Jang Hyun-guk, CEO of Wemade, said, “I feel like I’m receiving good…

Jang Hyun-guk, CEO of Wemade, said, “I feel like I’m receiving good energy after winning the DIX LOL World Cup.”

Jang Hyun-guk

“Dialx’s LOL World Cup victory feels good.”

WeMade CEO Jang Hyun-guk, who recently signed an MOU for a partnership with DIX, who won the League of Legends World Championship (LOL World Cup), expressed satisfaction, saying, “I feel good.”

On the 10th, Wemade and DIX decided to explore and cooperate with new markets and business opportunities. WeMade CEO Jang Hyun-guk, who held a press conference at BEXCO in Busan on the 17th, said, “We announced in November that we would attract 21 billion won worth of investment with Microsoft, which was praised as a good thing, but the initial agreement was in May.”

“I knew it was a good team, but I didn’t perform well,” he said. “But I thought growing up together was the basic premise of the partnership, so I thought it would fit well.” “When I announced that I would do it together, I was happy that the team won the LOL World Cup and I felt like I was getting good energy,” he said.

CEO Jang said, “DRX also said that we have a good energy to win with WeMix. “I think it’s a good partner,” he stressed.

Regarding whether he is interested in making NFT (non-alternable token), which is an iron fist professional gamer belonging to DRX, Bae Jae-min and Warcraft 3 Jang Jae-ho, he said, “The intuitive form of NFT is a collector,” adding, “We own a few things in the world, but we are thinking of NFT as a bigger concept.” Beyond that, the player itself should be NFT, he explained.

CEO Jang cited fans of the e-sports game team as an example. He replied, “Since e-sports is a sport, it would be right to create another economy by creating a community token that determines the future of the team I support, not by fans unilaterally cheering and buying.”

Netmarble launches ‘King of Fighter Arena’ globally based on blockchain

Netmarble launches ‘King of Fighter Arena’ globally based on blockchain


Netmarble announced on the 14th that it has officially released the blockchain-based Daejeon fighting game “King of Fighter Arena” globally. South Korea and some countries where blockchain games are not serviced were excluded.

Users in the service area can download games through Google Play and the Apple App Store.

King of Fighter Arena is the second collaboration between Netmarble and Japan’s SNK. He was in charge of development at Netmarble Neo, which has accumulated various global know-how through the previous “King of Fighter All-Star” service.

King of Fighter Arena, which is applied with blockchain systems such as irreplaceable tokens (NFT) and game tokens, is a real-time user-to-user confrontation (PvP) game that can be enjoyed by selecting one of the characters in the “King of Fighter” series.

Users can obtain ‘Fight Money’ (FM) depending on whether they win or lose if they play a match with ‘Controller NFT’. In addition, if you own each fighter-based NFT “Fighter Card,” you can earn some of the “Fight Money” profits whenever the fighter’s game play takes place.

The acquired “Fight Money” can be exchanged for the game token “Fighters Club Token” (FCT) or used for upgrading the Fighter Mastery, and the “Fighters Club Token” can be exchanged with MBX through the bridge token “MBXL”.

Gen.G who didn’t have a twist… GS finished 12th

Gen.G who didn’t have a twist… GS finished 12th


The e-United (EU) kept its top spot in Group B by adding chicken on the last day. Gen.G struggled on the last day and went to the loser bracket.

On the 6th (Korea Standard Time), the EU added a chicken in the third Group B match of the “Puggy Global Championship (PGC) 2022” held at the international exhibition hall in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and finished the group preliminary round with a total of 138 points.

The EU has lost momentum compared to other days, but has consistently shown a good pace and shown a better side than the championship candidate. In Match 14, he won the group stage’s fifth chicken, accumulating a total of 30 points on the day. Gen.G was the only one who fought hard in this match but failed to reach the chicken.

The most brilliant thing on this day is China’s 17 games. The team, which had been ranked eighth with 60 points accumulated until the previous day, jumped to second place by adding 36 kills along with one chicken.

In addition, Tyreu (118 points), BBL (103 points), Take Me Away Gaming (100 points), Date Rade Gaming (97 points), Question Mark (95 points), and Wild Card Gaming (89 points) ranked third to eighth side by side, advancing to the winner bracket held the next day.

