“Deft” KIM HYUK KYU, “Faker” and second LCK 2,200 kills

“Deft” KIM HYUK KYU, “Faker” and second LCK 2,200 kills


DRX ‘Deft’ Kim Hyuk-kyu reached the 2,200 kill mark for the second time in LCK career after ‘Faker’ Lee Sang-hyuk (T1).

On the afternoon of the 7th, Kim Hyuk-kyu added 11 kills in a match against the Guangdong Freaks in the 8th week of the Grand Seoul LCK Summer in Jongno-gu, Seoul. Kim Hyuk-kyu recorded 6 kills 2 deaths 9 assists in the 1st set with Sibir and 5 kills 2 deaths 6 assists in the 2nd set.

Kim Hyuk-kyu, who added 11 kills in the Guangdong match, achieved a record of 2,200 kills. This is the second record after “Faker” Lee Sang-hyuk (2,651 kills). Kim Hyuk-kyu, who made his debut as a springer of the League of Legends Champions (LoL Champions), a predecessor of LCK in 2013, performed steadily except in 2015 and 2016, when he was active in Edward Gaming (EDG).

LCK Summerser currently has 134 kills and 219 assists. Following Kim Hyuk-kyu, Gen.G e-sports’ “Ruler” Park Jae-hyuk is third with 2,076 kilograms, followed by Guangdong Freix’s “Teddy” Park Jin-sung with 1,864 kilograms.

Game Rating and Administration Committee Classifies Diablo 4 …

Game Rating and Administration Committee Classifies Diablo 4 ‘Not Available to Young People’

Diablo 4

Blizzard Entertainment’s action role-playing game (RPG),

“Diablo4,” which is scheduled to be released next year, has been classified as “Unavailable for Youth” in Korea.

According to the Game Rating and Administration Committee on the 1st,

the committee announced the results of the June game classification decision,

which includes such information, on the 26th of last month.

Diablo 4 is the official successor to Blizzard’s flagship Diablo series, which will be released in 2023.

Earlier, the mobile game “Diablo Immortal” released in June and “Diablo 3” released in 2012 both received youth unavailability ratings.

The specific release schedule of Diablo 4 has not been disclosed, but it is interpreted that development is proceeding smoothly as it receives a review rating.

An official from Blizzard Korea said, “We understand that we received classification because we needed deliberation while conducting the internal test of Diablo4.”

Jingdong Gaming Becomes the First Summer PO

Jingdong Gaming Becomes the First Summer PO

Jingdong Gaming

Jingdong Gaming (JDG) was the first to advance to the LPL Summer Playoff.

JDG, who recently took the lead alone with 10 wins and 1 loss (+12) of the season with four consecutive wins, was the first to win a ticket to the LPL Summer Playoff regardless of the remaining games.

JDG, which reached the playoffs with 11 wins and 5 losses last season, advanced to the fourth round by beating Weibo Gaming 3-2 in the third round. However, JDG, who lost to Royal Never Give Up (RNG) after a full set battle, ended the journey with a 1-3 loss to Victory Five (V5) in the fourth round of the loser.

JDG is showing such fast offense that it ranks second after the FPX (29 minutes 57 seconds) with an average game time of 30 minutes in the summer season. In addition, the performance of King Hope, a long-distance dealer who joined “Kanabi” Seo Jin-hyuk at Edward Gaming (EDG) ahead of the spring season, stands out.

Seo Jin-hyuk has 9 wins and 1 loss due to Viego, and Viego KDA has 10.33. In EDG, the “Hope” king, who played in the LDL, the second-tier league, is also recording 21 wins and 9 losses (KDA 5.63). 토토추천

KT Rolster ‘shocked’ by delivering a box of weapons at the front desk

KT Rolster ‘shocked’ by delivering a box of weapons at the front desk

KT Rolster

The act of sending a picture of a weapon to the KT Rolster team and the front desk or delivering a box containing a weapon to the practice room is shocking.

Kt announced on its SNS on the 18th that while monitoring the rights and interests of kt Rolster players and coaching staff recently, it found a number of socially unacceptable violations beyond simple expression of opinions as an e-sports fan.

The case revealed by KT is shocking in the e-sports scene. According to KT, there were serious levels of abuse and criticism toward the team, dissemination of false information that had not been confirmed, sending a picture of the weapon to the player/manager/front, and delivering a box containing the weapon to the practice room.

“These acts can be defamation (Article 70 of the Information and Communication Network Promotion and Information Protection Act), insults (Article 311 of the Criminal Act), and special threats (Article 284 of the Criminal Act),” KT said. “Some fans complain of pain and anxiety, which is feared to have a negative impact on many fans who love KT and e-sports.

Finally, kt said, “I ask you to pay attention to this,” and stressed, “We plan to review more active measures if the infringement of the rights of the team continues in the future.”

