetta to be given a lot of playing time. Last year, Boston granted two-way contractor Mpiondu Cabenkele four regular league games and only 36 minutes to play. Boston ran the big man lineup last season as Robert Williams III, Luke Konen, Noah Bone and Blake Griffin in place of Cabenkele.

Nevertheless, Boston also has an element of anxiety. Robert Williams and newly recruited Kristaps Porzingis have a brilliant injury history, and starting center Al Horford is at an age where he is worried about aging. Therefore, if Quetta makes an impressive appearance in the training camp, he will be able to play enough as a player to assist them.

Quetta, who was loved by Sacramento fans, now wants to show Boston fans to block the opponent’s shot and finish by shooting the post with both hands 토토추천사이트

I’d do anything to protect Otani

I’d do anything to protect Otani


The LA Angels are moving to trade another flagship Mike Trout as they are on the verge of losing Ohtani Shohei in the FA market.

Since Trout has exclusive no-trade rights, he cannot pursue the trade on his own by the Angels.

USA Today reporter Bob Nightingale reported on the 11th (Korea Standard Time), “It’s probably the first time, but the Angels are willing to trade Trout if he wants to go out,” adding, “He recently said he wants to meet with senior front officials and owners to talk about the team’s direction.”

Reports have come before that Trout will bring the trade issue to the fore.

In an interview with Orange County Register earlier this month, Trout said, “If this problem arises in the off-season, of course, we have to talk and think about it with the club,” adding, “I haven’t thought about it yet.” But surely the story will come and go this winter. “We need to hear what the club’s overall direction and plan is,” he said.

In other words, as Ohtani did, he believes that it is meaningless to continue his career with the Angels, which is no longer hopeful. The Angels also have Trout with Otani when he is leaving, so they can think that it will only interfere with rebuilding.

However, the possibility of a “normal” trade is not high. Trout was born in 1991 and will be 33 next year. Since 2021, he has not exceeded the prescribed at-bats for three consecutive seasons until this year. He is hampered by injuries once or twice a year.

In 2021, he ended the season due to a ruptured right calf muscle while running from second base to third base in May, and last year, he fell into a back spasm while hitting in July and hung on to treatment for more than a month. And this season, he missed 49 days due to a broken palm bone in the game against the San Diego Padres on July 4, returned on August 23, and was on the injured list again due to a recurrence of injuries in the same area.

Trout is likely to end the season as it is rather than returning too hard even though he is not in good shape. The Angels are preparing for the off-season, and there is no record of Trout or aiming personally. In that case, Trout will miss 249 games, or 51.2% of the team’s schedule over the past three years. It is safe to say that he is not healthy as a player who has become a daily routine.

In addition, there are still seven years left among the largest 12-year $426.5 million contracts in Major League history. The total remaining annual salary amounts to $248.15 million. Reporter Nightingale predicted that “Trout Trade will not make the same profits as in the past.” In other words, even if they trade, it is difficult to receive a number of promising players, and there may be a condition that they will bear most of the remaining ransom.

If the Angels carry out a trout trade even at the expense of this off-season loss, it can be seen that the Angels will start rebuilding in earnest. This is because Otani is likely to leave the team as an FA. In other words, the ‘Trautani’ system is disintegrated in the air.

Trout and Otani have hit home runs together in 30 games over the past six years. Associated Press 안전놀이터
In an interview with local media after completing training on the first day of spring training on February 16, Trout said, “I will do anything if I can protect Otani,” after a series of reports that Otani is likely to leave for the FA. It meant that he would do his best to advance to the playoffs and then turn Otani’s mind to leave. But his hopes and plans were all in vain.

Trout won the AL Rookie of the Year award in 2012 and became the MVP three times in 2014, 2016, and 2019, but failed to reach the threshold of autumn baseball for nine consecutive years after 2014. Since Trout won the Rookie of the Year award, the Angels have brought in Albert Pujols (10-year $240 million), CJ Wilson (5-year $77.5 million), Josh Hamilton (5-year $125 million), Anthony Rendon (7-year $245 million), and Reicel Iglesias (4-year $58 million) from the FA market, but most of the money has been wasted.

I felt it was over at the Yankees a pitcher with 19 wins who shed tears

I felt it was over at the Yankees a pitcher with 19 wins who shed tears


I felt it was my last moment with the New York Yankees. Luis Severino, 29, couldn’t hide his tears.