Gen.G, who was assigned to Group B, failed to make a turnaround on the same day. Those who remained in the bottom ranks with 29 points in 10 matches until the previous day finished the group qualifying round in 12th place, adding only 19 points on the day.

Gen.G will fight for the final battle to survive the tournament on the loser bracket.

2022 World Championship Final MVP ‘Kingen’ Hwang Sung-hoon

2022 World Championship Final MVP ‘Kingen’ Hwang Sung-hoon


DRX top liner “Kingen” Hwang Sung-hoon won the MVP of the 2022 World Championship final.

“Kingen” Hwang Sung-hoon showed a special performance to determine the fourth and fifth sets of the League of Legends 2022 World Championship final T1 and DRX at the Chase Center in San Francisco, California, on the 6th. Thanks to Kingen’s performance, DRX won its first World Championship title since its foundation.

Asked if he expected ‘Kinggen’ Hwang Sung-hoon to become the final MVP, he said, “I expected it. In the 4th and 5th games, the gladiatorial spirit is always displayed. “I think my potential came out because I did it with the beast’s mindset that I would die if I couldn’t kill my opponent,” he said.

As for the games played this year, I recalled the advice of “Song” coach Kim Sang-soo. “Kingen” said, “I tend to hesitate a lot about pushing for something different from what happened from the regular season until now. So many people who watched me must have seen frustrating scenes. The coach said that in the world of victory, those who hesitate lose. The words affected my play a lot. He said, “I think I’ve made this place because I played bold today,” adding, “I had the advice of coach Song in today’s performance.”

“Kingen” Hwang Sung-hoon said, “I am very grateful to my mother, father, grandmother, and grandfather who have suffered since I was in trouble. I also thank my fans for supporting me. I want to say thank you to everyone around me for waiting. “I will not be conceited and cheer up next year,” he said, wrapping up his thoughts on MVP in the final.

zeka Kim Gun-woo said, ‘3:0 is expected to win…

zeka Kim Gun-woo said, ‘3:0 is expected to win…”If you do it like before, you can beat Faker”


“I think we’re going to win 3-0.”

On the 4th (Korea Standard Time), the “League of Legends World Championship (hereinafter referred to as Worlds) 2022” media night was held in which Riot Games executives and players and coaches from both teams who advanced to the finals participate.

“zeka” Kim Gun-woo predicted DRX’s 3-0 victory on the day, saying, “It’s my first final in my first Worlds, but I think I can win even if my opponent is “Faker” if I do what I have done so far without any pressure or pressure.” “We’ve always been ‘reverse’, so I think we can do well if (the fans) cheer us on as usual,” he said. 메이저사이트

Regarding the reason why many teams did not van despite his overwhelming performance with Akali, Kim Gun-woo said, “Akali is good at it, but it’s a conditional champion,” adding, “I think it’s because it can be taken out depending on the combination or not.”

When asked how he felt about overwhelming ‘Chovy’ Jung Ji-hoon in the semifinals, he replied modestly, saying, “I think I was able to win because I had an advantage in the line match itself and all the team members did well.”

NC Soft, Chairman Kim Taek-jin has caught a contract issue…

NC Soft, Chairman Kim Taek-jin has caught a contract issue with the Universe platform THE BOYZ

NC Soft

NC Soft (Chairman Kim Taek-jin) has once again been under fire for its K-pop application “Universe.”

At 6 p.m. on the 28th, NC Soft announced the end of the contract with boy group “The Boyz” through Universe. This was reported as an announcement titled ‘The Boyz Private Message Service Termination and Planet Usage Guide’.

However, The Boyz said it was not discussed.

IST Entertainment, THE BOYZ’s agency, said in a statement at 7:10 p.m., “The headquarters has continuously asked NCsoft to renew its UNIVERSE contract a month before the end of the contract with THE BOYZ.” However, he replied, “I have not received a clear answer, and I recognized that the notice of ‘end of service’ was uploaded at 6 o’clock today without separate consultation.”

In a subsequent statement, The Boyz clearly said, “The UNIVERSE’s notice of ‘end of service’ is a notice made without prior consultation with the company, and we inform you that we are currently grasping the situation.” 사설토토

The K-pop platform Universe, which launched its service in January 2021, is a service that allows users to enjoy various online and offline fandom activities on mobile.

In particular, through the paid subscription service, fans can watch unique paid content, and experience exchanging messages with celebrities through the “Private Message Service.”

