Lee Bo-young, Jeon Do-yeon, and Lee Sun-kyun, a weekend

Lee Bo-young, Jeon Do-yeon, and Lee Sun-kyun, a weekend drama, are in a serious mood.

Song Joong-ki’s “The Youngest Son of a Jaebeol House” and Kim Hye-soo’s “Shrupp,” who hit the jackpot, left, and the weekend drama Spring and Autumn Warring States Period was held again.

Lee Bo-young

The momentum of JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Agent,” tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “One Hit Scandal,” TV Chosun weekend mini-series “Red Balloon,” and SBS’ Friday-Saturday drama “Beop Tran,” which airs in the afternoon of the weekend, is alarming.

First of all, the success of the “agent” is most noticeable. According to Nielsen Korea, the ratings research company, “Agent” starring Lee Bo-young (directed by Lee Chang-min/written by Song Soo-han), which aired on January 29, recorded 12% of the nation’s paid households, breaking its own highest ratings, and soaring to 13.5%. The agency, which took its first step with a 4.797% rating under the pressure of a follow-up to the “The Youngest Son of a Rebellion House” on January 7, took over the weekend drama market with a cool double-digit score in eight episodes.

Although it is not a simultaneous competition with the agency, the momentum of “One Hit Scandal” (directed by Yoo Je-won/script by Yang Hee-seung) starring Jeon Do-yeon and Jung Kyung-ho is also alarming. The sixth episode of “One Hit Scandal,” which aired on January 29, averaged 11% and up to 11.8% based on paid platforms nationwide, surpassing its own record. Starting with 4.044% on January 14, “One Hit Scandal” more than doubled its ratings in six episodes of the show after a dramatic rise as the romance between Jeon Do-yeon and Jung Kyung-ho began in earnest. Considering that the previous work, “The Twilight: Light and Shadow,” ended at 9.651%, it can be inferred that the “one hit scandal” momentum is considerable from the beginning.

“Red Balloon” (written by Moon Young-nam/directed by Jin Hyung-wook), which drew attention due to the meeting between Seo Ji-hye and the godmother Moon Young-nam, has also formed a thick fan base from the beginning and is coming up scary. The 12th episode, which aired on January 29, once again broke its own highest ratings, soaring to 7.9% of Nielsen Korea’s national ratings and 8.9% of the highest ratings per minute. After recording 3.742% of the first broadcast on December 17 last year, “Red Balloon” has consistently shown a 6-7% rating, and has reached nearly 8% in the 12th episode, exceeding 10%.

While non-commercial dramas are gaining popularity, the propaganda of “Beol-chan” stands out on terrestrial channels. The sluggish “Beop Tran” starring Lee Sun-kyun (script by Lee Won-seok/director Lee Won-tae) also began to gain firepower in the second half. After announcing a smooth start with a nationwide rating of 8.7% on January 6, the 12-part “Law Tran” remained in single-digit ratings amid the development of sweet potatoes. Then, the ratings for the seventh episode, which aired on January 27, quickly emerged as a dark horse in the Friday-Saturday drama, recording its own highest 11.1%. The eighth episode, which aired the next day, fell slightly and recorded 10.7%, but maintained double-digit ratings for two consecutive days, raising expectations for a last-minute spurt.

KBS 2TV’s weekend drama “Three Siblings Bravely,” which guarantees a basic audience rating of 20%, is very sluggish for KBS’ weekend drama performance, failing to reach 30% despite entering the second half, but it succeeded in breaking its own highest ratings as the 37th episode aired on January 29th recorded 26.3% nationwide. It is also still showing off the highest ratings in the weekend drama market.

Meanwhile, MBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama “The Season of the Puppet,” which was unveiled on January 27, showed sluggish performance. In the first episode, he recorded a nationwide rating of 4.8%, but in the second episode, he was only 2.2%, leaving a disappointment.

Lee Junn-Ho, World Vision Ambassador’s 10th Anniversary,

Lee Junn-Ho, World Vision Ambassador’s 10th Anniversary, “I’m happy to share.”

