Sony also offers a ‘game subscription’ plan system

Sony also offers a ‘game subscription’ plan system


Sony will enter the game subscription market in earnest by introducing a new regular subscription plan. If you pay a monthly subscription fee of about 10,000 won, you can enjoy 600 games, including famous intellectual property rights (IP) such as “Horizon Zero Dawn.” Sony, the undisputed No. 1 player in console games, is expected to jump into the game subscription market, which is currently more than 60% occupied by Microsoft’s Xbox.

According to industries on the 19th, Sony will introduce a new ‘PlayStation Plus’ plan in Asia except for Japan from the 24th. The plan includes existing subscription and streaming services with the same name

It was expanded and reorganized by integrating ‘PS Now’ into three grades: △ Essential △ Special △ Premium and Deluxe. The special plan offers up to 400 games and the premium plan offers about 700 games.

In fact, Sony has been passive in subscribing to games. Previously, regular subscription services were provided, but only two to three free games were distributed every month, which was criticized as “pattern-only subscription.”

The industry diagnoses that there was no need to actively expand game subscriptions as Sony has already secured an overwhelming share. According to Ampere Analysis, Sony accounted for 46 percent of the total console game market (72.8 trillion won) last year, beating second-place MS (25 percent). The number of members of the existing regular subscription service also reached 47.4 million as of March this year. The figure is double the number of “Game Pass” subscribers (25 million) of MSX Box, which is known to offer much more benefits.

However, the situation turned around as Microsoft acquired Activision Blizzard for 82 trillion won earlier this year. Microsoft said it will also include Activision Blizzard’s IP in its game path. Activision Blizzard is a company that has several large IPs such as ‘Call of the Duty’, ‘StarCraft’, and ‘Diablo’. If Microsoft exclusively provides box office IP through game passes, Sony’s stronghold will also be threatened. It is also a big burden for Sony that Microsoft has secured a large number of IPs by merging “Zenemax Media,” which includes a number of famous game developers such as “Bedesda,” prior to the acquisition of Activision Blizzard. “Unlike Microsoft, which has various business portfolios, Sony relies on the game sector for about 30% of its total sales,” an industry source said. “In order to survive, it would have had to throw a check on expanding subscription services.” looks

The industry predicts that competition in the game subscription market will begin in earnest in the future. In 2017, Microsoft released an Xbox game pass that provides more than 100 games for $9.99 a month. The number of members increased from 10 million in 2020 to 25 million now. Currently, the share in the streaming-based game subscription market is more than 60%. Big tech companies Amazon and Google have also entered the market with “Luna” and “Stadia,” respectively, but they are struggling with little results due to their lack of IP. On the other hand, Sony is said to be competitive as it has secured a significant number of its own IPs, including “Destiny” of Bungee Studio, which was acquired earlier this year.

Meanwhile, as console “Yanggang” aggressively increases game subscription services, domestic game companies, which are scheduled to debut in the console market from this year, are also expected to get opportunities. Domestic game companies may have difficulty attracting customers in the early stages due to a lack of awareness in the console market. Analysts say that if it is on the subscription service of Sony and Microsoft, it will be able to enjoy not only the promotional effect but also the inflow effect of overseas users. In fact, Neowiz, which launched Skull through Xbox Game Pass in February, said, “We enjoyed the effect of increasing profitability as more new users increased after entering the game pass,” adding, “Entering the game pass itself has the effect of recognizing gameability.”

Pokémon Go, New Esper Pokémon to Appear

Pokémon Go, New Esper Pokémon to Appear

Pokémon Go

In “Pokémon Go,” which is carrying out various updates for the “Joking Season,” it announced the arrival of a new Pokemon for “Esper Week.”

On the 1st, Pokémon Go announced the appearance of new Esper-type Pokémon “Okaying” and “Calamanero” during the “Esper Week” period from the 8th to the 13th through its official website.

