LA Dodgers return 80 wins, first-come-first-served to…

LA Dodgers return 80 wins, first-come-first-served to 70 percent win rate as best as they can

LA Dodgers

The LA Dodgers, which boasts the strongest power, won again after 12 consecutive wins and lost one more time to win 80 games. In addition, the LA Dodgers returned to their 70 percent winning percentage with the victory.

The Los Angeles Dodgers played an away game against the Milwaukee Brewers at Miller Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on the 15th.

On this day, the LA Dodgers showed stability in which five pitchers blocked nine innings with four hits and no runs, and Freddie Freeman hit a double and a home run in the batting lineup to win 4-0.

As a result, the LADodgers recorded 80 wins, 34 losses, and a 0.702 winning rate until this day. 80 wins first and 70 percent win rate return. Currently, the second place in the Major League is the New York Mets and the Houston Astros.

The LA Dodgers’ Julio Urias, who started as a starter, recorded four hits and no runs in five innings, and blocked four innings with a perfect score.

In addition, Freeman hit a home run from the first inning, and Will Smith’s sacrifice fly added one point in the fifth inning. Gavin Lux then hit a two-run home run in the sixth inning.

As a result, Urias had his 13th win (6 losses) of the season by lowering the season’s ERA to 2.40 while Milwaukee starter Freddie Peralta had his third loss (4 wins) of the season after allowing one run in four innings.

The Los Angeles Dodgers lost only four games in the second half. I’ve won 20 times in the meantime. In other words, the winning rate of 20 wins and 4 losses in the second half is 0.833. You can guess the recent rise of the LADodgers.

Luca Doncic Declares War on Weight [NBA]

Luca Doncic Declares War on Weight

Luca Doncic

Doncic is enthusiastically playing off-season.

Trainer Anji Machek, who is helping Luca Doncic’s training, talked about Doncic’s physical condition in an interview with the media on the 9th (Korea Standard Time).

Doncic, the next superstar who will lead the NBA, faced a lot of criticism last season due to factors other than basketball. He was somewhat sluggish than expected at the beginning of the season, but his appearance of playing with weight gain continued to draw attention.

“Luca Doncic is already a superstar,” said Legend Reggie Miller. But he can be better. You need to lose more weight. Doncic is running slowly around the court now,” he said.

Doncic, who lost weight over the season, showed improvement. Doncic, who continued to be active in the playoffs, led the team to the conference final.

Doncic was also well aware of weight problems. “The weight issue was my mistake,” Doncic said in an interview at the end of the season. “I didn’t prepare for the physical aspect in the offseason,” he said, reflecting on himself.

Doncic, who vowed not to repeat the same mistake, declared a war on weight this summer. Machek, who is helping Doncic with off-season training, talked about how actively Doncic is training.

“Not long after the end of the season, I was immediately contacted by Luca Doncic to start physical training. He asked me for a training plan when he went on vacation. “I trained with Goran Draghic for three weeks, and the Slovenian national team schedule continued.”

Don Qiqi is still active and active. “I communicate with Doncic almost every day, and he’s in good shape,” he added.

If the talent and physical preparation that you already have are perfect, Doncic will gain the power to become a stronger player. Machek said he believes Doncic, who recognizes the importance of steady season preparation, can grow into a scarier player.

Machek said, “Donchichi is very strong and has special powers. It is the basis of Doncic’s deceleration ability, and that is why it can make changes in direction and rhythm. And that power will develop over the years. Doncic is increasingly aware of the importance of physical preparation. That’s why I believe in Doncic’s development.”

Doncic has already had a perfect career, being named to the All-NBA First Team three times in four seasons. What kind of performance will Doncic, who will appear in front of fans next season in a thoroughly managed physical condition? 코인파워볼

“My legs are all relaxed”. “OT debut”. Eriksen, please tell us how you feel

“My legs are all relaxed”. “OT debut”. Eriksen, please tell us how you feel


Christian Eriksen confessed that his legs were relaxed after his Old Trafford debut.

Manchester United tied Rayo Bayekano 1-1 in a pre-season match at Old Trafford in Manchester, England, at midnight on August 1 (Korea Standard Time) This concludes Manchester United’s pre-season schedule.

The match was held in just one day. Manchester United returned to Manchester immediately after a friendly match against Atletico Madrid on the 31st and faced Bayekano. Therefore, 11 players who did not start against Atletico set up a lineup.

Eriksen was named on the starting list. Eriksen was on the ground for about 21 minutes in his last replacement against Atletico. It was not his official debut, but it was his first appearance in front of Manchester United fans since his transfer.

