“Maple Story” collaboration teaser video with BLACKPINK…

“Maple Story” collaboration teaser video with BLACKPINK will be released

Maple Story

Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-heon) announced a collaboration project with “MapleStory” and global artist BLACKPINK on the 6th and released a teaser video.

The teaser video released shows BLACKPINK members talking about their thoughts, experiences, and items they have about “MapleStory” fashion and passionately suggesting various ideas while participating in the development of “Maple Story” fashion items.

Nexon plans to release the first and second main episodes in the teaser video.

The first episode features the process of identifying the “MapleStory” coordination trend as BLACKPINK members speculate on the user selection results of the “2022 Maple Coordination Tournament” in advance.

The second episode plans to showcase the process of designing collaboration items by BLACKPINK members themselves.

Witcher 3, PS5 Complete Edition will be released on January…

Witcher 3, PS5 Complete Edition will be released on January 31 next year

Witcher 3

Bandai Namco Entertainment Korea (CEO Gerald Noonan) will release the PlayStation 5 version of the open world RPG “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition” produced by CD Project Red (CDPR) on January 31 next year.

Witcher 3 Complete Edition is an upgraded game for next-generation devices, and has improved its completeness through various visual and technological improvements such as ray tracing support and loading speed improvement.

CDPR, which developed Witcher, has received good reviews from domestic users for its excellent Korean translation in the past. This time, CDPR updated the complete edition of Witcher 3 with free Korean full dubbing. Users can enjoy the main part and both expansion packs through Korean dubbing.

All additional content released so far, including weapons, armor, side quests, game modes, and new Ghent cards, is also available. In addition, a new item inspired by the drama of the same name, which was introduced as an original Netflix series, has been added. Gerolt’s new sword, designed to commemorate the Korean dubbing, can also be found in the game.

Fortnite, Chapter 4 released…Unreal Engine 5.1 improves visuals

Fortnite, Chapter 4 released…Unreal Engine 5.1 improves visuals

Fortnite, Chapter 4

Epic Games Korea announced on the 5th that it will start Chapter 4 – Season 1 of the survival game Fortnite.

First, Chapter 4 is equipped with Unreal Engine 5.1, the latest version of Unreal Engine 5, allowing you to experience high-quality games. Millions of polygons are rendered while supporting 60fps through functions such as Nanite, Lumen, Virtual Shadow Map, and Temporal Super Resolution, and realistic light and shadow are implemented to enjoy the next-generation visual quality. It was applied to PS5, Xbox series X|S, and ‘Fortnite Battle Royale’ for cloud gaming, including PCs.

Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 4, which introduces the new island, has added five types of regions, including Shattering Slabs, which can obtain kinetic ore with magical effects, and can also increase power by enhancing reality. You can move or play in new ways, such as riding a mountain motorcycle, rolling in snowballs, or floating in the air with a shock wave hammer.

The new areas include the Agiris-dominated St Citadel, the peaceful-looking village of Anvil Square in the forest, and the abandoned farm Frenzy Fields maps. The kinetic ore obtained from the Schathed Slabs mining facility can create a magical effect and strategically attack the enemy. In addition, at Brutal Bastion, the headquarters of snow-covered warriors, hitting the snow with a pickaxe creates a snowball and attacks the enemy by jumping into the snowball and rolling it.

The reinforcement reality enhancement introduced this season can increase one’s power by selecting one of two reality enhancements presented periodically and randomly among matches, and can change the choices randomly again. A total of 22 types of reality enhancements are available, including light fingers that speed up the reload of small bullet weapons, mechanical archers who give mechanical explosive bows and mechanical shock waves, and aerial acrobats who allow gliders to unfold again during the remaining matches.

Weapons and items were also added. You can use weapons such as X-Caliber rifles, thunder shotguns, and Maven automatic shotguns, including shock wave hammers that can damage the enemy and blow the opponent away at the same time. Healing items such as slapberry and slap juice increase effective physical strength and increase the duration of energy regeneration. In addition, contact with the floating sky jellyfish on the map can increase effective physical strength. You can perform tricks on a mountain motorcycle called Trail Thrasher, or use weapons on your way on a motorcycle.

Chapter 4 Season 1 Battle Pass was also released. If you purchase a battle pass this season, Selene will be unlocked immediately. The collaboration costumes Doom series “Doom Slayer” and The Witcher series “Gerolt of Libya” as well as the clothes of Ageless, Masai, Dusty, and Nezumi, which are the IPs of Fortnite, can be unlocked.

“Tarzan” Lee Seung-yong re-signed with SuperGent for…

“Tarzan” Lee Seung-yong re-signed with SuperGent for management…


Tarzan’ Lee Seung-yong will continue his contract with SuperGent.