THE BOYZ joined Universe during the pre-booking period in December 2020.

Meanwhile, the K-pop platform Universe, which had many rumors last year, is in charge of development and operation of the “NC Soft Enterprise Office,” and has been downloaded more than 10 million times through the Google App Store.

Chovy Jung Ji-hoon, who expressed regret, missed his expectation

Chovy Jung Ji-hoon, who expressed regret, missed his expectation


Chovy Jung Ji-hoon expressed his regret.

On the 31st (Korea time), the semifinals of the 2022 League of Legends World Championship (hereinafter referred to as the LOL World Cup) and Gen.G vs. DRX were held at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.

Gen.G started off pleasantly with a victory in the first set, but was defeated in succession and failed to advance to the finals due to frequent mistakes and sluggish performances in the second, third, and fourth sets.

In a joint press interview after the game, Jung Ji-hoon said, “Jeka was originally a good player. “I think I showed my growth one step further after coming to Worlds,” he said, expressing his feelings about the face-to-face match with ‘Jeka’ Kim Gun-woo.

When asked why Gen.G was sluggish in the LOL World Cup, he replied, “We couldn’t play according to the combination we picked or the direction of our play,” adding, “I think it’s because we didn’t play well.”

As for writing a sudden blinking-gall with Rise in the fourth set, he said, “I was counter-jungling Blue, and I saw Barus over the wall, and there was Kindred. I thought that I could die if I used a flashing palace, so I wrote flashing, but Barus was in the Mead. He explained, “My prediction was wrong, so I only blinked.”

Gen.G, who was highly anticipated by winning the championship with overwhelming performance in the ‘2022 LCK Summer’ season. In this regard, Jung Ji-hoon, who said, “There was no pressure,” evaluated his performance in the semifinals, saying, “I felt sorry for everything from trivial things to the overall framework of the game.”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to the final. “I know what I have to do within this game while playing this Worlds, but I think it’s a shame that I couldn’t do it,” he said repeatedly.

Beryl Cho Kun-hee said, “This year’s DK and one multi-disciplinary…

Beryl Cho Kun-hee said, “This year’s DK and one multi-disciplinary team lost in the next game…”I’ll save the jinx”


Rolled Doctor “Beryl” Cho Kun-hee said he will focus on Peanut for the showdown with Gen.G.

On the 24th (Korea Standard Time), at the Hulu Theater located inside Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York, the quarterfinals of the 2022 League of Legends World Championship (hereinafter referred to as the 2022 LOL World Cup) were held.

On this day, DRX gave up the first and second sets, but did not give up until the end and made a big turnaround. Defeat and win. DRX, which made this difficult score, made it to the semifinals.

Beryl Cho Kun-hee, who wielded EDG with various support picks such as Hi Muddinger, Ash, and Karma. In an interview with Exports News after the game, he said, “It’s good to win by beating defending champion EDG by losing and winning.”

Beryl said, “Himidinger honestly tried to write actively when the angle came out. However, the more I use it, the better I don’t think it’s good to win,” he said about the background of Himmeredinger’s pick.

Beryl Cho Kun-hee said she was complicated by the second set backdoor failure. “The angle came out pretty, but I couldn’t finish it unfortunately because I made a mistake in the process,” he said.

Citing the match between Damwon Kia vs. Gen.G as an impressive match, Cho Kun-hee stressed, “As much as our Gyeonggi-do Damwon Kia vs. Gen.G, all-time scenes such as backdoor have been poured out.”

In addition, “There is a jinx that teams that have played multiple games against Damwon Kia this year will lose the next game. “There is a jinx continuing, and I will try to win with that jinx,” he said, strengthening his determination against Gen.G.

The following is the full text of the interview with ‘Beryl’ Cho Kun-hee.

> defeated EDG and settled in the semifinals. How do you feel about winning?

First of all, I’m so happy that I beat EDG, the defending champion of last year’s LOL World Cup, by a defeat and victory.

> In the 4th seed, he made it to the semifinals for the first time

It’s good to set a record, but honestly, I didn’t think I would lose in the first and second sets of EDG.

> There was some preparation time after the group stage. How did the preparations go?

The scrimmage made up for the bad points. There was something really bad in the beginning, but we supplemented that with a focus.