Okayzing is a monster that appeared in the X-Y version of Pokemon that needs ‘special conditions’ for evolution. As a hint, non-game factors, not within the game, influence.

The evolutionary Kalamanero is a Pokémon with a rather threatening appearance and is worth posting on the “release list” considering the cute appearance of Okaging. However, since the original film had its own use, it remains to be seen what performance Pokémon Go will show.

Meanwhile, Pokémon Go is hosting various events such as “Joking Season” in September. In this season, various “preliminary events” will be held ahead of Halloween, including “Esper Week,” starting with “The Appearance of Hoopa” on the 5th.

Salke04 eSports, which announced the team’s disbandment

Salke04 eSports, which announced the team’s disbandment, continues its reputation in the German league.

Salke04 eSports

Salke04 eSports, which announced the disbandment of the team by selling seed rights in June, will be maintained.

On the 26th, Salke04 eSports announced on its official SNS that it would not disband the team and continue the team in the German Prime League.

“I am happy to remain a member of the League of Legends and continue my career in the German Prime League,” said Salke04 eSports.

We will fight for the German championship and the EU Masters to the end.

Salke04 sold its LEC seed on June 30 due to deterioration of its management.

The decline in profits from “Corona 19” combined with FC Schalke04’s downgrade to the Bundesliga, resulting in a huge financial impact.

The management said it had no other choice.

At that time, the LEC seed was sold to € 26.5 million.

Salke04 said it will play in the local league and communicate directly with fans and

promote local e-sports through more exchanges.

“LEC license sales are not the end, but the start of a new success story,”

said Salke04, asking for fans’ support in the upcoming competition.

2K announces release of ‘WWE 2K22’ in March next year

2K announces release of ‘WWE 2K22’ in March next year

WWE 2K22

2K and Visual Concepts announced that they will release their professional wrestling game series “WWE 2K22” in March 2022 at the “WWE Summer Slam 2021” held last weekend.

‘WWE2K22′ aims to deliver impressive experiences with new controls, amazing graphics and redesigned engines.

During the development process, 85% of the players in the game went through face scans to create much more realistic and improved person modeling, capturing more than 3,400 new animations.

A video of gameplay was also released. Not only WWE superstars Rey Mysterio, but also Roman Reigns, Goldberg, Bayley, Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre, The Miz, Sheamus, and Nakamura Shinskae.

Also, screenshots of WWE Superstar Edge’s costumes, fireworks and stage lighting will be released, raising fans’ expectations.토토사이트

More details will be released in January 2022, and information on “WWE 2K22” can be found on the official website or by following Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube channels.

T1, excluding 1R’s “gumayusi” and 1R’s “Teddy” selection.

T1, excluding 1R’s “gumayusi” and 1R’s “Teddy” selection.


“If you watch the game yourself, you’ll see the starting roaster.”

Asked about the appearance of Teddy Park Jin-sung a day before the game, acting T1 coach Sohn Suk-hee declined to say anything about Liv San Park and the first round starter of the playoffs, but did not deny it. In the end, T1’s choice was “Teddy,” not “gumayushi.” “Teddy” Park Jin-sung was selected as a one-deal starter for the first round of the playoffs.

T1 has changed its best five lineup, which was used at the end of the regular season in the first round of the playoffs against Summer Rib San Park of 2021 LOL Champions Korea at LCK Arena in Jongno, Seoul, on the afternoon of the 19th. “Teddy” Park Jin-sung, who had been excluded from the starting lineup since the replacement of coach Yang Dae-in, was selected as the starting one deal.

“Teddy” Park Jin-sung seemed to solidify his position as a starting pitcher during the first round of the summer, but was excluded from the selection since the game against Zenji on July 11. At the end of the season, as the performance of “Kuma Youshi” faltered in the 10th week of the season, he was called back as a starter.

T1, which changed the one deal, set up a starting lineup with “Kanna” Kim Chang-dong, “owner” Moon Hyun-joon, “Faker” Lee Sang-hyuk, “Teddy” Park Jin-sung and “Keria” Ryu Min-seok.