Eriksen built the midfielder line with Donny van der Beek and James Garner. It mainly moved from the right side and played the role of an airlift link. He also came down deep in the center and was involved in the build-up to set the team’s attack direction. Eriksen made his successful debut after playing about 61 minutes until the 16th minute of the second half when he was replaced by Hannibal Mevri.

After the game, Eriksen said in an official interview with “MUTV,” “It felt very special when I entered Old Trafford. I played from the right, not the left. But it was special and I felt good. It’s been a great day, and wearing a home uniform certainly feels like you need to get used to it. “People welcomed me very much, and I felt good,” he said.

“I didn’t have that many training sessions because the team was on the tour. My legs were weak because I played the game as best as I could. I felt good. “The team atmosphere is good and the overall atmosphere of the locker room is so good,” he added.

On this day, Eriksen mainly played the role of No. 10, but he came down a lot below the centerline to be involved in the build-up. “I play where the coach wants me to play. The director puts forward the formation and I play in the position he directs. If that happens, you could definitely be in a different situation in some games. “I can play the role of No. 8,” he said, adding, “I’m not restricted by my position. 안전놀이터

After the match, Manchester United finished their pre-season schedule. Manchester United is set to play the opening game of the 2022-23 season against Brighton at Old Trafford in Manchester at 10 p.m. on the 7th. Eriksen said, “It hasn’t been long since I came here, but it looks good and the atmosphere of the players is good. That feeling can continue. It starts with the match against Brighton, and it will be a good start,” he said, looking forward to the upcoming season.

Brooklyn Nets power is extraordinary [NBA]

Brooklyn Nets power is extraordinary


Will Dubbingmon (Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Ben Simmons) eventually play the season together? If that happens, Brooklyn could emerge as the favourite again.

The Brooklyn Nets have not carried out the Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving trade until the 20th (Korea Standard Time).

Both Durant and Irving requested trade once this summer, making the league noisy.

In particular, in Durant’s case, numerous teams, including Phoenix, Miami, and Philadelphia, have shown interest in recruiting, but no trade has been made for nearly three weeks since the trade request was known.

First of all, Brooklyn’s needs are high. Brooklyn is known to want at least one All-Star to have several first-round nominations if he trades Durant. In some cases, Durant’s ransom soared further as Utah and Minnesota’s Rudy Gobert trade was carried out.

Kyrie Irving, whose mental issues have been revealed to the world in the past two seasons, has virtually no team other than the Lakers interest. But the Lakers are also determined not to spend recklessly to recruit Irving. In particular, rumors say that he has no intention of giving up more than two nominations for the first round. This is because Irving is a maturity contractor who will qualify for FA next summer and is a “four-dimensional” who makes unexpected actions.

Local observers say Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are likely to face the opening of the season without being traded in the end.

If both Irving and Durant remain, Brooklyn fans are expected to witness the “Dubbingmon” trio, which will work together on the court for the first time ever.

If Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving remain, Brooklyn is a team that could quickly emerge as favorites. 강남풀싸롱

Just overshadowed by their trade requests, Brooklyn has had a pretty good offseason this year. Second-rounder Rookie Kessler Edwards, who stayed with Patty Mills and Nicola Claxton and showed potential with wing resources last season, also renewed his contract. He also signed Royce O’Neill as a trade and signed an FA contract with TJ Warren. Goran Dragic, Bruce Brown, and Andre Drummond left the team, but the overall energy level of the team improved, and the wingline depth became thicker

Schwaber leads NL home run despite Mendoza line

Schwaber leads NL home run despite Mendoza line


Kyle Schwarber (29, Philadelphia Phillies), who is hitting “all or nothing,” took the lead in home runs in the National League with 12 arches in June alone in U.S. local time.

Schwaber started as a left fielder in a home game against

the Atlanta Braves at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the 1st.

Schwaber led the team to a 14-4 victory with his 23rd arch of the season.

The match was held on June 30, U.S. time. Therefore, the home run was included in the June home run.

Therefore, Schwarber became the monthly home run king by hitting 12 home runs in June alone.

He also tied for second place in the Major League with 23 games in the season and ranked first in the National League.

Schwaber had a batting average of 0.217, 23 home runs, 50 RBIs,

54 points and 60 hits, and an on-base percentage of

0.338 OPS 0.849 in 75 games of the season.

He has maintained his on-base percentage in the mid-30s with a lot of walks,

but his batting average remains in the Mendoza line. Of course, home run power is the best.

Schwaber had a batting average of 0.185 and an on-base percentage of 0.311 OPS 0.721,

before the start of June, but both his batting and on-base percentage have been on the upward curve since June.

