Former anchor Son Seok-hee is going to Russia-Ukraine.

Former anchor Son Seok-hee is going to Russia-Ukraine.

Former anchor Son Seok-hee, who returned as a tour correspondent, will head to Russia and Ukraine.

 Son Seok-hee

On the 21st, JTBC introduced the first and second parts of the global project “Three Wars” prepared by former anchor Son Seok-hee over the past year.

The documentary begins on a vast plain in Poland. This is because of the awareness that the tragedy of a small village in Poland, where Ukraine’s air defense missile was mis-exploded, cannot be an issue for us. And Ukraine’s Leviu, where the production team joined, was in a state of tension, with a missile accidentally falling just two days ago, causing a power outage throughout the city, and an air raid warning sounded at the beginning of the New Year on January 1, the day after arrival.

At 2:50 a.m. on January 1 this year, North Korea test-fired a short-range ballistic missile into the East Sea at the time of Russia’s missile attack across Ukraine. The “Winter War” noted that the Ukrainian war sent a message to the North Korean regime that only nuclear armament would survive, and that North Korea’s nuclear armament led Japan to declare a “reversible” and a “warable country,” and the aftermath is now shaking South Korea.

Experts around the world agree that the situation on the Korean Peninsula, which is facing tension, can be very dangerous. Whether possessing nuclear weapons will be the real solution, and the journey to find Korea’s way in the dominoes of the crisis will be unveiled through the Winter War, the first part of the “Three Wars” on the night of the 25th.

CEO of Pearl Abyss Heo said, “The completion stage of..

CEO of Pearl Abyss Heo said, “The completion stage of a new work…””Preparing for the next 10 years”.

Pearl Abyss

CEO  Huh said that the development of the large-scale new “Red Desert” is being completed, and that he will make this year a year to prepare for the next 10 years.

CEO Hur  made the announcement in his New Year’s address to executives and employees on the 2nd.

CEO Heo said, “In 2022, even in the face of competition for numerous new works that have been continuously challenging in the global market, the Black Desert has raised the game quality one step further through customer-friendly service updates.”

He added, “It was a year that strengthened customer communication in terms of game management.”

CEO  Heo said, “It is in the stage of completing a new game this year, and we will do our best to prepare for the future of Pearl Abyss that can grow five or 10 years later.”

Pearl Abyss is currently developing a new PC and console ‘Red Desert’. The game is an open-world action adventure game developed with CEO Heo own engine ‘Black Space’. Pearl Abyss announced its third-quarter earnings last year that the development of the red desert is expected to be completed in the second half of this year.

The company then plans to introduce the open-world collecting action adventure game “Doblin,” which advocates metaverse, as a console and PC platform. In addition, Pearl Abyss is developing a new shooting game called ‘Plan 8’.

Neowiz, “P’s False,” is a 10-piece lineup in 2023.

Neowiz, “P’s False,” is a 10-piece lineup in 2023.


Neowiz, who received attention for its “False of P,” which won three gold medals at the Gamescom Awards last year, will begin its new work momentum this year. New businesses such as blockchain games are also on track.

According to the game industry on the 4th, Neowiz (CEO Kim Seung-chul and Bae Tae-geun) is planning to release more than 10 lineups in 2023. It consists of games that can be played on PC, console, and mobile platforms.

The core of this is the falsehood of P, which has emerged as a global expected work. The game is a soul-like single action RPG adaptation of the classic Fiocio, featuring realistic graphics and tense battles set in the Bellefolk era in the late 19th century. It will be released globally as a PC and console platform within this year.

P’s lie was at Gamescom in Germany last year.
▲ The most anticipated PlayStation game
▲Best Action Adventure Game
▲ won the best role-playing game and set a record of ‘the first Korean game company to win three Gamescom titles’. At the G-Star 2022 held at the end of the year, attention was drawn to the extent that the waiting line to demonstrate the demo version exceeded three hours on weekends. It was also selected as the “Game of G-Star 2022” selected by the Korea Game Journalists Club under the Korea Game Media Association.

“Brown Dust 2” is also an anticipated new film. The game, which is being developed for release in the first half of this year, is the next work of Neowiz’s flagship RPG “Brown Dust.” The global pre-experience test will be conducted in January. In addition, the main lineup includes open-world survival shooter games, 2D action flat-former games “San Butterfly,” and undisclosed games based on famous Japanese animation IP.