SUPERGENT, an e-sports agency of global e-sports company Loud Corporation, announced on the 1st that LNG Esports’ jungler Tarzan “Lee Seung-yong” has agreed to renew his management contract.

Tarzan’ Lee Seung-yong made his name known starting with winning the second division in 2018. He was in the spotlight as the main character of GRIFFIN’s Cinderella story, including winning the 2019 Lift Rivals, and imprinted three letters of his name on fans. Since then, he has worked as a member of LNG, a Chinese league team, and has made a great contribution to strengthening his power, leading LNG to advance to the LOL World Cup, which seemed impossible.

“Tarzan” Lee Seung-yong said, “I have a lot of good memories because I can only pay attention to my career while accompanying SuperGent,” and added, “I renewed this contract because I want to continue to be with SuperGent in the future and get strength in many areas.”

Seo Kyung-jong, CEO of Loud Corporation, said, “I am happy to be a support to Tarzan, who has been a pillar in need. He said, “I will do my best to support the players in both physical and mental ways to be a happy companion.”

Smilegate officially launches new crossfire IP-based RTS on December 8th

Smilegate officially launches new crossfire IP-based RTS on December 8th


Smilegate Entertainment announced on the 28th that it will release a new work “Crossfire: Legend” developed by Canada-based Blackbird Interactive (BBI) and published (distributed) by Koch Media in Germany on the 8th of next month.

Crossfire: Legend is a PC real-time strategy (RTS) game based on Smilegate’s representative intellectual property (IP) ‘Crossfire’. The crossfire world view is set in a war between military giants and terrorists, and it is a way to lead the camp to victory using various strategies.

The game features a total of nine commanders, 66 units, and 15 missions. In addition to the campaign, it provides cooperative defense mode “Thunderstrike Operation,” cooperative attack mode “Northside Operation,” arcade mode “Broll” and “Battleline.”

There are a total of 12 maps and they are divided into 3 to 3, 2 to 2, and 1 to 1. In addition, steam workshops are also supported so that users can express their creativity. 사설토토

Meanwhile, Smilegate Entertainment has improved a number of things in Crossfire: Region based on early access feedback conducted in May. In particular, it is explained that it allows you to feel the authentic RTS experience in Haegeum, content addition, and balance adjustment.

Jang Hyun-guk, CEO of Wemade, said, “I feel like I’m receiving good…

Jang Hyun-guk, CEO of Wemade, said, “I feel like I’m receiving good energy after winning the DIX LOL World Cup.”

Jang Hyun-guk

“Dialx’s LOL World Cup victory feels good.”

WeMade CEO Jang Hyun-guk, who recently signed an MOU for a partnership with DIX, who won the League of Legends World Championship (LOL World Cup), expressed satisfaction, saying, “I feel good.”

On the 10th, Wemade and DIX decided to explore and cooperate with new markets and business opportunities. WeMade CEO Jang Hyun-guk, who held a press conference at BEXCO in Busan on the 17th, said, “We announced in November that we would attract 21 billion won worth of investment with Microsoft, which was praised as a good thing, but the initial agreement was in May.”

“I knew it was a good team, but I didn’t perform well,” he said. “But I thought growing up together was the basic premise of the partnership, so I thought it would fit well.” “When I announced that I would do it together, I was happy that the team won the LOL World Cup and I felt like I was getting good energy,” he said.

CEO Jang said, “DRX also said that we have a good energy to win with WeMix. “I think it’s a good partner,” he stressed.

Regarding whether he is interested in making NFT (non-alternable token), which is an iron fist professional gamer belonging to DRX, Bae Jae-min and Warcraft 3 Jang Jae-ho, he said, “The intuitive form of NFT is a collector,” adding, “We own a few things in the world, but we are thinking of NFT as a bigger concept.” Beyond that, the player itself should be NFT, he explained.

CEO Jang cited fans of the e-sports game team as an example. He replied, “Since e-sports is a sport, it would be right to create another economy by creating a community token that determines the future of the team I support, not by fans unilaterally cheering and buying.”

Netmarble launches ‘King of Fighter Arena’ globally based on blockchain

Netmarble launches ‘King of Fighter Arena’ globally based on blockchain


Netmarble announced on the 14th that it has officially released the blockchain-based Daejeon fighting game “King of Fighter Arena” globally. South Korea and some countries where blockchain games are not serviced were excluded.

Users in the service area can download games through Google Play and the Apple App Store.

King of Fighter Arena is the second collaboration between Netmarble and Japan’s SNK. He was in charge of development at Netmarble Neo, which has accumulated various global know-how through the previous “King of Fighter All-Star” service.

King of Fighter Arena, which is applied with blockchain systems such as irreplaceable tokens (NFT) and game tokens, is a real-time user-to-user confrontation (PvP) game that can be enjoyed by selecting one of the characters in the “King of Fighter” series.