Singer and actor Lee Joon-ho expressed his meaningful feelings to mark the 10th anniversary of the ambassador for the international relief and development NGO World Vision (hereinafter referred to as World Vision).

Lee Junn-Ho

Lee Joon-ho first established a relationship with World Vision in 2011 with the sponsorship of children in Ethiopia and Ghana. The following year, on July 27, 2012, he was officially appointed as an ambassador for World Vision and worked for the next 10 years to give warm hands to places in need of warmth. In 2022, the 10th year since Lee Jun-ho spread his good influence as a World Vision ambassador, a surprise event was held to commemorate it a day before Christmas.

The event was a surprise event prepared by World Vision and sponsors who started sponsoring the EBS program Global Project Sharing, which included Lee Joon-ho’s volunteer work in Ethiopia in 2012, and music director Shin Bong-won, who accompanied the volunteer work at the time. On top of that, a congratulatory video and a thank-you plaque delivery ceremony sent by Felmeta, an Ethiopian-sponsored child who has been linked to Lee Joon-ho for 10 years, were filled with warm greetings and heartwarming times.

A supporter who attended the meeting said, “I started sponsorship for the first time after watching a broadcast that Lee Joon-ho went to Ethiopia 10 years ago. Ten years later, I turned 24 years old, Lee Joon-ho’s age at the time. “I sincerely thank Lee Joon-ho for helping me do good things,” he said. “Pelmeta, an Ethiopian-sponsored child, recalled his time with Lee Joon-ho through the video and expressed his gratitude, saying that his encouragement and support became the driving force of my life and dreamed of becoming a lawyer.” Lee Joon-ho said, “It’s the biggest surprise of my life. I’m so touched and thankful. I was happy to share the past 10 years with World Vision. So it’s a memory that I can say with confidence everywhere. It was a 10-year journey that was possible because many people helped. I will continue to do well,” he said. In particular, he said to Felmeta, “I remember the heart and time that I was excited when I first went to Ethiopia vividly. Felmetta has been a great strength and reward in my life. No matter what dream you have, you cheer for that dream, so you can challenge yourself as much as you want and be happier than anyone else in that time. I hope I can be a driving force in life for others,” he responded.

Lee Joon-ho continues to do good deeds and share with World Vision. In 2015 and 2017, it set up a booth to promote children’s sponsorship programs and led domestic and foreign fans to participate, and delivered KRW 26 million in donations for the Ethiopian drinking water business with HOTTEST (Fandom name: HOTTEST). In 2018, he directly participated in various events, including the Global 6K For Water campaign, and in February 2020, he started sponsoring a domestic child through World Vision, and in March of the same year, he delivered KRW 30 million in emergency relief for children suffering from COVID-19.

In April 2021, JYP Entertainment and World Vision agreed to sponsor children’s medical expenses, and as part of this, they carried out a funding project for Mongolian children suffering from a cold wave in August last year to present a total of 1,100 eco-friendly comers with fans.

Drama Casino Son Seok-gu and Lee Dong-hwi, ‘Business trip

Drama Casino Son Seok-gu and Lee Dong-hwi, ‘Business trip 15YA2’ will be launched…a match-up.

The game competition between the drama Casino team and producer Na Young-seok will take place.

Drama Casino

Actors Son Seok-gu, Lee Dong-hwi, Kim Joo-ryeong, Son Eun-seo, Lee Hae-woo, and Lim Hyung-joon, who drew enthusiastic reviews through the drama Casino Season 1, will make a surprise appearance on the YouTube channel “Channel Fifteen Night 2” led by PD Na Young-seok on the 3rd.

They are expected to give off their teamwork that shone in the work and sincerely play all games to provide the greatest fun ever.

Rumor has it that “Team Casino” spent a lot of time full of twists and joy in various games that continue constantly, stimulating the desire to win.

In addition, through this episode of “Business trip 15YA2” and “Casino,” you can see the points selected by actors for Season 2 that will visit subscribers from the 15th, adding to the speciality.

Episode 1 of “Business Trip 15YA2” and “Casino” will be released on YouTube on the 3rd, and episode 2 will be released on the 10th and aired for 60 minutes on tvN’s “Business Trip 15YA2” at 10:30 p.m.

