Was it too much to play the villain Hwang Jung-eum Cho Yoon-hee’s

Was it too much to play the villain Hwang Jung-eum Cho Yoon-hee’s acting skills are on the cutting board

Hwang Jung-eum

Another problematic work was born. Kim Soon-ok’s new SBS Friday-Saturday drama “The Escape of the Seven.” Viewers have been complaining from the first week of the show with a more unconventional “barbaric” than “penthouse” such as child abuse, attempted murder, infidelity, original friendship, childbirth and torture. Meanwhile, Hwang Jung-eum and Cho Yoon-hee’s acting, who challenged the “first villain,” were also on the cutting board. It is a challenge to take off the existing character, but it is said that the exaggerated expression and speech broke the immersion of the play.

Hwang Jung-eum and Cho Yoon-hee have something in common in “The Escape of the Seven.” This is because both of them are trying to play villain roles for the first time since their debut and their first time after going through major changes in family history such as reunion and divorce

“The Escape of the Seven,” starring the two, is a revenge play by Picaresque (a work in which the wicked are the main characters), which depicts the survival struggle of seven villains involved in the disappearance of a girl whose lies and desires are intertwined. Writer Kim Soon-ok and director Joo Dong-min, who made the series “The Empress’s Dignity” and “Penthouse,” attracted attention in that they were the third to unite.

Unlike Eom Ki-joon, Yoon Jong-hoon, and Shin Eun-kyung, Hwang Jung-eum and Cho Yoon-hee are actors who work with Kim Soon-ok for the first time. Geum Ra-hee, played by Hwang Jung-eum, is the representative of a competent and reckless drama production company, considers money and success the most valuable of her life, and is a self-righteous woman who finds her daughter she abandoned for a huge inheritance in 15 years. Cho Yoon-hee is a person who spreads strange rumors to schools so as not to be caught cheating on the chairman’s son

As it was his first attempt at a villain, his determination was extraordinary. At the previous production presentation, Hwang Jung-eum said, “I was a fan of writer Kim Soon-ok. I got a call while watching the artist’s work only on TV. It was just one word. What are you doing these days? He asked me to play the villain. “I answered ‘yes’ in just a second,” he said. “At that time, I was changing my baby’s diaper. “I was so grateful for contacting me when I was in desperate need of acting,” he said.

Cho Yoon-hee said, “In fact, I hesitated at first because I was a villain. I wanted to live a good life. in one’s usual or role. “I wanted to be an exemplary mother to my child, so I wanted to be nice and good at everything,” he said, adding, “I’m not confident when I do bad things alone, but it’s so fun to do it with seven people.” I think it suits my aptitude. I will continue,” he said

However, did he suddenly wear the wrong clothes called the “villain”. Hwang Jung-eum and Cho Yoon-hee, who usually had no controversy over their acting skills, were said to be somewhat awkward. I wanted a Soyeon Kim-like presence in the “Penthouse,” but the reality was an exaggerated voice and an awkward expression. Above all, Hwang Jung-eum has a lot of emotional scenes such as assaulting her own daughter and shedding false tears. However, it was regrettable that he seemed to be using evil consistently.

Cho Yoon-hee also doesn’t have much footage yet, but the scene of threatening a student and showing a greedy side to a diamond bracelet when she was caught in an affair did not have an impact enough to break her modest image.

“The Escape of the Seven” shows a mala-flavored final play following the “Penthouse” series, which recorded the highest viewer rating of 29.2%, but viewers’ reactions are not as good as before. The reason is that there are so many uncomfortable factors such as original exchanges and childbirth in schools beyond stimulating materials. The ratings are also around 6%, which is lower than the first week of the “Penthouse” season 1.