The best five of Liv San Park, led by director Kim Mok-kyung, is the same as the season. Summit” Park Woo-tae, “Croco” Kim Dong-beom, “Fate” Yoo Soo-hyuk, “Prince” Lee Chae-hwan and “Effort” Lee Sang-ho were listed in the starting lineup.

“Teddy” Park Jin-sung chose Ash, and “Prince” Lee Chae-hwan will face off as Calista.

Battleground Mobile India Launches iOS Version

Battleground Mobile India Launches iOS Version of Google Player


“Battleground Mobile India,” which surpassed 50 million cumulative downloads from Google Play’s single market 44 days after its launch, has released an iOS version.

Krafton announced on the 18th that it has released an iOS version of “BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA” in India.

Krafton first introduced “Battleground Mobile India” to India on July 2.

“Battleground Mobile India” recorded 34 million cumulative users within a week of its release and surpassed 50 million cumulative downloads within 44 days of its release.

It has continued to gain popularity from the beginning, with a maximum number of 16 million users per day and 2.4 million simultaneous users per day.안전놀이터

Meanwhile, “Battleground Mobile India 2021,” the first e-sports competition of “Battleground Mobile India,” announced in July, is heated for the preliminary round.

More than 540,000 participants have applied so far for the preliminary round, the first step toward a total prize of 10 million rupees.

Among them, 1,024 teams will play one more online qualifiers, and 16 teams will eventually advance to the Grand Finals at the end of this year.

Riot, let’s see who’s the best in Legend of runtera.

Riot, let’s see who’s the best in Legend of runtera.

Legend of Runtera
Riot Games will hold a season tournament on the 14th of the season of Legend of Runtera (LoR), a strategy card game based on the “League of Legends (LoL)” worldview.

The LoR season tournament is an international e-sports competition for top-ranked users in Asia (Korea, Japan), America (North America, Brazil, Latin America), Europe, Southeast Asia (Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines), and is held at the end of each season every two months.

This is the first tournament since the launch of the underground world’s turbulence, the last expansion pack set in Shrima, the southern part of the planet Runtera. It is expected that the participants will have a heated competition with a total of 43 new cards.

The “Underground World Turbulence” season tournament will start with the preliminary round of the round of 124, which will be held on August 14, and a total of 32 players who survived the preliminary round will advance to the playoffs on August 21. The total prize money is $20,000, and the final winner is $10,000 along with the honor of the season champion. All participants are entitled to the back of the limited card when recording three wins.

Qualifications to participate in the competition can be obtained in two ways: rank game and competitive mode, Guntlet. The top 700 players in each region’s ranking automatically get a chance to participate in the tournament. In order to qualify for the competition through the Guntlet, he can win seven games in the “Last Chance Guntlet.” However, since only 324 people are eligible to participate on a first-come-first-served basis, it is advantageous to participate in the weekly gauntlet.

The tournament will be held in an open round before the final playoffs, where 32 players are determined, and will qualify for the playoffs if they record more than eight wins in an open round of nine. Participants assigned as top seed according to the season rankings will be entitled to the same qualification even if they achieve seven wins. The match schedule will begin at 16:55 p.m. on August 21, and the final will be held at the same day.

In particular, attention is being paid to whether Korean players will defend their position in the LoR season tournament in Asia as the Korean player defeated the Japanese ranker Pisukaru in the final of the season tournament held in June this year.

Smilegate ‘Lost Ark’ Taiwan Company Publishing Contracts

Smilegate ‘Lost Ark’ Taiwan Company Publishing Contracts

Lost Ark
Smilegate RPG is a Taiwanese company Happy Tok and MMORPG (Multi-Access Role Playing Game).

It announced on the 9th that it signed a Taiwan publishing contract for Lost Ark.

The two companies are planning to focus all their capabilities on launching and settling the Taiwan market successfully through this contract.