> How did you organize the bot composition against Viper-Meiko?

From the first set to the fourth set, it would have been the first composition from the opponent’s point of view. So we did benefit a bit.

> What’s the difference between ash and Ezreal?

Hi Muddinger honestly tried to use it actively when the angle came out. However, the more you use it, the better it doesn’t seem to be. Ash has a strong line-up and making. In addition, checking the opponent’s jungle using a hawk in the early stages is important, and Izu picked it because he thought the line match was weak but had potential.

> What did you talk about as a team after losing the first and second sets?

The importance of the dragon in the previous set was low. I thought I didn’t benefit from that, and I gave it a feedback focusing on it.

> How do you feel when the backdoor fails in the second set?

I had a lot of mixed feelings. We continued to have an advantage, but as mistakes came out, we were forced to think of LEC’s specialty, Backdoor. The angle came out pretty, but I couldn’t finish it unfortunately because I made a mistake in the process.

> I took out the 4th set support ash, but was it a prepared pick?

I talked about it, but it was a better pick than I thought, so I used it.

> It was the last game of the quarterfinals, and I think I would have watched all the previous games. What was the most impressive game?

As expected, the match between Damwon Kia vs. Gen.G was fun. It caught my eye even though I saw it from the player’s point of view. In addition, all-time scenes such as Damwon, Kia, and Gen.G in Gyeonggi Province were poured out. Fans must have enjoyed our game.

> Lunami’s performance has been declining recently, what’s your personal opinion?

Different teams may have different interpretations, but our team checked Viper’s best performance within the EDG. Last year, Lunamiro also won the championship, so he actively blocked it.

> Now we have to fight the LCK civil war. What’s your determination to face Gen.G?

It may be a little difficult for the opponent, but there is a jinx that teams that have played multiple games against Damwon Kia this year will lose the next game. In the spring, Gen.G also beat Damwon Kia and lost to T1, and in summer, T1 was defeated by Gen.G in the final. KT and Liv Sanbak also lost to us in the selection match. There’s a jinx going on, and I’ll try to win with that jinx.

> LCK Civil War, I don’t think it’s going to be easy. Which point will you focus on the most?

To be honest, not all five of them can be perfect on such a big stage while watching the quarterfinals. Looking at Gen.G, I think the peanut player is the key. So I’m going to target the Peanut player, and we’ve been at a disadvantage this year, so I’ll try to win somehow.

> Jingdong vs. T1 match will be held first. Who do you think will win?

To be honest, the difference in team weight class is much stronger in T1. Jingdong does not have a high weight class even within the LPL. But Jingdong is really good at games. Because of that, I won the championship and honestly, I can’t imagine who will win. T1 is strong, but there are many unknown tricks of Jingdong in the second half. I really don’t know who will win.

> The last thing I want to say 토토사이트 추천

Lost and won. We made it to the semifinals with a poor score. There is a week left, so I will do my best to maintain it and do well.

nreal Air, just watching the video is worth it

nreal Air, just watching the video is worth it

nreal Air

Under the banner of popularization of AR glass, AR glass global leader nreal Air has introduced a new product in the domestic market, which combines relatively low price, light weight, and simple design.

The rather thick-rimmed sunglasses-shaped nreal Air provides a super-large 3D screen of up to 201 inches, and even provides three-dimensional sound, drawing much attention as it can enjoy a variety of entertainment with simple cable connections with various mobile devices.

◆ Ultra-light body with stylish design and comfortable fit

At first glance, nreal Air is designed more like sunglasses than IT devices, which can be misunderstood as regular sunglasses products. The frame of the glasses is somewhat thick, giving it a unique feeling that is different from ordinary sunglasses from the side, but the other parts of the nreal Air product look like ordinary horn-rimmed sunglasses. If you look at someone wearing nreal Air from the front, it is difficult to feel the peculiarity.

The nreal Air weighs 79g, and its fit is not much different from regular glasses. Three nose supports of different heights are provided to maintain the optimal fit according to the height of the user’s nose. It even provides a lens frame for an optical lens for a glasses user. It can be said that there is a good reason why nreal is confident that it is “at a level that can be used in everyday life.”

However, it is difficult to use it as a simple fashion accessory because the front lens and the tilted micro OLED display overlap with the double lens configuration. Because the front view is not completely secured, it can be dangerous to wear at all times like regular sunglasses when moving stairs or passing through an area with obstacles. However, it seems that it will not be too much to use AR glass by moving a short distance.