The Yankees placed Severino on the injured list on the 10th (Korea Standard Time), who injured his left radiating muscle. According to local media such as “AP News Agency,” Severino cannot return for the rest of the season because he needs three to four weeks to recover from a radiopulmonary injury. It is difficult to meet the regular season schedule, which ends on the 2nd of next month.

Severino was pitching well with two runs in four innings against the Milwaukee Brewers on the 9th, but complained of radiopulmonary pain after hitting against leadoff hitter Bryce Turang in the fifth inning. He went down the mound with a painful look on his face.

In an interview after the game, Severino said, “I think someone shot me. I felt a deep and sharp pain,” he said, shedding tears. I couldn’t control my emotions easily because I had a hunch that it could be the last game for the Yankees.

Severino, a Dominican right-handed fastball pitcher, has been with the Yankees for all eight seasons since his Major League debut in 2015. He played as a Yankees ace for the second consecutive year, recording 14 wins, 6 losses, 230 strikeouts in 31 games (193⅓ innings) in 2017 and 230 strikeouts in 32 games (191⅓ innings) with 19 wins, 8 losses and a 3.39 ERA.

He threw a fastball of up to 100 miles and spent his heyday in the All-Star for the second consecutive year with Cy Young Award votes (3rd and 9th). He also signed an extension contract with the Yankees for up to $52.5 million for 4+1 years before the 2019 season, but has since made only seven appearances for three years from 2019-2021 due to shoulder rotator cuff inflammation, elbow ligament joint surgery, and optical dorsal muscle injury.

After rebounding to some extent with 7 wins, 3 losses, and a 3.18 strikeout in 19 games (102 innings), the Yankees implemented a $15 million annual salary team option this year. However, he failed to join the opening rotation this year due to an optical back injury, and although he has been in since May, he has been showing the worst slump of his career with 4 wins, 8 losses, and a 6.65 ERA of 79 토토사이트

He will become an FA at the end of this season, but his performance is too bad. It is unlikely that the Yankees will offer to renew their contract. Yankees manager Aaron Boone said, “Seberino’s career start as a starting pitcher was very promising. He was one of the overwhelming starters, and he has shown good pitching when he is healthy even when he suffers from injuries over the past few years. “I’m really suffering from a slump for the first time this year,” he said.

Severino’s season is over for the “New York Post,” and his career with the Yankees could end. “Considering Severino’s injury history and terrible season, who will become an FA after this season, he is unlikely to be with the Yankees next year,” he said. Yankees captain Aaron Judge said, “I want to see Severino in a pin stripe uniform for a little longer. I really enjoyed my time with him, and it gave us a lot of wins, he said. “I hope it’s not a big injury. “I hope you recover quickly and show a good performance next year,” he said.

RYU already mentioned the extension contract Proof completed

RYU already mentioned the extension contract Proof completed in just 4G after a 14-month hiatus


Korean Monster Ryu Hyun-jin (Toronto) finished proving in just four games after a 14-month hiatus. Then, there are already reactions in the region that mention the need for an extension contract.

As ace Ryu Hyun-jin, who returned, showed a faster-than-expected recovery speed, local media in Canada began to talk about the justification for Ryu Hyun-jin’s extended contract. Canada’s Media Sports Net praised Ryu Hyun-jin’s pitching after Toronto’s game on the 21st (Korea Standard Time), saying, “Ryu Hyun-jin’s pitching was undoubtedly the driving force behind the day.”

Ryu Hyun-jin started the away game against the Cincinnati Reds at the Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, Ohio on the same day, recording four hits, one walk, seven strikeouts, and two runs (non-earned) in five innings, and harvested his second win (1 loss) of the season

Above all, the Canadian media praised him for showing his past ace without regret by struggling with slush funds for three consecutive games. Ryu Hyun-jin allowed two runs on the same day, but all of them were non-responsible due to defensive errors.

In addition, all three of the four games he took the mound after returning are ineligible. Ryu Hyun-jin is gradually making a perfect return season by continuing his secret pitching in 14 innings in 3 consecutive games since the match against the Cleveland Guardians on the 8th. The season’s ERA also rose from 2.57 to 1.89, entering the 1-point range.