In addition, Schwaber, who has been in his eighth year in the Major League,

hit 38 home runs in a season in 2019.

If he is in the current momentum, he can surpass this record enough.

Miles Bridges arrested for domestic violence

Miles Bridges arrested for domestic violence

Miles Bridges

Myles Bridges of Charlotte Hornets did a terrible job a day before the FA.

TMZ Sports, an affiliate of the U.S. media Fox Corporation, reported on the afternoon of the 29th (Korea Standard Time) that “Miles Bridges of the NBA was arrested for serious domestic violence.”

Bridges was jailed Tuesday in a local prison for a physical altercation, according to the media. A U.S. legal official said, “Bridge and a woman had an argument and turned into physical violence. The bridge had also disappeared when police arrived at the scene. “We heard from the police that she needed to be treated,” he said.

Bridges was eventually arrested Wednesday afternoon after turning himself in to the LAPD. He was released on $130,000 bail. Bridges is now charged with a felony charge of hospitalizing a woman.

Bridges is 6ft 6in (225lb) in size and has been loved by Charlotte fans for his bellicose dunk. In addition, it has blossomed its potential in the 21-22 season ahead of the FA. In that season, he played in 80 games, scoring an average of 20.2 points in 35.5 minutes, 5.6 rebounds, 2.3 assists, and field pitching success rates of 47% and 3 points, 35%.

Bridges’ share of the team can be seen in detail stats. He recorded the highest level in the team with WS (winning contribution) 7.2, and took second place after Lamelo Ball (20) with VOP (productivity compared to substitute players) 2.5.

Meanwhile, for Bridges, there will be a dark future this season. Bridges has been ranked No. 1 in the small forward position among FA players for four years. Bridges has made it difficult for him to touch large sums of money. He has also been appointed as an important player since this season, but he is in a position to lose his chance to play.

MINAMINO, bench again. I chose the wrong team

MINAMINO, bench again. I chose the wrong team


I thought I was running freely now, but it’s a thorny road even before the start. The life of Minamino Takumi (27) in France is not smooth.

Minamino left Liverpool for AS Monaco. Liverpool struggled in its own way, contributing to winning this season’s cup tournament, but it was not enough to push out world stars. Eventually, Monaco takes on a new challenge.

Monaco took 100 million euros (about 136 billion won) in the transfer window this summer by sending French midfielder Aureliang Chouameni to Real Madrid. Since he will play in the Champions League next season, he will reportedly use the funds to strengthen his strength.

“Monaco is after Paulo Dybala,” West France reported. Dybala broke up with Juventus and is a top striker with many big clubs eyeing him. Andrea Bellotti (Torino) was also on the list.

Upon hearing the news, Japan’s Tokyo Sports said on the 28th, “Monaco is already at the forefront of Visham Ben Yeder, who ranked second in scoring with 25 goals this season. At the back, there are offensive lines such as Kevin Polant and Sophia Diop. Minamino is not an absolute key player. There is a possibility that he will lose his chance to play again,” he said. 안전놀이터

Maybe… Deft Kim Hyuk Kyu’s “Last Dance”

Maybe… Deft Kim Hyuk Kyu’s “Last Dance”


“Deft” Kim Hyuk Kyu’s last dance that might be the last. Kim Hyuk-kyu, who has been praised as the best long-distance dealer since his debut, had no connection with winning the LOL World Cup. He has once again begun a beautiful challenge with his teammates who are showing their best performance this season.

DRX won 2-0 in Guangdong in two games on the second and fifth days of the 2022 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) summer split at Roll Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 26th.

Now that he has won consecutive games, Kim Hyuk-kyu said, “I haven’t felt good because I haven’t contributed much to the team. I’m happy that I think I contributed to a certain extent today.” He then mentioned the disappointing situation, saying, “There were many situations where I could play more when I made a manual pick, but I couldn’t.”

Asked if he felt less pressure than the spring season due to stronger upper body liners, he said, “It’s definitely less when it comes to winning games. However, even if they won the game, they often did not show a perfect appearance in the bottom area. Maybe that’s why I feel a little more pressure in the winning game,” he said honestly. Kim Hyuk-kyu then thanked the coaches for their efforts, saying, “The coach and coach are working very hard outside the game along with the players,” as a reason to continue winning consecutive games this season.”

Kim Hyuk-kyu, who has always been eager to win the LOL World Cup since his debut. He clearly expressed his desire to achieve his dream with the current members. If we didn’t have greed for the LOL World Cup, we wouldn’t have started it. Everyone’s final goal is set there,” he said, signaling that the players are united to win the LOL World Cup.