Disney+’s original series “Casino” tells the intense story of “Cha Moo-sik,” a man who became a casino legend in the Philippines with no money and no money, getting caught up in a murder case and starting his last bet on the edge of his life.

Season 2 will release one to three episodes on February 15, and one episode will be released every Wednesday at 5 p.m. All episodes of season 1 are available on Disney+ today.

Actor Jung Il-woo, Successful Fan Meeting Tour in Japan…We met

Actor Jung Il-woo, Successful Fan Meeting Tour in Japan…We met 10,000 people in eight cities.

Actor Jung Il-woo successfully ended his Japan fan meeting tour.

Actor Jung Il-woo

Jung Il-woo’s Japan fan meeting tour has been held since October last year under the titles of “Smile Woo Be Happy” and “Colorful Man.”

He visited a total of eight cities, including Nagoya, Sendai, Sapporo, Fukuoka, Osaka, Hiroshima, Kobe, and Tokyo, and met about 10,000 fans.

In particular, as it was the first fan meeting in three years since 2019, Jung Il-woo poured his passion into all corners by writing his own scripts as well as giving ideas with longing and gratitude for fans.

He prepared songs that he participated in writing lyrics to songs in Japanese, and also expressed his strong ambition to challenge the release of the album. In addition, he sang “Love Letter,” “Confession,” “Starry Lane,” “I Remember You,” and “Anohi.”

He also impressed fans by presenting behind-the-scenes stories that were not disclosed while working in various fields such as dramas, plays, and entertainment, and incense bags that Jung Il-woo’s mother worked on overnight on the 3rd.

Actor Jung Il-woo said, “It was a really happy time with my fans. “I will run hard this year with the gratitude of the fans,” he said. “In 2023, I will work harder to be more active and deliver good news so that I can be happy.”

Meanwhile, Jung Il-woo is scheduled to meet Japanese audiences with the movie ‘Highway Family’ in April.

Actor Park Jin-joo even took over the musical…”Red Book” is

Actor Park Jin-joo even took over the musical…”Red Book” is confirmed.

Actor Park Jin-joo expands her career beyond the screen to the stage.

Actor Park Jin-joo

The agency & Mark said on the 26th, “Park Jin-joo has confirmed her appearance in the musical ‘Red Book’.” Park Jin-joo, who has shown solid acting and stable vocal skills, is expected to release positive energy on stage.

“Red Book” is a film about Anna, a woman who just wants to live as me rather than a lady, and Brown, a man who only knows how to live as a gentleman, learning the value of understanding and respect through each other in the 19th century London and conservative Victorian era.

Actress Park Jin-joo plays Anna, an honest and enterprising woman who dreams of the future after enduring the exhaustion of reality with an ugly imagination. Anna is a person who has doubts about herself that is different from others deep in her heart, unlike her pleasant and confident appearance.

So far, Park Jin-joo has been on “King of Mask Singer,” “Avatar Singer,” and “What do you do when you play?”He has appeared on various entertainment programs such as ‘He showed off his outstanding singing skills. In addition, in the musical movie “Hero,” he captivated the audience with his outstanding singing ability and tone as a comrade Ma Jin-ju, who takes care of the Independence Army.

Park Jin-joo, who is active on and off the screen, is disintegrated into “Red Book” Anna, raising expectations for how she will perform.

“Red Book” will open on March 14 at the Grand Theater of the Daehak-ro Art Center at Hongik University.

Singer Song Ga-in thoughts on ending the show with “Blessings”

Singer Song Ga-in thoughts on ending the show with “Blessings” “It feels like a healing trip, not a shoot.””Thank you”.

Singer Song Ga-in expressed her feelings after finishing TV Chosun’s real variety show “Go with the Blessings.”

Singer Song Ga-in

Song Ga-in said on his SNS on the 25th, “With a blessing! “Last episode! I love you all who have watched it,” he posted several photos and expressed his sincere feelings through his agency.