Although Ryu Hyun-jin still has only five innings, he is only choosing to protect the Toronto bench as much as possible considering the recovery process of about 14 months after Tommy John Surgery, showing the number of pitches per game that can play six to seven innings. Toronto is protecting Ryu Hyun-jin by applying the case of a general pitcher who had Tommy John surgery, but he seems to be proving himself that he is not a pitcher to evaluate in the general ark

Above all, it seems to be an admirable factor for local media that Ryu Hyun-jin has been quickly taking control of the ball since his return. Reporter Mike Wilner, a columnist for Canadian media Toronto Star, said on social media after the match on the 21st, “Ryu Hyun-jin showed another brilliant pitch.” “It is the 14th consecutive inning of non-bookkeeping,” he said. “It is most surprising that a player who has rehabilitated for more than 14 months after undergoing Tommy John Surgery shows such good control.” “Most players who receive Tommy John’s surges recover their control the latest,” he said, expressing his tongue in Ryu Hyun-jin’s quick recovery.

In fact, Ryu Hyun-jin struggled with nine hits and allowed one walk against Baltimore, his first game of his return, but later announced a quick recovery by pitching four innings of no-hitter and one walk before coming down to an unlucky situation against Cleveland on the 8th. He is gradually finding his best walk/strikeout ratio with two hits, two walks, three strikeouts and two runs (non-earned) in five innings against the Chicago Cubs on the 14th and four hits, one walk, seven strikeouts and two runs (non-earned) in five innings against Cincinnati on the 21st.

It is true that there is still anxiety in terms of arrest. Ryu Hyun-jin’s average speed in the game on the 21st was 87.4 miles (140.9 kilometers), slower than his average speed (88.7 miles) this season. But at the same time, he pitched aggressively, and after winning the perfect fight with the batters, he had only two hard hits

The same is true of the reason why the U.S. and Canadian media praised Ryu Hyun-jin’s pitch on the day and did not spare the expression of “suppression.” The ball speed was not special, but Ryu Hyun-jin’s pitch certainly seemed special.

Cadana Media SportsNet, which praised Ryu Hyun-jin’s pitching through an article, reviewed Ryu Hyun-jin’s two wins through its radio broadcast and insisted on the need for an extension contract.

SportsNet also said, “Toronto has five starting pitchers tentatively next year, but considering Ryu Hyun-jin’s current performance, he can offer a one-year or two-year contract with options.”

At the same time, SportsNet said, “However, if Ryu Hyun-jin re-qualifies for FA, he can choose Western teams such as LA Dodgers, which he has played in the past,” and made remarks that could be seen as indirect pressure on the club if Toronto wants to fail to catch Ryu Hyun-jin

Toronto has already established a solid starting rotation, but it is proof that the nostalgia that the ace revived in the past was so strong for the Canadian media 메이저사이트

Ryu Hyun-jin played only four games after a 14-month hiatus. It is still hard to say that he is on his old track in terms of ball speed and innings. However, the need for an extension contract is already emerging, which reminds us again of Ryu Hyun-jin’s great ability.

This is Ryu Hyun-jin’s current appearance, who can fully aim for another FA jackpot. More and more pitchers are playing as aces even in their late 30s in the Major League. The outlook is brighter in that Ryu Hyun-jin is not a pitcher who relies on ball speed or ball power. If Ryu Hyun-jin shows better performance for the rest of the season, he is expected to be able to draw enough contracts for about two to three years

Captain SON The Awakening of the wrapped 103 Billion Hishali Song

Captain SON The Awakening of the wrapped 103 Billion Hishali Song

Hishali Song

Captain Son Heung-min wrapped up the Hishali song.

Tottenham no longer have Harry Kane (Bayern Munich). Hishalisson, a man of £60 million (about 103 billion won), has to fill the vacancy.

He started in both the first and second rounds of the English Premier League (EPL) against Brentford and Manchester United. Hishalisson complained about his playing time last season, but there is currently no alternative.

But it was silent. Hishalisson, who moved to Tottenham last summer, played 27 games in the EPL last season but scored only one goal. It was only three goals and four assists, including two goals in the European Champions League.

Goal drought continues this season. Tottenham is in full swing to find an alternative to Kane in the summer transfer market, which closes on September 2nd (Korea time).

Son Heung-min moved from the left to the center and filled the position when Hishalisson was replaced in the 25th minute of the second half against Manchester United. On the other hand, Hishalisson showed a nervous reaction immediately after being replaced.

Son Heung-min clearly said that Hishalisson has no problem after the match against Manchester United. “I can play in any position,” he said. To be honest, I can play all the center, left, and right, he said. “Hishalisson is playing really, really well.” Of course, no matter what role the coach gives, I try to do well on the spot,” he said.

Britain’s “Football London” released an interview with the Brazilian version of “ESPN” by Hishalisson on the 21st. “I was unhappy with myself for not receiving the ball that could lead to a shot,” Hishalisson said of the reaction in the replacement situation. “I need to get the ball, and I need to get closer to the goal. But I was more upset that I didn’t get the ball there. It wasn’t a complaint of replacement or anything else,” he said.