The reason why “Penthouse” was able to achieve a vertical rise in viewership was the enthusiastic performance of “bad actors” such as Eom Ki-joon and Kim So-yeon. Hwang Jung-eum and Cho Yoon-hee’s acting are all the more unfortunate in the absence of a villain who has as much presence as Kim So-yeon

Lim Jung-hee and Kim Hee-hyun’s wedding pictorial

Lim Jung-hee and Kim Hee-hyun’s wedding pictorial will be released in October

Lim Jung-hee

The wedding photos of singer Lim Jung-hee (42) and ballerino Kim Hee-hyun (36) have been released.

On the 18th, P&B Entertainment, Lim Jung-hee’s agency, announced, “On October 3, Lim Jung-hee decided to share a new start in her life as a reliable partner with Ballerino Kim Hee-hyun,” and released a wedding pictorial of the two.

The news of Lim Jung-hee and Kim Hee-hyun’s marriage was reported on the 15th. In October last year, the two met at a performance and confirmed each other’s feelings through a quiet relationship for about a year, and it came to fruition in October.

The wedding ceremony will be held in a private ceremony with only family and close acquaintances invited somewhere in Seoul.

In the wedding pictorial released, Lim Jung-hee poses with a wide smile with her lover Kim Hee-hyun. Lim Jung-hee, who is wearing a wedding dress and showing her excitement about marriage, stands out.

In particular, Kim Hee-hyun, who is smiling with Lim Jung-hee next to him, can get a glimpse of the sweet prospective groom.

Meanwhile, Lim Jung-hee debuted with “Music Is My Life” in 2005 and released a number of hit songs such as “It Can’t Be Real,” “Clock Tae-yeop,” “I Didn’t Tears,” and “When I Crazy in Love,” making her name as a diva with explosive singing ability. Since then, he has been active in various fields such as musicals and drama OST, and performed the musical “Frida” last year.

Kim Hee-hyun, a former soloist at the National Ballet, made headlines last year when she appeared on Channel A’s “Men’s Life – Groom Class” as a date for comedian Shin Bong-sun

Why are viewers so excited about Dolsing

Why are viewers so excited about Dolsing


The returned single, “Dolsing,” engulfed the broadcaster. This keyword was at the center of the conversation by mass-producing various characters in real love entertainment programs. Even if you go here and there, you can hear stories about the program unusual. It is proving a keen interest.

“I’m SOLO,” which is being broadcast simultaneously on ENA and SBS PLUS, is organized as a 16th Dolsing special. On the 13th, the channel’s combined average ratings were 6.541% (based on paid households nationwide). In terms of the metropolitan area, SBS PLUS was 4.691% and ENA was 2.676%, showing a total of 7.367%. On the 6th, it recorded its own best at 5.859%, but it broke again in a week. In terms of the topic value, it ranked second in the topic value category of TV-OTT non-drama shows in the first week of September. It has increased 15.2% points compared to the previous week, chasing No. 1 Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter 2” with a steep rise for the past three consecutive weeks.

MBN’s “Dol Singles 4,” which is set to make its last choice before living together, is set up on the U.S. side this season. New approaches to the viewers, seeking change. The 9th episode of “Doll Singles 4,” which aired on the 17th, recorded a viewer rating of 3.8% (based on Nielsen Korea’s paid broadcasting households), breaking season 4’s own record. In addition, in the non-drama TV search response released by Good Data Corporation in the first week of September, “Doll Singles 4” ranked third, “Doll Singles 4” ranked first in the non-drama search issue keyword TOP10, and “Doll Singles 4” ranked seventh.

Both programs deal with “Dolsing” and attract viewers’ interest and sympathy. In the case of “I Am Solo,” the characters of each cast member are built up and face the rawness of the human group. Above all, its characteristics stand out in the Dolsing special. Viewers can sympathize with the fact that the clear standards and philosophy of one’s own from past wounds, pain, and experiences do not go their way in a solo country. There is no hesitation in expressing one’s feelings. In the case of the 16th Dolsing special, the individual characters of the cast are strong, and it is even wondered, “Can it be like this even if the production team tried to gather it like this on purpose. Because of this, malicious comments are pouring in, but ratings and buzz are on fire.