◆If it’s a USB-C cable connection Simple installation and execution

nreal Air can be used simply by connecting USB-C type cables with Samsung’s latest high-end Android smartphones, including the Galaxy S22 series. If you install a dedicated software nebula on Google Play, connect the nreal Air, and run the program, you can choose between “AR Space” and “Air Casting” functions.

“AR Space” has a 3D screen of more than 200 inches in front of the viewer, with a fixed location and a display that extends to a wider area than the user’s view. It feels like a super-large curved wide monitor is placed not far from the eyes, and the areas are divided, and each application is placed in an individual area. Basic apps such as YouTube and Internet driving are supported, and applications for fitness and digital pet raising apps are provided as basic.

However, in the case of “AR Space”, even if individual apps are executed, it is inconvenient to use because they are executed in a specific area rather than the entire screen. “AR Space” was uncomfortable because the screen was fixed in a virtual space, so it was inconvenient to keep the head turned to the right when running the application at the right end.

◆ Air casting function that makes large OLED TVs in front of my eyes

The reporter, who was somewhat disappointed after looking around the “AR Space” function, could not help but be satisfied with the “air casting” function. “Air casting” is a function that shows the user’s mobile phone screen on nreal Air’s micro OLED display as it is, and the screen is fixed to the user’s front view. Even if you turn your head, the screen moves in that direction, so even if you change your posture while watching the video, you can continue to see it without having to turn your head.

Although it is regrettable that the size of ‘Air Casting’ is half as small as ‘AR Space’ based on horizontal length, it provides high-quality images with clear OLED displays. The “Air Casting” function also has the advantage of being able to use the existing mobile market app without additional development for nreal Air, and you can enjoy the latest videos such as Netflix, Disney Plus, and YouTube on a large screen only with nreal Air connection.

The reporter watched a variety of videos through nreal Air, including Disney Plus’s “Avengers” series and YouTube broadcasts of the latest movies “The Witch 2” and “League of Legends” e-sports games released on Wave. Compared to LCD TVs and monitors, the quality of nreal Air, which is equipped with full HD resolution micro OLED displays, was felt one step higher. The full HD resolution of nreal Air felt better than the 4K resolution of the LCD display.

The reporter is using LG Electronics’ 65-inch OLED TV, and nreal Air also showed a screen close to OLED TV. The screen size seems to be larger than 65 inches, and it is also full of vivid image quality in 720P images as well as full HD resolution (1080P). When targeting low-resolution content on large screen TVs, the dots often stand out so much that the immersion is reduced. Perhaps because the display of nreal Air is ultra-small, there was no special sense of difference in watching low-resolution content.

◆ Speaker with built-in stereoscopic sound is not bad either

nreal Air has a built-in speaker that supports stereoscopic sound on the rim that touches the ear. If you listen to it in a quiet place, you can enjoy the sound with a fairly large volume in three dimensions. However, it is difficult to say that the sound quality of the speaker itself is excellent, even if it is not to the extent that it cannot be heard. In addition, even if the speaker is used below the medium volume, it is difficult to use the speaker at all times because the sound is heard around it. 안전놀이터

Instead, it can be used by connecting wireless earphones, headphones, and speakers to a smartphone, so it is an advantage that it can reinforce the regret of the built-in speaker or use nreal Air without interference. The use of built-in speakers will not be bad for lying in bed and comfortably watching videos before sleeping alone in a room without a TV.

◆ It’s enough to watch videos…What needs to be improved?

nreal Air was officially released in Korea at a price of 400,000 won. If you are a user of premium Android smartphones released within the last two years, such as the Galaxy S22, it is considered worth purchasing if you purchase nreal Air right away and use it only for viewing OTT services such as Netflix. However, it is regrettable that it mainly supports high-end smartphones among Android smartphones. Although nreal Air came out as a low-end device, it does not support low-end smartphones, so it is necessary to purchase high-end phones such as Galaxy S, Z-flip, and Z-fold to use nreal Air, which requires overlapping investment.

The reporter is using the Galaxy A52S, and although it is a relatively high-spec device among low-end products, it was not on the list of support for nreal Air, so he had to rent a separate smartphone before conducting a review. Due to the nature of AR glass, support specifications may be high, but if low-end smartphones are not supported at all, the meaning of nreal Air’s relatively cheap pricing may fade.