Specific release schedule will be released later.

Happytook is a leading game publishing company in Taiwan founded in 2012 and has 14 types of online games and

It serves the most games titles in Taiwan, including a number of mobile games.

With the publishing contract, Lost Ark will be able to enter the Taiwanese market after South Korea, Russia, Japan, North America and Europe.

Earlier in June, Smilegate RPG formalized North American and European publishing of Lost Ark with global company Amazon.

“I’m happy to have a partnership with Happy Tok,” said Ji Won-gil, CEO of RPG at Smilegate.

“We look forward to creating the best game through the synergy of the two companies’ expertise,” he said. 토토사이트

[LCK CL] T1, show off overwhelming performance

[LCK CL] T1, show off overwhelming performance and beat Hanwha Insurance.

T1, which showed perfect harmony of offense and defense, won the game with its strong operation. 안전놀이터

The LCK Challengers League Summer Split, which was held online on the 3rd, was held in one game on the 9th week.

He beat Hanwha Life’s e-Sports with his excellent performance and recorded his fifth win.

Earlier in the game, T1’s trundles intervened in the lower part of the game, forcing Varus into a three-man force.

He scored his first kill point, but immediately afterwards, Hanwha Life also knocked down Okong in the upper area.

After one battle between the two teams in the center, T1 monopolized the first dragon and the messenger.

Trundles in the jungle scored a double kill and summoned messengers to the central area.

T1 also took the eyes of the second messenger and summoned him back to the central area to demolish the first tower.

Despite his opponent’s checks, he built three dragon stacks without much difficulty and pressured his opponents from all over the world.

At the beginning of the all-out war, when T1 started in the central region, Hanwha Life seemed to be falling behind, but Oriana was not.

He eliminated the thrush, pushed the opponent away, caught the fourth dragon, and blocked the opponent’s fourth dragon.

Flinched by the opponent’s counterattack, T1 drew the opponent toward Baron and turned it into a battle.

At the end of the chase, he scored four kills and put on a baron buff. T1 adds kill with additional strike.

Hanwha’s aim was blocked one by one, and T1 also took the spirit of the Earth Dragon.

Three kills in a rear assault on T1 during a central area skirmish, then head straight into the opponent’s base.

He destroyed Nexus by stamping down the last resistance.

Group of employees resisting allegations

Group of employees resisting allegations of sexual harassment by Activision Blizzard

Activision Blizzard

More than 1,000 former and current employees of Activision Blizzard have protested against the company’s management. Former and current employees who protested against the alleged denial of suspicion by Activision Blizzard management accused of discrimination and sexual harassment against female employees have demanded the resignation of the manager and the prevention of recurrence.

Activision Blizzard was indicted by the California State Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) on the 20th (local time) on charges of discriminatory treatment and continuous sexual harassment of female employees. According to DFEH, 20% of all employees at Activision Blizzard have suffered disadvantages throughout the past two years, and sexual harassment is rampant in the company, with male employees making obscene and nude pictures of female employees.

Activision Blizzard denied the allegations, calling the lawsuit “distorted or false” and “a worthless and irresponsible lawsuit,” but the controversy escalated as related testimony from former and current executives continued.

“Francis Townsend’s subsequent internal statements about the action Blizzard and the DFEH lawsuit are disgusting and insulting,” said some 1,600 former and current employees of Activision Blizzard, calling the testimony “distorted or false” an attempt to silence the company.

“We cannot believe that management will put employees’ safety above their interests in the face of legal action and concerns,” said former and current employees of Activision Blizzard. “We cannot accept what many former and current employees claim to be a “valueless and irresponsible lawsuit.”

Activision Blizzard’s former and current employees urged the resignation of Francis Townsend, a senior executive who spoke in question, and demanded that employees have a safe say. “We stand with friends, team members and colleagues who have experienced all kinds of abuse or harassment. We will not be silent, and we will not give up until the company becomes a job that everyone can feel proud of.”