“Dol Singles 4” shows the lives of Dolsing men and women living in the United States and makes them listen to realistic grievances and sincerity. The fact that “region” is more important than any other factor is a feature of this U.S. There is no hesitation in expressing affection. It naturally watches the program and feels cultural differences, providing fresh fun that has not been seen in the previous season 대전호빠

In this regard, Jung Deok-hyun, a pop culture critic, said, “The level of reality shows containing real love is increasing. Both programs look into the private lives of the cast and contain them starkly, he said. “In the case of ‘I’m Solo’, the topic of conversation is amplified when the controversy of the program or stories related to the cast’s personality explode. We can’t reveal our desires or instincts in our daily social life, but we’re like, “Is it okay to show your desires or instincts so plainly?I look at the performers with that gaze. “I feel uncomfortable and cool at the same time, but it’s because of the two sides of the character,” he said.

Jungwoo Ha Temporary Climbing 1947 Boston

Jungwoo Ha Temporary Climbing 1947 Boston

Jungwoo Ha

Video of the production of the movie ‘1947 Boston’ has been released.

The video of the production machine released on the 11th adds meaning to the process of reproducing the heartbreaking journey of the first national marathoners on the screen. Immediately after liberation, in 1947, a movie-like story was reborn under the direction of director Kang Je-gyu, who ran and ran to promote independence for the world. Director Kang Je-kyu, who is trusted by actors and production staff, will fully demonstrate the veteran director’s worth through “1947 Boston.”

Jang Won-seok, CEO of the production company, said that he considered the real person and synchronization the most as it is a true story, and after considering “an actor who can draw a character called ‘Son Ki-jung’ with flexibility,” he was the first to suggest a Jungwoo Ha who resembles Son Ki-jung from appearance to personality.

Shim Si-wan, who plays Seo Yoon-bok, who dreams of becoming the second Son Kee-chung, said he worked hard to be seen as a real person by digesting up to 6-70% of the actual marathoner’s training volume, raising curiosity.

Finally, the struggle of the art team and the CG team to reproduce Seoul and Boston in 1947 is drawing attention according to director Kang Je-kyu’s intention that he paid the most attention to reality. In addition to finding old buildings all over the country and capturing them on camera, about four months of work were carried out, from preparation to filming, mainly in Melbourne, Australia, to realize the course of the Boston Marathon. The vivid visuals completed by the production team will lead the audience to the day of glory in 1947.

Director Kang Je-kyu is expected to return to the sports film “1947 Boston,” which deals with the first true story of the national team. 1947 Boston tells the story of marathoners’ challenges and heartbreaking journey to compete in international competitions under the Taegeuk mark for the first time since liberation in 1947.

ITZY RYUJIN LIA JYP’s personality score

ITZY RYUJIN LIA JYP’s personality score


Group ITZY Ryujin and Lia honestly revealed their personality evaluation when they were JYP trainees.

On the 10th, a video titled “ITZY Ryujin and Lia are asked how much the exchange rate is today” was released on the “Smile Show” channel.

Lee Yong-joo said, “I’ve been with a lot of JYP artists, and they seem to be mentally and physically healthy. I think you guys are like that too, but do you have a special way of managing JYP?I asked the question.

When Kim Min-soo added, “I heard that trainees receive personality education,” Ryujin said, “I receive education about once every two weeks.” There is a penalty point system in the trainee curriculum. “We considered the singing score, dance score, and personality score at the same time,” he explained. “I wasn’t that good. It was always in the middle. “My personality score was not that good because I was a person who expressed my opinion well,” he recalled.

Lia thought, “I might get fired this month.” When I said, “I thought so because I had a lot of penalty points,” Ryujin sympathized with me and made me laugh. In principle, food is prohibited in the vocal room, but both of them got caught eating something in the practice room and got a penalty 대전호빠

When asked, “Whose score was the highest?” Ryujin said, “Yeji?” and Lia asked, “But weren’t you in the top ranks, too?” When Ryujin said, “I’ve always been in the bottom or middle ranks,” Lia said, “We’re the same motivation,” making people laugh again.

