Diablo 4 Nvidia Graphics Card Overheated

Diablo 4 Nvidia Graphics Card Overheated

Diablo 4

A tip-off came from the North American community Reddit and Blizzard’s official forums that the graphics card overheated in the Diablo 4 open beta. Blizzard Entertainment said on its official forum that it would investigate the graphics card issue.

Blizzard Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as Blizzard)’s Diablo 4 conducted open beta early access for pre-purchasers from the 18th to the 20th. And from the 25th to the 27th, an open beta was held for anyone to participate.

However, stories that he experienced overheating of graphic cards in “Diablo 4” open beta early access and open beta spread around the North American community Reddit. During the beta test, the graphics card overheats, the cooling fan mounted on the graphics card returns to full speed, and the computer restarts. Some users said their graphics cards didn’t work at all after experiencing this phenomenon.

As the open beta, which anyone can participate in, began on the 25th, more and more users reported this. Users began reporting to Blizzard’s official forum following Reddit.

Taken together, this phenomenon seems to have occurred mainly with Nvidia’s graphics card equipped with RTX 3080 Ti. Then, some suggested that such overheating can be prevented by limiting the number of frames per second (FPS) in NVIDIA’s graphics card control panel.

As such reports increased, Blizzard and the official forum manager posted about them. The administrator said, “The ‘Diablo 4’ development team is investigating GPU issues mentioned online. We are working closely with Nvidia to identify affected hardware configurations,” he said.

The exact cause of this phenomenon has not yet been determined. In response, a foreign PC gamer said, “It is unlikely that ‘Diablo4’ is the cause of the problem. Diablo 4 is likely to have been a kind of “catalyst” that reveals weaknesses that already exist in the graphics card, it reported.

X-Game, Payment System, and Blockchain License 4…Increase..

X-Game, Payment System, and Blockchain License 4…Increase safety and security on your own platform


Game platform developer X-Game (X-GAME) announced on the 3rd that it has a global user-centered game platform with a payment system, drawing attention.

X-Game is said to be a blockchain development company that conducts online game operation and marketing SEED funding with NFT, P2E, X2E, and Metaverse. It is a company that supports companies to design more transparent, effective, and automated business versions through extensive blockchain development services.

The X-game platform is ready to absorb and preempt the game ecosystem by allowing other developers to link game contents.

According to the company, about 20 million daily users will use the platform at six overseas game companies in Japan, Singapore, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

In addition, P2E game coins are applied so that they can be traded together on the platform, and about 80 coins are being prepared to be launched, including major coins.

The platform is also characterized by having a payment system for user stability, holding blockchain license 4, and establishing a platform ecosystem that improves safety and security on its own platform.

Blockchain License 4 is a license that can provide all virtual currency-related services and can hold or manage customers’ assets or in kind within the scope of virtual currency-related laws in Malta. In other words, in order to operate a virtual currency exchange, Class 4 must be acquired, and a clear and stable service can be provided through this.

An X-Game official said, “The platform has applied X-Game Game Money CRD, which allows international currency swaps except for Korea, and will unveil the character of Suhoshin Wars, the guardian of MMORPG P2E games that boast high-quality 3D graphics, in January this year.” He also said, “Above all, the X-Game platform is characterized by more than 80% of the ecosystem that encompasses games, virtual currency, offline store payments, foreign exchange transactions, and NFT, and we plan to have a healthy coin ecosystem based on this.”

Com2us signs a global publishing contract for ‘Project TS..

Com2us signs a global publishing contract for ‘Project TS’ with GameTails.


Com2us announced in a press release on the 4th that it has signed a publishing contract with GameTales for “Project TS (tentative name)” a multi-access role-playing game (MMORPG).

With this contract, Com2us has secured the rights to global services, including Korea, for the project TS being developed by GameTails. It also agreed with GameTails, a developer, to work together to target the global market through strategic collaboration.

Project TS is designed as an authentic MMORPG genre that supports multi-platforms such as PCs and consoles based on mobile. Graphics is based on the Unreal 5 engine.

Project TS is based on four novels by developer and author Jung Sung-hwan, CEO of GameTails. Class-specific characters created based on the characters in each novel will appear. In addition, Jung Joon-ho, former CEO of Pulsa Creative, illustrator of Lineage 2, was an art director, and Park Jin-bae, CEO of Esti, who was in charge of composing and producing music for various games such as “Genesis” and “DJ MAX,” participated in OST and BGM work.

A Com2uS official said, “Project TS is highly anticipated through overwhelming graphic quality, excellent developers, and differentiated play fun from the development stage. We will successfully settle Project TS in the global game market based on close collaboration with GameTails and Com2uS’s global service capabilities.”