The season that might be the last. “I’m not quitting because I don’t want to quit, so I’ll find out how to continue, but if there’s no way, this season will be Mazamic,” he said calmly. He then said, “I wanted to erase the regrettable memory of leaving DRX at the end because I decided to spend the last season with DRX. Also, I chose this team because this is the team where the current members can gather,” he said.

However, the competition is also very difficult within LCK. However, since there are many teams that play in the LPL, I think I have to do much better than now to achieve my goal,” he said calmly. He also said, “The first thing to do is to perform well against strong teams.”

DRX will face Liv Sanbak and T1 in Week 3. Kim Hyuk-kyu said, “I think I have a lot of details missing. If I don’t supplement this part, it will be a difficult game,” he said, adding, “In the case of Liv Sanbak, there were many games that led the game to the second half and turned the tables.” I think we need to prepare well so that we don’t make mistakes in the battle,” Deft said.

“Keria is showing the best performance in the game, but I think she may have an unexpected pick because she researched a lot in terms of semi-pick,” he said adding, “I think we should take these parts into consideration.” 토토추천

Finally, he said, “Thank you so much for always supporting me. I will prepare well so that I can show good performance against strong teams,” he said in an interview with his fans.

Juventus to Stop Selling Paulo Dybala Uniforms

Juventus to Stop Selling Paulo Dybala Uniforms

Paulo Dybala

Paulo Dybala (29) and Juventus’ long companion met a bitter finish.

Britain’s “The Sun” said on the 19th (Korea Standard Time), “The official Juventus store pulled Dybala’s uniform off the sales shelves. “I’m about to move to Inter Milan, Juventus’ archrival,” he said.

Dybala will wrap up his seven-year relationship with Juventus this summer. He has been wearing a Juventus uniform since 2015, but he fails to renew his contract and leaves the team. Dybala shed tears against Lazio, saying this was his last home game for Juventus.

But Dybala’s next destination shocked Juventus fans. He is now set to move to rival Inter Milan. Dybala had already spoken to Inter Milan Vice Chairman Javier Sanetti earlier this month.

Juventus is also quickly preparing for a breakup with Dybala. Juventus have already stopped selling Dybala’s No. 10 uniform.

On the other hand, similarly, Federico Bernardeski, Giorgio Kielini and Alvaro Morata shirts, whose contracts expire at the end of this month, are still on sale. Regardless of the expiration of the contract, only Dybala uniforms were excluded from the sale.

Local media in Italy suggested Dybala’s trip to Inter Milan. Football Italy pointed out that Juventus fans and Juventus clubs must have felt betrayed by Dybala’s decision. It also added speculation that it was to quickly give Paul Pogba his number 10, who is about to return 안전놀이터

Mohamed Salah on a yacht on vacation…Showing off your “six-pack”!

Mohamed Salah on a yacht on vacation…Showing off your “six-pack”!

Mohamed Salah

Salah, the ace of Liverpool and Egypt’s national soccer teams, showed off his muscular body and revealed that he was enjoying his vacation.

Mohamed Salah took a photo of himself on vacation in Egypt and released it to fans. Salah posted a picture of herself smiling in a swimsuit on her yacht on Instagram on the 15th, showing off her muscular body and announcing that she was having a good vacation.

Salah is taking a break from the national team after being injured in an A match match against Guinea on the 6th. Salah was excluded from the Egyptian national team’s list of visits to Korea due to the injury he suffered.

Domestic soccer fans expected Salah to visit Korea and appear in a friendly match between South Korea and Egypt at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 14th. Fans were excited to see Salah face-to-face with Son Heung-min (Tottenham Hotspur), the co-scorer of the Premier League in the 2021/22 season.

However, the much-anticipated showdown failed due to Salah’s injury. Salah, who started the AFCON qualifying match against Guinea on the 6th, played full time despite the pain. The match ended in a 1-0 victory for Egypt, but Salah, who was examined for injuries after the match, was confirmed to have suffered a muscle rupture.

The Egyptian Football Association, which judged Salah’s injury could not be recovered until a friendly match, eventually notified KFA (Korea Football Association) on the 11th that “Salah is unable to visit Korea for a friendly match due to his injury.”

In addition to Salah, Egypt did not board a flight to Korea due to a large number of key players such as Mohamed Elneni (Arsenal) and Mohamed Trezeguet (Bashakshehir) were injured. On the 14th, South Korea won 4-1 in the last match of the A-match schedule in June against Egypt, where many of its main players were missing. 파워볼사이트