Since November last year, Song Ga-in and Kim Ho-joong have appeared on TV Chosun’s “GO” and completed the special reverse tribute project by running 8,436km round trip for three months not only in Korea but also abroad.

Singer Song Ga-in first thanked Kim Ho-joong for joining the program, saying, “In fact, I was worried if I could do well at first because it had been a long time since the fixed entertainment program, but thanks to Kim Ho-joong, who trusted and entrusted it to me, I was able to finish it well.”

“I always felt like I was on a healing trip, not filming. He said, “I feel grateful that I can give laughter and emotion to many people with my song, and I rather gained a lot of things,” adding, “I ask for a lot of love for the duet song ‘Me After You’ sung with Ho-joong.”

Lastly, “Thank you so much to the viewers who have been with us on ‘With the Blessings (GO).” Happy New Year,” he added.

Meanwhile, Song Ga-in, who successfully completed the national tour concert and the first solo dinner show last year, will meet with fans through various activities this year.

“New Year’s First Idol” group Eighton unveiled five tracks that will..

“New Year’s First Idol” group Eighton unveiled five tracks that will suit Generation Z’s taste.

The track list of the debut album of the group 8TURN has been released.

The group Atton (Jae Yoon, Myung Ho, Minho, Yoon Sung, Haemin, Kyung Min, Yoon Kyu, and Seungheon) released the track list of their first mini-album “8TURNRISE” on their official SNS in the afternoon of the 24th.

group Eighton

According to the track list, a total of five tracks, including the title track “Tiktaek,” “WE,” “Wonder,” “Say My Name” and “Hurt Ake,” will fill “8tonrise.”

The track list, where the flag bearing the team name “8TURN” reveals its strong presence, has the hot energy of “8TURN,” which stimulates curiosity about the entire album.

The group 8ton captured the first movement to wake up the world imbued with familiarity with five tracks in “8tonrise.” Eighton’s potential, which is recognized in the industry even before its official debut, is already fresh in combination with styling and unique trendyness that stand out for bold attempts, raising expectations.

The eight members with infinite possibilities are determined to faithfully portray the message, “The value that represents me is myself,” with high-quality music and differentiated performances. Expectations are high for the first album of Eighton, which will be filled with confident and energetic music, not obvious and boring stories.

Eighton, which continues to announce a strong move to change the game of the 4th generation idol group by continuing various promotions, will release its debut album “8tonize” at 6 p.m. on the 30th and appear on debut shows on Mnet and M2 YouTube channels at 8 p.m. on the same day. The physical album began pre-orders on the 17th and will be officially sold offline on February 6th.

“I like watching martial arts at home…” actor Kim Hyun-joo said.

“I like watching martial arts at home…” actor Kim Hyun-joo said.There was no difficulty in action.

Actor Kim Hyun-joo said, “Jeong’s hairstyle was also completed after several attempts. “As I worked on the work, I felt that I was becoming more affectionate,” he recalled.

actor Kim Hyun-joo

In an interview held at a cafe in Sogyeok-dong, Seoul on the morning of the 25th, Kim Hyun-joo said with a smile, “I saw an article that director Yeon Sang-ho praised me as ‘friendly’ and thought what if I didn’t fit in.”

“Jeongi” (Director Yeon Sang-ho, Climax Studio, provided by Netflix) is a science fiction film about people trying to develop the best battle A.I. by cloning the legendary mercenary Jeongi’s brain to end the war in Shelter, which moved away from the ruined planet due to climate change.

Actor Kim Hyun-joo plays Jung Yi, who stands on the border between humans and A.I. Having performed bare-body action close to perfection, she said, “I usually like to watch martial arts games at home. “I often turn on TV at home,” he said. “I thought I could do it to some extent because there were not many actions in ‘Hell,’ but ‘Jeong’ was a different style of action.” Still, the action I’ve been working on in ‘hell’ has helped me to some extent, he said.

“Jeongi” was produced by Climax Studio, which introduced dramas such as “D.P.” (2021), “Hell” (2021), and “Loyalty” (2022). Expectations were high even before it was released as a science fiction genre presented by director Yeon Sang-ho, who pursues novelty, and intense transformation of actors who do not need a new subject and modifier, called brain cloning experiment in the 22nd century.