It is also focusing on securing its own IP. In particular, among the 10 new works scheduled to be released this year, all new works, except for three, including Sannabi, are games developed by Neowiz. The number of subsidiaries is also increasing. In 2020, Quest Games and Superplex were incorporated as subsidiaries to introduce “Drew and Dungeon” and “Raising Death Knight” in the global market, and in 2021, it strengthened its casual lineup by acquiring and merging Sticky Hands and Gemplit and Hyde.

Among them, Heidea’s “Cat and Soup” proved its IP’s potential and competitiveness by accumulated 30 million downloads, maintaining 1 million daily users (DAU) and ranking 20th in popularity in Apple’s app store. It is also planning to expand its business using cat and soup IP. In July last year, Daewon Media signed a license agreement with Cat for Soup IP and started developing P2E games with Arum Games. In December, it also entered Netflix, a global entertainment streaming service.

Neowiz will also introduce a blockchain platform specialized in games this year. In August last year, the company announced its plan to launch ‘Intela X’, a web3 blockchain game platform, in collaboration with Polygon.

Intella X is aiming for a user-friendly platform. In addition to games, it plans to enter the global blockchain market by providing its own platform services such as DEX (decentralized exchange), NFT lunchpad, NFT exchange, and web3 mobile wallet “IX Wallet.”

Blockchain game lineup will also be introduced one after another. It plans to sequentially onboard two games using cat and soup IP, “A.V.A,” “Crypto Golf Impact,” and “Brave Nine.” In particular, cats and soups will be introduced in a version that combines social game (SNG) genre and P&E system. The NFT project ERCC (Early Retired Cats Club) using cat characters will also be held.

Support for indie games will also continue this year. Starting with “Skull,” Neowiz has released indie games such as “Metal Unit,” “Blade Assault,” “Death Yeoak,” “Dandy Ace,” “Sannabi” and “Unsold” in formal and early access stages. Among them, Skull surpassed 1 million global sales after its official launch in 2021, and Aka drew attention by winning two awards at the Gamescom 2022 Indie Arena Booth Awards, being selected as the Best Unity Game and the “2022 Indie Community Choice Awards.”

Sannabi, which is being developed with the goal of launching in the first half of this year, has received an “overwhelmingly positive (97%)” evaluation since the launch of Steam Early Access in June. In addition, the possibility of success is gradually increasing, winning the Indie Game Award at the 2022 Korea Game Awards.

Neowiz said, “We will show our expertise and know-how in the areas of game ‘development’ and ‘investment’ throughout 2023 to give users a fresh game experience.”

Point to technology…Big Tech Amazon Increases IDC Efficiency..

Point to technology…Big Tech Amazon Increases IDC Efficiency with Korea Startup Technology

Point to technology

Global Big Tech Amazon will be able to increase Internet Data Center (IDC) efficiency with Korean startup technology.

According to industries on the 4th, Point to Technology, a company specializing in high-speed communication solutions, exported its network cable solution to Molex, the No. 1 data center network company in the U.S. Molex is planning to deliver Point-to-Technology solutions to Amazon’s data center.

Point to Technology is a semiconductor design (fabless) company established in 2014. It has unique technology in 5G and 6G network communication, next-generation cable network communication, and cloud data center products.

Point2 Technology said, “The data center network speed has been accelerated to 400Gbps due to the rapidly increasing traffic, but there are many limitations that it is difficult to solve with existing network solutions.”

For example, existing data center network cables support speeds ranging from 10Gbps to 100Gbps. On the other hand, the solution developed by Point to Technology`s has reduced the weight and volume of network cables by less than half and extended the transmission distance by up to five times. According to the company, power consumption has also been reduced by nearly 70% compared to existing optical cable products.

Point-to-Technology`s is planning to gradually expand its field of using its network cable solution.

Experts say that the use of network cable solutions is expected to be used in all areas that require communication, including data centers and electric vehicles, and that if this technology is used in electric vehicles, it can drastically reduce the weight of cars and solve various disadvantages of existing cables at once.

Chosun Hotel launches ‘New Year’s Gift Set’…Korean beef.. wine

Chosun Hotel launches ‘New Year’s Gift Set’…Korean beef, soy sauce marinated crab, wine

Chosun Hotel

Chosun Hotel & Resort announced on the 3rd that it will introduce about 100 types of “2023 New Year’s Holiday Gift Set.”