Faceplay, Video Play Platform…Experiencing Drama Box..

Faceplay, Video Play Platform…Experiencing Drama Box and Mavis


FACEPLAY, developed and serviced by Nexon, is a new concept of video play platform. It will be piloted today (5th) based on PC and web.

Users can create and consume video content through Faceplay, and further support sharing and streaming.

As defined by the definition of “platform,” “Faceplay” is a service that combines the functions of “social media” in which users consume content and the functions of “social production” that provides a content production environment.

You can create popular short-form content on famous SNS channels, and anyone can become a influencer easily and quickly with a webcam and a microphone. In addition, it is possible to create a persona that can be another avatar of yourself, and to meet other users in the virtual world with this persona.

In February last year, Faceplay released a teaser video of “Gumiho Insider,” one of its mini contents, and conducted tests on some influencers.

In this pilot service, related contents will be released with an environment that can be gathered within the faceplay platform.

You can experience the ▲ Mabis theme with a persona that can decorate with full individuality, a video content production game, ▲ Drama Box, and video gathering space and broadcasting studio functions.

Through the pilot service, we plan to closely examine user trends of each content, specify the direction of the service, and verify the possibility of development as a social media platform.

Ultimately, the fun of the process and results of play will be naturally viral in the video, and through this, a virtuous cycle of video content will be created so that other users can feel the fun of watching.

“Faceplay supports a system that can easily and quickly create video content so that anyone can easily become a influencer,” said Choi Young-tae, general director of Faceplay. “We plan to create a virtuous cycle of video content that provides fun to other users.”

In addition to entertainment contents such as “Drama Box” during 2023, Faceplay will sequentially add various things to enjoy, including party games that users can gather and enjoy on video.

◆ Persona, another me on Faceplay = webcam and micro-participation faceplay, you can apply filters and virtual backgrounds instead of showing yourself as you are. If you press the bottom persona menu in the service, you can decorate yourself in the video through various combinations such as faces, eyes, hair, and accessories, and another persona will be born.

Persona recognizes the three-dimensional shape and expression of the user’s face through AI and image analysis technology and implements it in the form of a filter on the screen. In addition, tracking the position of the hand, capturing gestures, and floating 3D objects on the hand, or image effects may appear depending on the gesture.

◆ Drama Box, the main character of “meme maker” by appearing in various situational skits = Drama Box is a video content production function that allows users to participate in situational skits based on various scripts. In the pilot service, a total of 14 kinds of scripts can be filmed, including “What Do You Think,” “Separate Script Drama,” “Traditional Fairy Tale,” and “Goodbye Vlog.”

According to the script, up to eight people can access at the same time, with as little as one person and as many as five people participating as performers, and the remaining users will be staff members. At this time, it provides a quick matching function that can invite friends on faceplay or participate with other users. Video content made in about one minute can be downloaded in a file format or shared on your YouTube account.

◆ Mavis, a virtual space where everyone can meet, and a personal broadcast studio = MEVIS is a virtual space presented on Faceplay, providing a meeting place and studio function.

Users can gather together to talk, enjoy various contents such as mini games, and it can also become a personal broadcast studio if necessary. In the pilot service, you can experience a total of seven themes, including news rooms and audition rooms.

In the broadcast functionality theme, it consists of a concept that allows studio broadcasting without separate equipment such as “green screen” through virtual background technology applied to persona. Up to eight people can access the Mavis, and live streaming is possible through YouTube.

The game industry is welcoming the end of the year with a warm…

The game industry is welcoming the end of the year with a warm “touch of warmth” for future generations

game industry

At the end of the year, warm hands continue in the game industry. It is actively engaged in social contribution activities for children and adolescents, such as delivering funds for children or providing children with opportunities for coding education.

According to the industry on the 26th, Nexon, Korea’s leading game company, recently donated 300 million won to the Purme Foundation Nexon Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital to promote special treatment in the hospital. Nexon Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital plans to use the funds delivered by Nexon to renovate rehabilitation treatment rooms and replace and reinforce medical equipment.

As a result, Nexon has donated a total of 2.5 billion won since the opening of Nexon Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital in 2016. In addition to donations for rehabilitation treatment support for patients and stable hospital operation, it has since sponsored various projects such as “Early Arbitration Treatment Program for Infants in High-Risk Groups with Developmental Delays and Disabilities” and “Education and Psychotherapy Support Project for Disabled Children.”

Prior to this, the “3rd WEEK” donation event was held at Nexon’s office building. WEEK is a fund-raising in-house donation event in which Nexon Korea employees participate.