Actor Kim Hyun-joo then said, “I’ve been acting a lot of emotionally, so there haven’t been a lot of action and body acting. But this time, I had fun doing the movie,” he said. “There was no actual robot at the scene, but the action team acted well in action. So I think I was also able to do well without difficulties,” he said.

You can watch “Jeongyi” on Netflix now.

Singer Heo Gong sings the OST of the webtoon ‘Yojo Shrine..

Singer Heo Gong sings the OST of the webtoon ‘Yojo Shrine Macho Lady’.Released today (25th).

Singer Heo Gong gives a deep lingering impression.

Singer Heo Gong

At 6 p.m. on the 25th, the webtoon “Yojo Shrine Macho Lady” OST “I wanted to catch you” will be released through various online music sites.

The OST title song “I wanted to catch you” is a ballad song that sings the sad heart of a person who can’t forget the other person after a breakup, a collaboration between composers W, Damu, JAK, and Gunchi, who have made OSTs for numerous dramas.

Songs and lyrical melodies depicting a person’s honest feelings, such as “I wanted to hold you, come back, I’m not used to being selfish, but it’s too late to turn back the moment we loved each other.

On top of that, emotional vocalist Huh Gong participated in the singing, adding perfection. Heo Gong plans to increase his immersion in the development of the play with his unique mournful vocals, delicate expression, and explosive singing skills.

Singer Huh Gong took his first step in the music industry with his debut song “I Love You” in 2014, and participated in various drama OSTs such as “Tracker,” “Blow Me-pung,” “Eun-soo in the Light,” “Gangnam Scandal,” “The Father of the Typhoon,” “Game of Witch” and “Bean in My Eyes.”

The author’s webtoon “Yojo Shrine Macho Lady” is a healing romance between Song Se-ha, a feminine man who resists the standards required by society, and a manly woman, Bloodbada, who finds herself.

Meanwhile, the webtoon “Yojo Shrine Macho Lady” OST “I wanted to catch you” involving singer Heo Gong will be released on various online music sites at 6 p.m. on the same day.

Singer Jung Dong-won presents a special collaboration stage with..

Singer Jung Dong-won presents a special collaboration stage with “Baenori” → on Lunar New Year’s Day (Open Concert)

Singer Jung Dong-won drew attention from viewers with a special stage.

Singer Jung Dong-won

Jung Dong-won appeared in KBS1’s “Open Concert 1415th-New Year’s Day Plan,” which aired on the 22nd. The “Open Concert” featured artists from various fields, including singer Jung Dong-won, band Gwang-chil, Ungsan, Gaho, Jinseong and Insooni.

On this day’s broadcast, which was specially planned for the national holiday “New Year,” Jung Dong-won performed an exciting performance of the mini-album’s title song “Baenori” and sang “Hometown Station” and “Nest” with senior singer Jin-sung to heat up the atmosphere of the Lunar New Year holiday.

Singer Jung Dong-won appeared wearing an all-white neat suit and drew attention with his stylish visuals that stood out for maturity. As the first song, the title song “Bat Nori,” which features an exquisite combination of Korean traditional music, trot and dance songs, was presented with colorful dances and cool singing skills, coloring the audience with cheers.

Jung Dong-won, who introduced the song after finishing the “Baenori” stage, said, “The song I just played is “Baenori,” the title song of my album, and I would appreciate it if you love it a lot,” and predicted a collaboration stage with Jin-sung, a senior I respect.

Jung Dong-won, who then appeared wearing a hanbok jeogori with Jin Sung, raised the atmosphere of the Lunar New Year holiday to the fullest by singing “Hometown Station” with mournful emotions and savory tones. Subsequently, “Nest” was presented with perfect harmony with Jin Sung, and a special collaboration stage was enthusiastically received by viewers with bold stage manners and gestures that were not intimidated by the senior.

Meanwhile, Jung Dong-won will meet fans across the country through performances in Busan on 28th and 29th, Daegu on 4th and 5th of February, and Suwon on 18th and 19th of February.