Users can obtain ‘Fight Money’ (FM) depending on whether they win or lose if they play a match with ‘Controller NFT’. In addition, if you own each fighter-based NFT “Fighter Card,” you can earn some of the “Fight Money” profits whenever the fighter’s game play takes place.

The acquired “Fight Money” can be exchanged for the game token “Fighters Club Token” (FCT) or used for upgrading the Fighter Mastery, and the “Fighters Club Token” can be exchanged with MBX through the bridge token “MBXL”.

Gen.G who didn’t have a twist… GS finished 12th

Gen.G who didn’t have a twist… GS finished 12th


The e-United (EU) kept its top spot in Group B by adding chicken on the last day. Gen.G struggled on the last day and went to the loser bracket.

On the 6th (Korea Standard Time), the EU added a chicken in the third Group B match of the “Puggy Global Championship (PGC) 2022” held at the international exhibition hall in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and finished the group preliminary round with a total of 138 points.

The EU has lost momentum compared to other days, but has consistently shown a good pace and shown a better side than the championship candidate. In Match 14, he won the group stage’s fifth chicken, accumulating a total of 30 points on the day. Gen.G was the only one who fought hard in this match but failed to reach the chicken.

The most brilliant thing on this day is China’s 17 games. The team, which had been ranked eighth with 60 points accumulated until the previous day, jumped to second place by adding 36 kills along with one chicken.

In addition, Tyreu (118 points), BBL (103 points), Take Me Away Gaming (100 points), Date Rade Gaming (97 points), Question Mark (95 points), and Wild Card Gaming (89 points) ranked third to eighth side by side, advancing to the winner bracket held the next day.

Gen.G, who was assigned to Group B, failed to make a turnaround on the same day. Those who remained in the bottom ranks with 29 points in 10 matches until the previous day finished the group qualifying round in 12th place, adding only 19 points on the day.

Gen.G will fight for the final battle to survive the tournament on the loser bracket.

2022 World Championship Final MVP ‘Kingen’ Hwang Sung-hoon

2022 World Championship Final MVP ‘Kingen’ Hwang Sung-hoon


DRX top liner “Kingen” Hwang Sung-hoon won the MVP of the 2022 World Championship final.

“Kingen” Hwang Sung-hoon showed a special performance to determine the fourth and fifth sets of the League of Legends 2022 World Championship final T1 and DRX at the Chase Center in San Francisco, California, on the 6th. Thanks to Kingen’s performance, DRX won its first World Championship title since its foundation.

Asked if he expected ‘Kinggen’ Hwang Sung-hoon to become the final MVP, he said, “I expected it. In the 4th and 5th games, the gladiatorial spirit is always displayed. “I think my potential came out because I did it with the beast’s mindset that I would die if I couldn’t kill my opponent,” he said.

As for the games played this year, I recalled the advice of “Song” coach Kim Sang-soo. “Kingen” said, “I tend to hesitate a lot about pushing for something different from what happened from the regular season until now. So many people who watched me must have seen frustrating scenes. The coach said that in the world of victory, those who hesitate lose. The words affected my play a lot. He said, “I think I’ve made this place because I played bold today,” adding, “I had the advice of coach Song in today’s performance.”

“Kingen” Hwang Sung-hoon said, “I am very grateful to my mother, father, grandmother, and grandfather who have suffered since I was in trouble. I also thank my fans for supporting me. I want to say thank you to everyone around me for waiting. “I will not be conceited and cheer up next year,” he said, wrapping up his thoughts on MVP in the final.

zeka Kim Gun-woo said, ‘3:0 is expected to win…

zeka Kim Gun-woo said, ‘3:0 is expected to win…”If you do it like before, you can beat Faker”


“I think we’re going to win 3-0.”

On the 4th (Korea Standard Time), the “League of Legends World Championship (hereinafter referred to as Worlds) 2022” media night was held in which Riot Games executives and players and coaches from both teams who advanced to the finals participate.

“zeka” Kim Gun-woo predicted DRX’s 3-0 victory on the day, saying, “It’s my first final in my first Worlds, but I think I can win even if my opponent is “Faker” if I do what I have done so far without any pressure or pressure.” “We’ve always been ‘reverse’, so I think we can do well if (the fans) cheer us on as usual,” he said. 메이저사이트

Regarding the reason why many teams did not van despite his overwhelming performance with Akali, Kim Gun-woo said, “Akali is good at it, but it’s a conditional champion,” adding, “I think it’s because it can be taken out depending on the combination or not.”

When asked how he felt about overwhelming ‘Chovy’ Jung Ji-hoon in the semifinals, he replied modestly, saying, “I think I was able to win because I had an advantage in the line match itself and all the team members did well.”