Hishalisson also said, “It’s only a matter of time before you score a goal. I want the fans to be patient a little. It is not easy to replace idols like Harry Kane. Like it or not, the fans will miss him in a game where I don’t score. Kane has scored more than 200 goals for Tottenham. “I want to use it as a model and score as many goals as possible at Tottenham,” he stressed.

Coach Postecoglou started Dejan Kuluchepski along with Son Heung-min and Hishalisson on the three-top for the second consecutive game. Offensive midfielder James Madison supported them as a free roll 메이저사이트

Hishalisson said: “Tottenham paid a lot of money to recruit me. So I’m here. Now it’s up to me. I have to do my part. “I’m also aware of that responsibility,” he said. “I’m getting to know Madison a little bit.” He is a great player and has a good partnership in training. Still, the most important thing is that we get three points,” he added

Even Liverpool’s soccer master ended up in Saudi Arabia

Even Liverpool’s soccer master ended up in Saudi Arabia not Warsaw Newcastle Juventus


The “Liverpool Soccer Master,” who had been keeping his mouth shut about his future, finally decided his destination. Saudi Arabian club Al Hilal seems to be aiming at Liverpool striker, who is about to expire his contract this time.

Fabrizio Romano, an expert on the European transfer market, reported on social media on the 26th (Korea Standard Time) that “I understand that Al Hilal is negotiating to sign Roberto Firmino.”

Brazilian striker Firmino, who has been active in Liverpool, will qualify as a free agent as his contract expires on the 30th.

Firmino has scored 111 goals and 79 assists in 362 games since he started playing for Liverpool in 2015. In particular, he was active as Paul’s Nine (fake No. 9) under manager Jürgen Klopp, forming the best offensive team in Europe with Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah in his heyday. It’s the so-called “ma-nu-la” attack line

Firmino, who left Liverpool eight years after his contract expired, was embroiled in rumors of transferring to prestigious European clubs such as Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Newcastle, Juventus and Napoli, but he kept his mouth shut and scored in his last game at Liverpool.

However, Al Hilal, who is recently collecting Premier League players, has been found to have thrown an offer to Firmino, and Firmino is also rumored to be positive

Jang Hyun-soo’s team, Al Hilal, has recently recruited world-class players through huge amounts of money like his rivals Al-Ittihad and Al-Nasr.

Al-Hilal recruited Wolverhampton Wanderers captain Hoobeng Neves, Hwang Hee-chan’s teammate, on the 24th. Neves stunned many as he headed to the Middle East as he was only 26 years old as he was a premier league midfielder and born in 1997

According to local British media, Al Hilal paid 47 million pounds (about 77.9 billion won) to Wolverhampton. It is also known that Neves, who was paid 80,000 pounds (about 133 million won) a week at Wolverhampton, promised to raise his annual salary by at least three times.

Al Hilal, who finished recruiting Neves, immediately signed another Premier League player. They announced on social media on the 26th that they have recruited Chelsea defender Kalidou Koulibaly.

Koulibaly, who played for SSC Napoli until last year and was considered one of the best defenders in Europe, moved to Chelsea ahead of the 2022/23 season, but ended up leaving the club after a sluggish year.

According to Romano, Al Hilal invested 23 million euros (about 32.7 billion won) in Koulibaly transfer

Al-Hilal, who has reinforced the midfielder and defender, has now turned to the striker. What caught my eye was Firmino, who was about to face the FA and was once a top European striker.

“Negotiations are underway between Al Hilal and Firmino, and Al Hilal is waiting for the final decision of the player,” Romano said.

“Al Hilal is preparing for a medical test in case Firmino shows a ‘green light’,” he said, expressing his sincerity in recruiting Firmino.

Attention is focusing on whether Al-Hilal will add another Premier Leaguer to his squad this summer’s transfer window 토토배너문의

Edwards to join U.S. national team as Rookie of the Year Banquet

Edwards to join U.S. national team as Rookie of the Year Banquet


Paolo Bancero (20, Orlando Magic) chose the U.S. national team instead of Italy.

Orlando announced on the club’s official SNS on the morning of the 26th (Korea Standard Time), “Vancero promised to play for the U.S. national team at this summer’s FIBA World Cup.”