Employees can easily participate in donations by selecting their own donations at the donation booth at Nexon’s office building and tagging their employee ID. The company doubles the amount of money that is equal to the total amount raised by the employees.

The third WEEK donation will be delivered to the Korea Leukemia Pediatric Cancer Association (Chairman Lee Joong-myung). The Korea leukemia Pediatric Cancer Association is an institution that provides treatment support for children and families with childhood cancer and comprehensive support for health, welfare, education, and self-reliance after treatment, and the fund will be used to support surgery costs for children who need long-term chemotherapy.

NCsoft held an IT education social contribution activity “NC Court Play” for two days from the 19th to the 20th for 40 elementary school students in Seongnam. The students enjoyed various events, including a gift delivery ceremony.

NCsoft also shared warmth with game users. Users participated in the donation event held by NC at its flagship game “Lineage M” using game goods, and NC gathered their hearts and donated 20 million won to the Korea Leukemia Children’s Foundation.

Netmarble will hold the “2022 Netmarble Window Project Exhibition” at its headquarters G Tower until the 30th. The Window Project is a social contribution activity in which Netmarble executives and employees and the Netmarble Cultural Foundation provide creative culture and arts education that combines coding and culture for children at local children’s centers in Guro-gu, and exhibits works produced by participating children.

Netmarble has been providing such education to 500 children at the Guro-gu Regional Children’s Center for four years since 2019. Through this, it provides opportunities to resolve cultural polarization and foster positive emotions of children from the underprivileged.

\Com2us held a social contribution event in its game “Summoners War: Chronicle (hereinafter referred to as Chronicle) The campaign, which was organized to commemorate the 100th day of Chronicle’s domestic service, was held in the form of a mission event where users can enjoy sharing only with play, and the joint mission was achieved early with the active participation of users. The donation will be used as Save the Children’s low-income home heating supply support project fund.

Smilegate launched a user-participating donation campaign with game company JoyCity for the first time. Smilegate conducts a campaign of Joy City games on its donation platform SmileGive, and JoyCity prepares and delivers contributions on its own when it achieves the in-game donation event mission in each game during the campaign. The donation is used to provide free basketball classes for vulnerable children and teenagers in Korea.

“Maple Story” collaboration teaser video with BLACKPINK…

“Maple Story” collaboration teaser video with BLACKPINK will be released

Maple Story

Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-heon) announced a collaboration project with “MapleStory” and global artist BLACKPINK on the 6th and released a teaser video.

The teaser video released shows BLACKPINK members talking about their thoughts, experiences, and items they have about “MapleStory” fashion and passionately suggesting various ideas while participating in the development of “Maple Story” fashion items.

Nexon plans to release the first and second main episodes in the teaser video.

The first episode features the process of identifying the “MapleStory” coordination trend as BLACKPINK members speculate on the user selection results of the “2022 Maple Coordination Tournament” in advance.

The second episode plans to showcase the process of designing collaboration items by BLACKPINK members themselves.

Witcher 3, PS5 Complete Edition will be released on January…

Witcher 3, PS5 Complete Edition will be released on January 31 next year

Witcher 3

Bandai Namco Entertainment Korea (CEO Gerald Noonan) will release the PlayStation 5 version of the open world RPG “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition” produced by CD Project Red (CDPR) on January 31 next year.

Witcher 3 Complete Edition is an upgraded game for next-generation devices, and has improved its completeness through various visual and technological improvements such as ray tracing support and loading speed improvement.

CDPR, which developed Witcher, has received good reviews from domestic users for its excellent Korean translation in the past. This time, CDPR updated the complete edition of Witcher 3 with free Korean full dubbing. Users can enjoy the main part and both expansion packs through Korean dubbing.

All additional content released so far, including weapons, armor, side quests, game modes, and new Ghent cards, is also available. In addition, a new item inspired by the drama of the same name, which was introduced as an original Netflix series, has been added. Gerolt’s new sword, designed to commemorate the Korean dubbing, can also be found in the game.

Fortnite, Chapter 4 released…Unreal Engine 5.1 improves visuals

Fortnite, Chapter 4 released…Unreal Engine 5.1 improves visuals

Fortnite, Chapter 4

Epic Games Korea announced on the 5th that it will start Chapter 4 – Season 1 of the survival game Fortnite.

First, Chapter 4 is equipped with Unreal Engine 5.1, the latest version of Unreal Engine 5, allowing you to experience high-quality games. Millions of polygons are rendered while supporting 60fps through functions such as Nanite, Lumen, Virtual Shadow Map, and Temporal Super Resolution, and realistic light and shadow are implemented to enjoy the next-generation visual quality. It was applied to PS5, Xbox series X|S, and ‘Fortnite Battle Royale’ for cloud gaming, including PCs.

Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 4, which introduces the new island, has added five types of regions, including Shattering Slabs, which can obtain kinetic ore with magical effects, and can also increase power by enhancing reality. You can move or play in new ways, such as riding a mountain motorcycle, rolling in snowballs, or floating in the air with a shock wave hammer.

The new areas include the Agiris-dominated St Citadel, the peaceful-looking village of Anvil Square in the forest, and the abandoned farm Frenzy Fields maps. The kinetic ore obtained from the Schathed Slabs mining facility can create a magical effect and strategically attack the enemy. In addition, at Brutal Bastion, the headquarters of snow-covered warriors, hitting the snow with a pickaxe creates a snowball and attacks the enemy by jumping into the snowball and rolling it.

The reinforcement reality enhancement introduced this season can increase one’s power by selecting one of two reality enhancements presented periodically and randomly among matches, and can change the choices randomly again. A total of 22 types of reality enhancements are available, including light fingers that speed up the reload of small bullet weapons, mechanical archers who give mechanical explosive bows and mechanical shock waves, and aerial acrobats who allow gliders to unfold again during the remaining matches.

Weapons and items were also added. You can use weapons such as X-Caliber rifles, thunder shotguns, and Maven automatic shotguns, including shock wave hammers that can damage the enemy and blow the opponent away at the same time. Healing items such as slapberry and slap juice increase effective physical strength and increase the duration of energy regeneration. In addition, contact with the floating sky jellyfish on the map can increase effective physical strength. You can perform tricks on a mountain motorcycle called Trail Thrasher, or use weapons on your way on a motorcycle.

Chapter 4 Season 1 Battle Pass was also released. If you purchase a battle pass this season, Selene will be unlocked immediately. The collaboration costumes Doom series “Doom Slayer” and The Witcher series “Gerolt of Libya” as well as the clothes of Ageless, Masai, Dusty, and Nezumi, which are the IPs of Fortnite, can be unlocked.

“Tarzan” Lee Seung-yong re-signed with SuperGent for…

“Tarzan” Lee Seung-yong re-signed with SuperGent for management…


Tarzan’ Lee Seung-yong will continue his contract with SuperGent.

SUPERGENT, an e-sports agency of global e-sports company Loud Corporation, announced on the 1st that LNG Esports’ jungler Tarzan “Lee Seung-yong” has agreed to renew his management contract.

Tarzan’ Lee Seung-yong made his name known starting with winning the second division in 2018. He was in the spotlight as the main character of GRIFFIN’s Cinderella story, including winning the 2019 Lift Rivals, and imprinted three letters of his name on fans. Since then, he has worked as a member of LNG, a Chinese league team, and has made a great contribution to strengthening his power, leading LNG to advance to the LOL World Cup, which seemed impossible.

“Tarzan” Lee Seung-yong said, “I have a lot of good memories because I can only pay attention to my career while accompanying SuperGent,” and added, “I renewed this contract because I want to continue to be with SuperGent in the future and get strength in many areas.”

Seo Kyung-jong, CEO of Loud Corporation, said, “I am happy to be a support to Tarzan, who has been a pillar in need. He said, “I will do my best to support the players in both physical and mental ways to be a happy companion.”

Smilegate officially launches new crossfire IP-based RTS on December 8th

Smilegate officially launches new crossfire IP-based RTS on December 8th


Smilegate Entertainment announced on the 28th that it will release a new work “Crossfire: Legend” developed by Canada-based Blackbird Interactive (BBI) and published (distributed) by Koch Media in Germany on the 8th of next month.

Crossfire: Legend is a PC real-time strategy (RTS) game based on Smilegate’s representative intellectual property (IP) ‘Crossfire’. The crossfire world view is set in a war between military giants and terrorists, and it is a way to lead the camp to victory using various strategies.

The game features a total of nine commanders, 66 units, and 15 missions. In addition to the campaign, it provides cooperative defense mode “Thunderstrike Operation,” cooperative attack mode “Northside Operation,” arcade mode “Broll” and “Battleline.”

There are a total of 12 maps and they are divided into 3 to 3, 2 to 2, and 1 to 1. In addition, steam workshops are also supported so that users can express their creativity. 사설토토

Meanwhile, Smilegate Entertainment has improved a number of things in Crossfire: Region based on early access feedback conducted in May. In particular, it is explained that it allows you to feel the authentic RTS experience in Haegeum, content addition, and balance adjustment.