Meanwhile, ITZY, which includes Ryujin and Lia, made a comeback with their new mini-album “KILL MY DOUBT” on July 31.

I can see Clark Gable on Namgoongmin’s face

I can see Clark Gable on Namgoongmin’s face


MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Lover” (written by Hwang Jin-young, directed by Kim Sung-yong) took a break after the 10th episode aired on September 2. Part 1 will be completed and returned to Part 2, which consists of the remaining 10 episodes, in October.

Among the numerous topics, the 10th episode recorded its own highest ratings. According to Nielsen Korea’s tally, it reached 12.2% nationwide. At the same time, it was higher than SBS’s “Police Station and National Forensic Service next to the fire station” (6.5%), and JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Hiply” Analysts say that the narrative, sensuous directing, and actors’ passionate performance, which mixed comic and melodrama with the historical background of the disease, matched well.

Lovers was a rare ‘unusual’ historical drama in recent years. At first, it started with a comic. A cheerful tone, such as the movie “The Coronation” or “Pirate: A Bandit to the Sea.” From the introduction of the characters of male and female protagonists Yoo Gil-chae (An-jin) and Lee Jang-hyun (Namgung Min), such an atmosphere was felt. Gyusu Yu Gil-chae of the Four Grandfathers, who combines beauty and wit, is the main character who receives the attention of young scholars in Neunggun-ri village. Unlike traditional women’s images of the Joseon Dynasty, which were represented by “Joshin,” their ability to control the hearts of men with their natural love “push and pull skills” is more than normal. But his real heart is only on one person. This is Nam Yeon-jun (Lee Hak-ju), a well-known model student in the village and a Confucian scholar of Sungkyunkwan. The background of the times is only in the early 17th century, and it is not much different from the image of a modern woman with a clear and bold self-assertion. He is a character that has never been seen in a traditional historical drama.

One day, Lee Jang-hyun, a mysterious man who suddenly appeared in Neunggun-ri, takes a step further. He is obviously a gentleman wearing a hat and a robe, but he doesn’t seem to care much about his solemn face. mock the pretentiousness of the scholars, and be excessively knowledgeable in business-wise. In addition, what kind of nonsense is this to be a “non-marriageist” person who has never heard of or heard of. However, even for him, who looks worn and worn out, his pure love for his lover is curved. He falls in love after seeing through Yoo Gil-chae’s true value like “Fox.”

When romance is about to unfold in earnest, war clouds suddenly begin to flow. The Manchurian War (14th year of King Injo’s reign, 1636) breaks out, a humiliating moment in our history. From this point on, “Lover” is transformed into a grim war historical drama instead of comic or romance. The bright and bright screen quickly becomes dark and urgent. Orangutans invade and a procession of evacuation follows. The hardships of Yoo Gil-chae and his party heading to Ganghwado Island with their back to their hometown are indescribable. I get over the point of dying many times along the way. It would have been difficult to survive if Lee Jang-hyun, who is also good at martial arts, had not protected him. In fact, ‘silent’ Lee Jang-hyun would normally have chosen ‘business’ instead of confrontation with orangas. However, he is willing to take risks for his lover Yoo Gil-chae.

In the meantime, the stories of King Injo, Crown Prince Sohyeon, and high-ranking officials who fled to Namhansanseong Fortress are familiar. The king, who is afraid of the invasion of the orang, Crown Prince Sohyeon, who is taken hostage by the Qing Dynasty on behalf of the king, and the ministers of the court who are divided into coin and Cheoksa factions. Once again, I feel sorry for the scenes that seem to have moved the movie “Namhansanseong Fortress.” How can I forget the humiliation of Samjeon, in which the king bowed his head in front of King Taejong of the Qing Dynasty.