First, a total of 16 kinds of meat gift sets were constructed. The best-selling gift, “Ranch Korean Beef & Truffle Seasoning Set,” which sells about 1,500 sets every year, offers sirloin, sirloin steak, truffle salt, and truffle mustard. Depending on the composition, it will be introduced at a price between 300,000 won and 700,000 won.

In addition, various meat products such as “luxury Korean beef VIP set,” “Korean beef rib sirloin mixed set,” “taste Korean beef set,” “Korean beef sincerity set,” and “LA galbi set” have been prepared.

Premium fisheries products include “Byeolbokjang,” which presents abalone harvested from Wando, a clean sea area, as well as “Baesungpo Yeonggwang Gulbi,” “Jeju Jin Silver Hairtail,” and “Jeju Sun Gunok Dome.”

The price starts at 320,000 won for Beopseongpo Younggwoolbi, 290,000 won for Jeju Jin’s silver hairtail, 360,000 won for Jeju Line Gunok Dome, and 320,000 won for abalone.

This year, the Chosun Hotel Soy Sauce Marinated Crab will be newly introduced. Seasonal blue crabs caught in Yeonpyeong Island were carefully selected and dipped in the secret soy sauce of the Chosun Hotel chef. The price of soy sauce marinated crab at the Chosun Hotel, which is composed of 5 U.S., is 300,000 won.

There are also living products and wine sets. They include the Presidential Suite in Westin Chosun Seoul, the Canadian Goose, Edelbatist Duvet, which is applied to the Royal Suite rooms, the Baroque bedding set inspired by the appearance of the Westin Chosun Seoul building, the Chosun Hotel Towel Set, and the Chosun Hotel Bathrobe.

The “Chosun Hotel Exclusive Wine Set” and “Chosun Hotel Exclusive Champagne” for drinkers add speciality with labels from Westin Chosun Seoul. It consists of two types: “Bushar Peer Epis Macong-Looney Saint Pierre 2020” and “Bushar Peer Epis Cote de Von Village 2018.” Champagne Tribo Blanc de Noir was prepared as an exclusive champagne at the Chosun

This Lunar New Year gift set will hold pre-orders through Naver’s smart store “The Chosun or SSG Dotcom until the 11th, offering a 5% discount on the normal price only for some items.

The offline sales period is until the 20th, and delivery will take place sequentially between the 10th and 20th. Fresh food is delivered directly from hotels only in the metropolitan area, and room-temperature food and bedding are delivered by courier.

At E-Mart stores, 11 livestock gift sets such as Chosun Hotel Gyeongju Millennium Korean Beef, Jeju Black Korean Beef, Hwashik Korean Beef, and Prime LA Galbi are available, and the sales period is until the 20th. Couriers will be sent one after another from the 14th.

Start-ups and employment are all jammed…Job seeker..

Start-ups and employment are all jammed…Job seeker. “Harsh Period”


Starting a business under the age of 30, the lowest in two and a half years… Job openings in eight major industries, including IT, are also “quick.”

Park (24), a college student living in Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, has quit his start-up activities in the second half of this year and is focusing only on preparing for employment at large companies. Originally, they prepared a startup that sells hanbok pajamas made in the traditional way, but now they decided to focus on having a stable main job. Park said, “It is difficult to raise funds for start-ups due to interest rate hikes this year,” adding, “I am anxious to do only what is exciting to achieve my dream.”

Young people in their 20s and 30s preparing to enter society in the midst of the recession are experiencing a triple whammy. As the economic downturn begins in earnest, a large number of people who have prepared to start a business as a criminal are turning to the job market. However, the employment gate is also showing signs of narrowing. There are many young people who are worried that they will endure a recession such as the cold season because it is too much to pay for their living due to soaring prices.

According to the Ministry of SMEs and Startups’ start-up trend on the 11th, the number of new start-ups in technology-based industries under the age of 30 in September was 2043, the lowest in two years and seven months since February 2020. The atmosphere of start-ups, which had heated up around universities, has cooled down. Kang (27), who had set up a clothing rental startup at a university in the Seoul metropolitan area until last year, is also preparing to close. It started its business with an investment of 300 million won in 2020, but investors said it was difficult to make additional investments since late last year.

At the job site, there are a series of responses that “corporate recruitment seems to be decreasing.” According to the career matching platform “Saminin,” the demand for jobs in eight of Korea’s 10 major industries, including construction, IT, and finance, decreased in the third quarter of this year from the previous quarter. An official from People said, “On average, announcements tend to increase compared to the previous quarter in the second and third quarters, but job openings are on the decline this year due to high internal and external uncertainties.” Kim (22), who is scheduled to graduate from a university in the Seoul metropolitan area, said, “Internship is a must to apply for a decent job, but the job market is so cramped that it requires another internship to become an intern.”