Veteran supporter Roh Hoe-jong returns to LCK

Veteran supporter Roh Hoe-jong returns to LCK


Veteran supporter “Snow Flower” Noh Hoe-jong will return to the stage of “LOL Champions Korea (hereinafter referred to as LCK).” The destination is Nongshim.

Nongshim announced the recruitment of “Snow Flower” Roh Hoe-jong on its official SNS on the 10th. With the recruitment, Nongshim will have two players, “Effort” Lee Sang-ho and Roh Hoe-jong, in the supporter position. ‘Peter’ Jung Yoon-soo sent him down to the Challengers.

Roh Hoe-jong, who made his debut with Anaki in 2014, went through Africa (currently Guangdong) and Jin Air before playing on overseas stages. While playing in the Turkish League’s Super Massive, Roh Hoe-jong experienced the 2018 international competition “Mid-Season Invitational (MSI)” and “LOL World Championship (LOL World Cup).”

However, he was disappointed when he returned to Korea. Roh Hoe-jong, who returned to LCK as a member of KT in 2019, contributed to the team’s decline due to his fallen form. In the 2019 spring season, he also experienced a promotion match.

Since then, Roh Hoe-jong, who had a short break, has re-entered Turkey, where he spent his core career, and won a ticket to the 2020 LOL World Cup. Roh Hoe-jong, who took a break after the 2020 LOL World Cup, will return as a player after three seasons. Roh Hoe-jong is a member of Nongshim and can play from the second round.

Meanwhile, Nongshim urgently called up “Silbi” Lee Seung-bok as the main jungler “Dread” Lee Jin-hyuk was sanded down due to health problems. Lee Seung-bok played in LCK games when first-tier players were confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus (COVID-19) last spring season.

Takahashi Kazuki, the original author of “Yu-Gi-Oh!” dies

Takahashi Kazuki, the original author of “Yu-Gi-Oh!” dies


Kazuki Takahashi, a Japanese cartoonist and author of the “Yu-Gi-Oh” series, died on July 6 at the age of 60.

On the morning of the 6th, local Japanese media reported breaking news that they found a body believed to be Kazuki Takahashi on the beach in Nagoya, Okinawa Prefecture, and the next day, on the 7th, the maritime security office in Nagoya confirmed that Kazuki Takahashi himself. At the time of his death, Kazuki Takahashi was wearing a snorkeling device, so the cause of death is believed to have been caused by an accident while snorkeling.

Kazuki Takahashi worked as a designer for a game company and changed his job as a cartoonist, and later rose to stardom by acquiring everything in the “Yu-Gi-Oh” series (including various copyrights, copyrights, and writers themselves). Since then, with the production of the TCG of the Yu-Gi-Oh series, Kazuki Takahashi has achieved greater success and has maintained the top five annual cartoon profits in Japan for more than 15 years since the cartoon was completed.

On the other hand, his representative work, “Yu-Gi-Wang” series, has been produced with countless video games as well as actual playable TCGs, and his latest work includes “Yu-Gi-Wang Master Dual,” which was released on a multi-platform. 토토추천

Wemade hits No. 1 spot in Google Play for ‘Mir

Wemade hits No. 1 spot in Google Play for ‘Mir


The new film “Mir M: Vanguard and Bagabond” (hereinafter referred to as “Mir M”) ranked first in the popularity of Google Play.

According to the game industry on the 1st, MirM, which was released

by Wemade (CEO Jang Hyun-guk) on the 23rd of last month, ranked first in Google Play.

It is interpreted as a result of the continued influx of new users following its ranking of 4th in sales.

MirM is a large-scale multi-access role play game (MMORPG) developed

by Wemade based on “Legend of Mir 2” intellectual property (IP).

It strengthened the importance of strategies and tactics through 8-way grid

battles and quarter views, and captured Wemade’s know-how in game services.토토사이트

Fenerbachce to recruit Bao Jung Hyun-woo from D.R.X

Fenerbachce to recruit Bao Jung Hyun-woo from D.R.X


Fenerbachce e-sports recruited “Bao” Jung Hyun-woo, who was active in DRX.

Jung Hyun-woo, who joined this time, joined King Zone Dragon X (currently DRX) in 2019.

Since then, Jung Hyun-woo, who was called up to the first division last year after going

through the DARX Academy, recorded 21 wins and 16 losses (KDA 3.18).

However, in the summer season, he was sluggish with 3 wins and 16 losses (KDA 2.05) and

was demoted to the second division in the middle of the season.

Jung Hyun-woo, who left the team in December last year, will return as a player after a season.

Fenerbachce e-sports, which Jung Hyun-woo joined this time, played by many Korean

players such as “Ray” Jeon Ji-won, “Hit” Shin Tae-min, and “Untara” Park Eui-jin, and also

participated in the League of Legends World Championship (LOL World Cup).