However, even in the brink of darkness, human life continues. After the war, Yoo Gil-chae and his party return to their hometown, and Lee Jang-hyun, who were active in the Qing Dynasty, also visits Neunggun-ri again. In the last 10 episodes of Part 1, Yoo Gil-chae and Lee Jang-hyun survived a terrible war and finally confirmed each other’s feelings. But the harsh fate changes the two again. Although there were many ups and downs, the creativity that transcends genres from comic romance to war, and the uniqueness of Yoo Gil-chae and Lee Jang-hyun’s strange love story that does not seem to be connected.

Lee Junhyuk is the main character while he’s finally saying

Lee Junhyuk is the main character while he’s finally saying hello to romance

Lee Junhyuk

Actor Lee Joon-hyuk chose romance as his next story.

As a result of exclusive coverage of Star News on the 22nd, it was confirmed that Lee Joon-hyuk was cast in the new drama ‘Greetings’ (tentative title).

Greeting is a full-fledged care romance drama between Yoo Eun-ho, the secretary of childcare independence, and Kang Ji-yoon, the CEO of infant independence. Yoo Eun-ho, armed with perfection, appears as a secretary in front of Kang Ji-yoon, who is the CEO of a popular headhunter company but has nothing to do alone except work, and tells the story of each other growing up.

Lee Joon-hyuk plays Yoo Eun-ho, who has a warm visual, solid muscles, and a fantastic suit fit. Yoo Eun-ho is a single daddy who raises a 6-year-old daughter as a person who coexists with firmness and softness.

In fact, Lee Joon-hyuk has a desire for romance works, but his relationship with romance movies has not been deep. tvN’s “To You Who Forget Poetry,” which ended in May 2018, is Lee Joon-hyuk’s last romance.

Earlier in June, when Lee Joon-hyuk appeared on tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block,” there were many complaints from fans asking him to film a romantic comedy. I think it would be perfect now. When Yoo Jae-seok said, “He is very handsome,” he also expressed a humble attitude, saying, “Investors should challenge him because romance is usually led by all the main characters.”

In addition, in a recent interview with the movie “Criminal City 3,” he said romance acting is “difficult,” adding, “The main characters in the romance genre are so cool.” “I wonder if the production company will give me the courage to cast me because the main character takes a lot of pressure,” he said.

Therefore, I am already looking forward to what new charm Lee Joon-hyuk, who is challenging romance movies for the first time in a long time through “Saying hello,” will make viewers excited.

Lee Joon-hyuk, who perfectly played the villain character as Joo Sung-chul, the mastermind behind the new drug crime case in the movie “Criminal City 3” released in May, is set to release the Disney+ original drama “Vigilante” based on the webtoon of the same name. “Vigilante” is an action thriller about Kim Ji-yong, who is a model police college student who defends the law during the day, but lives as “Vigilante,” who directly judges criminals who escaped the law at night, and people with different purposes around him. In addition to Lee Joon-hyuk, Nam Joo-hyuk, Yoo Ji-tae, and Kim So-jin will appear.

In addition, Lee Joon-hyuk is positively considering a special appearance in the new drama “Plaza.” He is known to have been offered a role as a brother with So Ji-sub

Cha Eun-Woo and Park Kyu-Young will be on MBC in October

Cha Eun-Woo and Park Kyu-Young will be on MBC in October


Singer-actor Cha Eun-woo and actor Park Kyu-young’s “Lovely Dog Again” will air on MBC in October.

As a result of coverage of “The Fact” on the 21st, the new drama “Lovely Dog Today” (written by Baek In-ah, directed by Kim Dae-woong) was organized as an MBC weekday drama and will premiere in October.

Multiple broadcasting officials told The Fact, “Today’s Lovely Dog, which finished filming in April but did not receive the program, recently confirmed MBC’s broadcast.”

“Lovely Dog Again Today” is a drama about an unpredictable fantasy romance between a woman under a curse that turns into a dog when she kisses, and a man who is the only cheat who can break the curse but is afraid of dogs.

The work is based on a popular work that maintained a rating of 9.9 throughout the two-year series and did not miss the top spot in Naver’s Sunday webtoon.