Vancero, who made an impressive first season in the NBA, averaged 20 points, 6.9 rebounds, and 3.7 assists in 72 games. In recognition of his performance, he was honored with the Rookie of the Year award last April

The U.S. national team joined by Banquero included Jaren Jackson Jr. (Memphis Grizzlies), Anthony Edwards (Minota Timberwolves), who won the 2023 All-Star, and Tyris Halliburton (Indiana Pacers).

In addition, Austin Reeves (LA Lakers), Brandon Ingram (New Orleans Pelicans), Mikal Bridges, Cameron Johnson (Brooklyn Nets), Jaylen Brunson (New York Knicks), Walker Kessler (Utah Jazz), and Bobby Portis (Milwaukee Bucks) completed the 12-man roster.

Meanwhile, the 2023 FIBA World Cup will be held from August 26 to September 11, and will be co-hosted by the Philippines, Japan, and Indonesia.

The U.S. national team in Group C will play Jordan, Greece, and New Zealand in qualifying matches. Italy, on the other hand, who lost Banquero, was in Group A with the Philippines, Dominican Republic and Angola 카지노토토

Ranieri who also wrote a fairy tale and won Leicester

Ranieri who also wrote a fairy tale and won Leicester returned after 31 years and completed his promotion


Once again, I wrote a fairy tale

Cagliari Calcio beat SSC Bari 1-0 in the final second leg of the Serie B promotion playoff (PO) held in Baristadio San Nicola, Italy, early on the 12th (Korea Standard Time). He succeeded in promotion to Serie A by making a combined score of 2-1 in the first and second rounds.

Coach Claudio Ranieri was at the center of the promotion. He has been at the helm of Cagliari since January. Cagliari, who had been in 14th place, moved up to 5th place. He has nine wins, eight draws and two losses in 19 games.

In the PO that followed, he broke down his opponents one after another. They beat Venice (8th) 2-1 in their first single match. Next, he met Parma (4th) and advanced to the final round by winning the first and second rounds 3-2 on aggregate. They had a 1-1 draw in the final first leg on the 9th. And in the second leg of the day, Leonardo Pavoletti’s winning goal in the second half of the extra time confirmed his promotion

It was an exciting promotion. It was not an easy road, but he defeated all the opponents he met. Ranieri is also from Cagliari’s home team. He took the helm from 1988 to 1991. He returned after 32 years and made the promotion of his former team. I wrote a perfect fairy tale.

Initially, Ranieri is famous as a director who wrote a fairy tale. He led Leicester City to the Premier League title in the 2015-16 season. At that time, Leicester were not a power to win the championship. However, he eventually made a new history, and the lingering feelings of that time are still talked about among soccer fans 안전놀이터

After that, the move was regrettable. FC Nantes (France), Fulham (England), AS Roma, Sampdoria (Italy) and Watford (England) have moved many teams. He failed to perform as well as he did in Leicester, and repeatedly replaced and appointed. But in the end, it created a fairytale promotion once again. Cagliari completed his return to the first division in a season thanks to Ranieri’s leadership

Toronto fans want Ryu Hyun-jin to be the savior

Toronto fans want Ryu Hyun-jin to be the savior


Ryu Hyun-jin takes the mound in the minor leagues this month

The Toronto Blue Jays seem to be in a hurry.

Ace Alec Manoa is hitting “SOS” against Ryu Hyun-jin as he was demoted to the minor leagues due to an unexpected slump.

Toronto fan site Jays Journal expressed hope for Ryu Hyun-jin in an article titled “Healthy Ryu Hyun-jin is more important to Toronto than ever.”

The site used extreme positive words such as “resurrection” for Ryu Hyun-jin and expected Ryu Hyun-jin to return to good health and rescue the Toronto starter rotation, which was mired in a swamp.

When Ryu Hyun-jin led Toronto to advance to the postseason in 2020, Toronto fans sang “Ryu Beauchonga,” saying, “It’s not a waste of a cent.”

However, when he fell into a severe slump in the second half of 2021, he shouted, “Take him out of the starting lineup.”

They are now anxiously waiting for Ryu Hyun-jin as Manoa is out.

Toronto, too, is now in fourth place in the American League East. It is 10.5 games behind the No. 1 Tampa Bay Rays. In other words, winning the world championship is practically over.

What is left is at least a wild card, but even this is not easy. Ryu Hyun-jin has no choice but to save Toronto, which is in a quagmire 사설토토놀이터

If Ryu Hyun-jin returns healthy, Toronto will not have to reinforce the starting pitcher with a trade.

The Jays Journal pointed out that even if Ryu Hyun-jin can’t pitch the same as 2018-2020, Toronto should be grateful even if he does some. The desperation of Toronto fans is being revealed