Currently, “Sung-hwan” Yoon Sung-hwan is active, and he remains at the bottom with all six losses in the 2022 TCL Summer.코인파워볼

Com2us Group Participates in World’s Largest Creator Event ‘Bidcon 2022’

Com2us Group Participates in World’s Largest Creator Event ‘Bidcon 2022’


Com2us Group participated in the industry session of “Bidcon 2022,” the world’s largest creator event.

Com2us Holdings announced on the 28th that Com2us Group participated in “Bidcon 2022” and shared the vision and direction of “C2X NFT Marketplace” with the C2X blockchain platform. Com2us Group made an announcement under the theme of “WEB3 & NFTS: THE NEXT LEVEL ENGAGEMENT OF FANS” through Bidcon’s industry session on the afternoon of the 24th (local time in the U.S.). Director Michael Lee and manager Kim Hong-seok participated in the session with the hosting of Scott Chavez, senior brand manager of Com2us USA.

In the announcement, which lasted about an hour, many content producers and media content company officials who visited the site shared actual operational examples of the C2X NFT Marketplace, including the vision of the C2X blockchain platform. The “C2X NFT Marketplace,” which opened in April, has successfully sold K-pop group “Very Berry,” “The Girl of the Month,” and JTBC’s dance survival entertainment program “Showdown” NFT.

Based on its operational experience, Com2us Group introduced the differentiated convenience of “C2X NFT Marketplace” and shared opinions on monetization of NFT-based content and ownership sharing by creators and media companies. Through various questions and responses from officials who visited the site, high interest in the growth potential of the “C2X NFT Marketplace” was confirmed.코인파워볼

Bidcon, which was held at the Anaheim Convention Center in California from the 22nd to the 25th, is the world’s largest creator festival that began in 2010, and YouTubers, creators, media companies, and MCN from around the world participated. This year, the short form platform “TikTok” was the main sponsor, and an industry session was also set up to share key policies, success stories and trends of various global media content companies.

T1 trying to surpass SKT’s record again

T1 trying to surpass SKT’s record again


T1 has won 22 games in a row. There is only one match left until SKT’s 23 consecutive wins in 2015. “Faker” Lee Sang-hyuk, who is still in his position, revealed that his willingness to practice and develop steadily continues.

T1 won one game in the first week and fifth day of the 2022 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) summer split at Roll Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 19th.

Lee Sang-hyuk, who said, “I won the match against KT today, but I’m sorry that my performance is not as good as I thought.” He said, “There were many mistakes and my concentration in the situation of engagement was not good,” referring to the mistakes and concentration as a regret.

This summer season, he often shows how he overcomes disadvantageous situations with Baron. Regarding the opponent’s surprise hunt, Lee Sang-hyuk said, “It is most important to read the opponent’s psychology well,” and talked about psychological warfare such as “There may be cases where the ward is not intentionally erased, and liners may show their faces on the line.”

He also said that the biggest advantage that a disadvantaged team can gain when it succeeds in hunting Baron could buy dealers’ growth time. Lee Sang-hyuk said, “The biggest advantage of a disadvantaged team succeeding in hunting Baron is that it buys time,” and added, “We focus on growing dealers by buying time in disadvantageous situations.”

On the same day, T1 won 22 consecutive matches with KT. There is only one step left before the 23 consecutive wins recorded by SKT T1 are broken by Faker and the players of the renewed T1. The players are making good results. I think it’s a good opportunity, and that’s how much I work harder,” said Lee Sang-hyuk. However, when asked if he was giving personal meaning to the winning streak, he said, “It’s not giving much meaning. It is more important to boost performance,” he stressed.

Asked if there was anything different from the past, he said, “The willingness to practice steadily and develop is similar then and now,” revealing that he is still trying.

He also reported that there is still a lot to supplement as a team. “It’s a lot less than a spring,” he said. Lee Sang-hyuk, who analyzed the current team, said, “The spring season was much better than now because it was before the Corona issue.” I think this summer season will be a little more difficult because there are many things that are lacking because the form has not returned properly yet,” he said, expressing his thoughts that it will not be an easy season. In order to overcome these difficulties, he said, “It is important to manage your condition well and practice hard.”

The solo rank champion recommended by Lee Sang-hyuk to League of Legends users is Mid Sinjid. “I recommend it because the indicators are good,” he said, explaining the reason for recommending the champion. I think it’s possible to use it as a sun pick in a low section. In the case of items and runes, it is good to refer to the pledges that have been made,” he added.

T1’s goal is to win the league and international competitions. Lee Sang-hyuk said, “Of course, my goal for this season is to win. In addition, the biggest goal is to show good performance because I haven’t won the international competition recently,” he said.

Finally, he finished the interview by sending a message to the fans, saying, “I will try to continue my current momentum until the next game.”