Earlier, Cha Eun-woo was cast as Jin Seo-won, a man who is afraid of dogs, and Park Kyu-young as Han Hae-na, his mother’s daughter who inherited the curse from generation to generation, drawing attention.

In particular, as the two actors reunited as male and female protagonists four years after working together in the music video of the group Urban Zakapa’s “What Made This Night Special” in 2018, a lot of attention was focused on the “Chemicals” they will show.

In addition, a large number of young actors such as actor Lee Hyun-woo, Yoon Hyun-soo, and Ryu Abel appear, raising expectations for a fresh romance 광주호빠

“Lovely Dog Today” finished filming in April and is currently planning to begin its last-minute work ahead of its first broadcast

There’s an actress my age who can do Park Yeonjin

There’s an actress my age who can do Park Yeonjin

Park Yeonjin

“Unnie Collector” Lim Ji-yeon shows off her sense of humor.

Popular actor Lim Ji-yeon, who is enjoying her best days, will appear on SBS’ new program “Disarmament,” which is scheduled to air on August 22. Disarmament is a talk show where two MCs, Jeon Hyun-moo and Jang Do-yeon, have a private and honest conversation on their way home from work.

Actor Lim Ji-yeon, who has plunged the entire nation into “Yeonjin’s holic” with her brutal acting skills, will appear as the first “getting off work” of disarming. Im Ji-yeon, who finished the production presentation of the SBS drama “National Death Penalty Vote,” is expected to have a very private and honest conversation with MC Jeon Hyun-moo and Jang Do-yeon on her way home from work.

Jang Do-yeon admired Im Ji-yeon’s mukbang performance, which drew a lot of attention in the drama “House with a Madang,” which ended recently, saying, “Even my pupils are empty,” while Jeon Hyun-moo proved that she is a “real fan” of Lim Ji-yeon.

The three people, who visited a customized cafe for “Jelly Lover” Lim Ji-yeon, continued to chat by sharing snacks they are into these days, nutritional supplements they are actually taking, and recommended restaurants in the neighborhood. Lim Ji-yeon is said to have shown perfect chemistry with Jang Do-yeon to match her nickname “Unnie Collector,” while showing her honest and lovely charm of “Human Lim Ji-yeon” by showing her flirting with Jeon Hyun-moo, a motivated but wrong answer march. In particular, he was increasingly disarmed by comfortable talks with MCs, such as excitedly telling stories of ghosts (?) he met in the neighborhood recently.

Meanwhile, Lim Ji-yeon candidly told the story of her 10-year acting career, saying, “All of the works were ‘The Glory’ to me,” and added, “Is there an actor my age who can do Park Yeon-jin?” raising expectations as well as passion for acting. It’s going to air at 10:20 PM

Casting the heroine of Squid Game 2 Will Kim Si-eun

Casting the heroine of Squid Game 2 Will Kim Si-eun be the second Jung Ho-yeon

Kim Si-eun

Actress Kim Si-eun has been selected as the female lead of “Squid Game 2.”

According to an OSEN report on the 26th, Kim Si-eun was cast as a female cast member for season 2 of the Netflix original series drama “Squid Game” (written by Hwang Dong-hyuk). The role he will play remains undisclosed.

This raises expectations that it will be able to inherit the popularity of model and actor Jung Ho-yeon (played by Kang Sae-byeok), who has gained worldwide recognition through “Squid Game” (2021).

Kim Si-eun’s Korean film “Next So-hee” (director Chung Ju-ri) entered the closing film of the 75th Cannes International Film Festival (2022) Critics’ Week last year, and she also began to draw attention

Through this film, Kim Si-eun won the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards for Best Female New Actress in the Film category. Therefore, I wonder what role he will play in season 2 of “Squid Game” and how new he will show.

On the 18th (Korea Standard Time), Netflix announced a list of male actors who have been confirmed to appear in the new season, including Im Si-wan, Kang Ha-neul, Park Sung-hoon, and Yang Dong-geun