You have to hold out until you get a job you like, but as prices soared, the burden of living expenses increased. In particular, not only food costs but also various license test preparation costs are rising one after another. ” TOEIC speaking grades are essential these days, and even if you reduce your living expenses, it will cost you 84,000 won,” said Kim (25), a job seeker who has been working at a restaurant twice a week since April. “Even if you reduce your living expenses, you will have to spend 500,000 to 600,000 won every month.” Lee (25), a job seeker, said, “Even if you live at your home, you will spend 30,000 won if you eat two meals a day outside,” adding, “On days when you have an appointment to drink, you bring lunch boxes from home.”

Air Seoul will use ‘Hot Mill’ in-flight meals on all international routes

Air Seoul will use ‘Hot Mill’ in-flight meals on all international routes

Air Seoul

Air Seoul will sell “Hot Meal” in-flight meals on all international routes, including short-distance routes such as Japan, from the 2nd.

Air Seoul has only sold “Cold Meal” in-flight meals such as salads and sandwiches on short-distance routes within two hours of flight time, but from this day on, it will be able to choose warm in-flight meals such as bulgogi, hamburger steak, and cheese kimchi fried rice.

Air Seoul will also provide priority check-in services at the  Seoul Premium Counter at Incheon International Airport on the day of departure, limited to passengers who purchased pre-in-flight meals online. You may also be assigned a preferred seat (excluding the mint zone) among the remaining seats. The boarding period for which the benefits are applied is until February 28, and one-way flights from Incheon are eligible.

An  Seoul official said, “We will sell hot wheat in-flight meals on short-distance routes from this year due to the large number of requests from passengers,” adding, “There are more than 11 different menus for men and women of all ages.”

Air Seoul’s characteristics!

It boasted a larger seat than other low-cost airlines. The average seat is the equivalent of a third-party cooperative emergency exit seat. However, the A321, which was introduced recently (November 2017), had 220 seats, and the seat pitch was reduced from 32 inches to 29 inches, which was the level of a legacy airline. The additional aircraft to be introduced is likely to be 29 inches, so a large seat may no longer be an advantage. Currently, even if he is a little over 180cm tall, his knees touch the front seat, and so on. Currently, 220 seats are only available on domestic flights.
Naturally, it is operating jointly with Asiana Airlines, and in-flight meals will be provided along with accumulating Asiana Club mileage when issuing tickets from Asiana. Of course, the price of the flight ticket is much higher than that of making a reservation at Air Seoul.In addition, only some routes are provided with in-flight meals, so in some cases, they are not accepted despite reservations for in-flight meals.
Initially, Asiana Airlines was able to issue a joint flight to Air Seoul alone, but in early 2019, it was possible to issue a joint flight only by departing from the other country or via Incheon. For example, before the change, Air Seoul’s Shizuoka route from Incheon could be issued through Asiana, but now only the Incheon route from the other country or the Incheon route could be issued. These problems were resolved in mid-April, and now it is possible to check and issue Air Seoul routes from Asiana again.
In addition, in the case of domestic flights, other airlines pour water in paper cups for free, but Air Seoul does not have such a thing. It is said that only two types of coffee are sold, PET bottle water and warm coffee. In other words, you should also buy water.
Errors often occur during the payment process. If you try several times and press the details after making a reservation, an error occurred while inquiring probably. The phrase comes out, and you can’t check your seat or refund anything. Once this phrase appears, it is recommended to call the customer service center immediately because no matter where you look up mobile, computer, or application.

Mayor Lee Dong-hwan said, “All-out efforts to select free..

Mayor Lee Dong-hwan said, “All-out efforts to select free economic zones and improve transportation.”

Mayor Lee Dong-hwan

Lee Dong-hwan, Mayor of Goyang Special City, stressed that 2023 will be the year of Goyang that leads innovation and change in the New Year.

Mayor Lee Dong-hwan said at a ceremony attended by about 300 employees at the City Hall Cultural Center on the 2nd, “If 2022 was a year to set the direction and action strategy, 2023 will be a year to reap tangible results through practice.”

The idea is to drastically reduce unnecessary meetings and work and create a “lighter and more mobile young organization” by eliminating waste of time caused by writing documents.