It is also regrettable that it does not support Apple devices immediately. Apple users should wait for the official release of separate converters. The converter for Apple has a built-in auxiliary battery, but it weighs and is bulky compared to USB-C type cables, which has the disadvantage of being less portable, so it may be divided into likes and dislikes.

Another task given to nreal Air is that the “AR Space” app should be increased in more various ways. Although its existence value is sufficient just by watching the video, it will be able to gain more momentum in the distribution of devices if killer content using AR functions increases as it was originally released as AR glass. nreal intends to create an nreal Air ecosystem through collaboration with various domestic developers. We look forward to nreal Air, which will be reinforced with various idea-based AR apps with a clear video viewing function.

Pyo Sik Hong Chang-hyun, “My team’s performance and…

Pyo Sik Hong Chang-hyun, “My team’s performance and my performance have all improved.”

Pyo Sik

Pyo Sik Hong Chang-hyun expressed his determination to play in the quarterfinals against EDG.

DRX will play four games in the quarterfinals of the 2022 LoL World Championship (hereinafter referred to as the LOL World Cup) at the Hulu Theater in Madison Square Garden, New York, on the 24th Korean time. DRX, who joined the group stage as the No. 1 player in the group after beating RNG, which was considered a strong player from the play-in stage, also beat Rogue and TES in the group stage.

“I was confident because my team’s performance improved a lot, and I was able to advance to the quarterfinals because it worked well,” said Hong Chang-hyun, who responded to an interview with Inventory after the group stage. “Personally, I feel that I have improved a lot in the big framework and design in the in-game than LCK.” “I will continue to do well thanks to the interest and support of my fans,” Pyo Sik said.

The following is the full text of the interview with Mark.

Q. We advanced to the quarterfinals as the first place in the group. Did you expect that?

Rather than predicting the first place in the group, our performance improved a lot, so we played with confidence, which worked well and we were able to advance to the quarterfinals.

Q. What was the most memorable group stage match?

I think the game that won against TES in the first round is the most memorable. For me, it was my first appearance in the group stage, and the situation was not good because I lost one game, but by winning the TES, I got the biggest return among the games I won the group stage.

Q. Many say that the ‘mark’ player has improved compared to LCK.

During the LCK season, I couldn’t keep up with the game flow and meta. I’m not sure if I woke up before coming to the LOL World Cup, but after coming to the LOL World Cup, the scrimmage worked out very well, so I personally feel better than before.

Q. What part did you feel lacking during the LCK, and how did you try to fill it up?

There was no shortage at all in skirmishes or hits at the beginning of the season, but the overall details of the game were lost. To compensate for this, I spent the season focusing on it and played games, so in the second half of the season, I felt that the game flow was rather okay, but I lacked a lot in combat. I think my performance was also fluctuating because of the difference in the parts that I lacked every moment.

There was something specialRather, I spent time thinking about what I lacked. While eating, I constantly thought about the team play and thought a lot about the role, and I tried to apply it to the play

Q. What do you think is the most advanced part of yourself?

I think it has developed a lot in the big framework and design of in-game. In the past, I was not good at these things, so I had a tendency to simply play like flowing water, but now I think I can understand the concept of the team and design accordingly better than before.

Q. Coach Mowgli is a former jungler, so how does it help to have a coach from the same line?

I met the Jungle coach for the first time this time, and in terms of feedback, I’m very helpful in terms of call and game flow, saying, “If I were you, I would call in this situation.”

Q. The quarterfinal opponent will face another LPL team, EDG. Was there anyone you wanted to meet before the match was decided?

I’ve met Rogue before, so I wanted to get back together, but I’m sad that I can’t meet him because we’re in the same group. Except for Log, everyone is a difficult opponent, so I was waiting for the draw with the mind that I had to overcome it no matter who I met.

Q. What do you think about the jungle competition between “GG”? 토토사이트

Rather than having a special idea in the jungle confrontation, I believe our liners do better, so I think I can win if I play well, such as calling the enemy jungle location

Q. Lastly, please say hello to the fans who are supporting DRX and Mark

I’m always thankful to the fans who cheer for me regardless of my grades. Thanks to your interest and support, I will do my best