In particular, Mayor Lee Dong-hwan said, “We need to prepare for greater challenges and growth this year along with organizational innovation,” and encouraged, “Although new changes may face difficulties in front of us, let’s gather wisdom together to overcome the crisis.”

Mayor Lee Dong-hwan first ordered, “Please do your best to strengthen the regional innovation ecosystem, foster global exchange-cooperation hubs, and improve the regional development base until the free economic zone is finally selected in 2024.

Transportation is the most important factor when talking about urban competitiveness, he said. “In the future, we need to actively expand transportation infrastructure in new self-sufficient facilities such as Janghang District and Ilsan Techno Valley, and at the same time, we need to overhaul the sidewalks that citizens find very uncomfortable.”

In other words, if commuting time is reduced and citizens walk more comfortably, another level of welfare will result in citizens being evenly distributed.

Mayor Lee Dong-hwan also explained, “Goyang-si will enter a super-aged society by 2028, and low birth and aging will cause various problems such as slowing economic growth, local collapse, and worsening pension fiscal balance.”

Regarding the quasi-budget system, Lee Dong-hwan said, “It’s a pity that the city council hasn’t deliberated on the budget, but please do your best to minimize damage to citizens.”

Finally, Lee Dong-hwan said, “Whether or not we can jump for the Year of the Rabbit depends only on self-innovation, and new changes start with mindset and goals,” adding, “Please also have ‘preemptive response technology’, one of the top 10 consumption trends this year that can directly respond to new changes.”

Meanwhile, the opening ceremony was held in the order of national ceremonies, citizen interview videos (people who open the morning), New Year’s speeches, and congratulatory performances by the city choir.

Mayor Lee Dong-eun began his first official work in the new year of the Gyemyo year by visiting Memorial Park in Goyang City before the opening ceremony.

“Lee Kiyoung, you look so different in person”.Controversy over….

“Lee Kiyoung, you look so different in person”.Controversy over the effectiveness of the disclosure of the criminal’s identity

Lee Kiyoung

Lee Ki-young was photographed on CCTV at a restaurant on the 25th of last month, five days after the murder of a taxi driver, and a photo of his driver’s license released by the Gyeonggi Northern Police Agency. MBC broadcasting screen Galmuri and Gyeonggi Northern Police Agency provided

While the personal information of Lee Ki-young (31), who is accused of killing a taxi driver and his ex-girlfriend, has been released, critics point out that the released photo is not effective because it is different from its actual appearance. Some Internet users directly participated in Lee Ki-young’s “personal theft.”

The Gyeonggi Northern Police Agency held a deliberation committee on the disclosure of personal information on the 29th of last month and distributed photos of Lee’s driver’s license as it decided to disclose Lee Ki-young’s age and face.

Lee Ki-young is accused of killing a taxi driver and his ex-girlfriend and abandoning the bodies in the closet and Gongneungcheon Stream in Paju, respectively, and a photo of his driver’s license was released as he refused to release a photo recently taken. Under the current law, if the parties refuse, they cannot forcibly disclose recent photos.

As a result, it is pointed out that the disclosure of photos of images that are completely different from the actual product is ineffective, such as preventing recidivism, the original purpose of disclosing personal information. It is pointed out that the current age range is not the same as when taking a proof photo, and in Korea, it may be different from the actual product because many candidates are selected when taking a proof photo.

In fact, social networking services (SNS) and online communities said, “It’s so different. Would you recognize me if I met you in person?” There were responses such as “What is the meaning of the old driver’s license photo” and “I hope the law will be enacted to disclose the latest appearance unconditionally when the decision is made to disclose the identity.”

Some Internet users found Lee Ki-young’s SNS account and shared photos close to their recent appearance.

The photo of Jeon Ju-hwan, the perpetrator of the murder at Sindang Station, and the photo taken during the arrest and transfer process. News 1

This is not the first time that the controversy over the effectiveness of personal disclosure is

Similar criticism came out when the identity of Jeon Ju-hwan (31), the criminal of the so-called “Sindang Station Murder Case,” was revealed in September last year. At that time, Jeon Ju-hwan was arrested and indicted on charges of murdering a fellow woman in her 20s who was stalking with a weapon in the women’s restroom at Sindang Station on Seoul Subway Line 2. The photo released by the police and Jeon Ju-hwan, who was later taken during the transfer to the prosecution, were completely different. Both eyes and body size were different from the ID picture.

At the time of Lee Ki-young’s disclosure, the police also considered releasing a new so-called “mug shot” taken after the arrest, considering that the disclosure of personal information was not effective due to differences between the suspect’s past photos and real life. However, it fell through as Lee disagreed.

The suspect’s personal information disclosure system was introduced to realize the public interest, such as preventing similar crimes and lowering the risk of recidivism by disclosing the names and faces of felons.

However, the National Police Agency’s Human Rights Commission recommends that the disclosure of personal information be minimized in accordance with the principle of presumption of innocence. Originally, the police’s personal information disclosure guidelines were supposed to be disclosed by naturally exposing the suspect’s face “in a way that does not cover it with a hat or mask,” but it has been changed since August 2021. The reason is that the suspect’s excessive disclosure of personal information does not comply with the constitutional principle of excessive prohibition.

“I would be worried” about “opposing the national pension”…Finding the best player of KT Koo Hyun-mo

“I would be worried” about “opposing the national pension”…Finding the best player of KT Koo Hyun-mo


On the 29th, KT CEO Koo Hyun-mo, who is looking at “a second term,” presented “connection” and “expansion” as keywords for the second DIGICO (digital platform company). The goal is to accelerate KT’s innovation by connecting with heterogeneous industries and entering the global market. Although opposition from the National Pension Service, the largest shareholder (10.35%) was raised over the process of selecting the next CEO, it put more weight on the blueprint in the future. Regarding the National Pension Service’s move, he said, “I will think about it more,” and is expected to focus on preparing appropriate response strategies with the board of directors for the time being.

Koo met with reporters at an event held at the headquarters of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in Daejeon earlier in the day. The day before, he was recommended by the board of directors as the final candidate for the next CEO, but as the National Pension Service immediately announced its opposition, attention was focused on the “mouth” of the party, CEO Koo.

On the afternoon of the previous day, KT’s board of directors reviewed a total of 27 people, including 14 outside personnel and 13 in-house candidates, and confirmed Koo as the final candidate for the CEO to be recommended to the shareholders’ meeting in March next year. It was evaluated that it was ahead of competitors in terms of management performance and the company’s future growth vision. However, just three hours later, the National Pension Service virtually expressed its opposition, saying, “It does not conform to the basic principle of the primary that CEO candidate decisions should be made in accordance with transparent and fair procedures.” He also hinted at the possibility of voting against it at the shareholders’ meeting, referring to the “consideration of exercising voting rights.” The National Pension Service is the largest shareholder with a 10.35 percent stake in KT.

The National Pension Service has recently expressed a sense of problem with the governance structure of “ownership distributed companies” without solid controlling shareholders. It was pointed out that it is inappropriate for CEOs (CEOs) to take power for a long time with “current premium” even though it is a company that is owned by shareholders who are not owned by anyone. The targets include KT, POSCO Holdings (hereinafter 8.5% of the national pension stake at the end of the third quarter), △ KB Financial Group (7.97%), △ Shinhan Holdings (8.22%), △ Hana Financial Group (8.4%), △ Woori Financial Group (7.86%).

Moreover, KT recommended Park Jong-wook, president of the management division, as an in-house director ahead of the shareholders’ meeting in March, but the National Pension Service has a history of failing to exercise voting rights against it. The political sponsorship case, which is undergoing a legal battle, served as the background. In the case of CEO Koo, the fact that the process was not disclosed to the outside world at all despite the competition of multiple candidates within the KT board of directors seems to have provided an excuse for pointing out the National Pension Service’s “fairness and transparency.”

CEO Koo began to “take a breath” to avoid a superficial conflict with the National Pension Service. Regarding the National Pension Service’s criticism the previous day, he also declined to say, “We need to figure out more about what it is about last night.” However, he expressed that there was no problem with the selection process, saying, “I think I will compete basically,” and “I think the board saw it as a sufficient competition.” While no longer stimulating the National Pension Service, it is expected to take sufficient time to listen to shareholders and markets’ opinions and review future response strategies.

KT’s internal opinion is that the vote match at the shareholders’ meeting, which is talked about by some, should be “avoid” as it does not look good not only for CEO Koo but also for KT’s organization. Moreover, if the National Pension Service, KT’s largest shareholder, opposes the plan to serve a second term as CEO of Koo through preliminary disclosure of voting rights, major institutional investors will also be affected. Even if they win the one-vote showdown, the irreversible deterioration of relations with the National Pension Service will be an obstacle to the company’s major decision-making in the future, according to the market.