NCT DREAM’s vocal has matured R&B pop

NCT DREAM’s vocal has matured R&B pop


The group “NCT DREAM” conveys a touching impression to fans with the song “On the way” from its second full-length album repackage.

According to SM Entertainment on the 19th, NCT Dream will present more mature vocals through the repackage song “Starry Night.”

Starry Night, which marks the last track of the album, is an R&B pop with synth keyboard sound and vocal chorus creating a sentimental atmosphere.

The lyrics feature the sincere promise of the members to walk the same path together forever.

NCT Dream’s second full-length album “Beatbox,” which will be released on the 30th, consists of a total of 15 songs with four new songs, including the title song “Beatbox,” “Starry Night,” “To My First,” and “Sorry, Heart.”

In addition, before the comeback, the members have been sequentially releasing various short-form contents under the theme of “Bitbox” production stories through TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram since the 10th.

BLACKPINK will come back as early as July

BLACKPINK will come back as early as July


Interest in BLACKPINK’s comeback in the second half of the year is soaring.

BLACKPINK has been in a two-year hiatus since its first full-length album “The ALBUM” in October 2020.

He has been active in the fashion industry, focusing on solo projects, but the number of comebacks is small compared to more than six years since his debut.

In particular, even though the members appeared on domestic and foreign broadcasts this year and consistently mentioned, “We are preparing for a comeback soon” and “We are preparing for a comeback together,” fans’ waiting has increased as the gap in our main job is getting longer.

Their comeback is estimated to be in the third quarter and is expected to continue their activities as a tour in the fourth quarter.

Considering the usual five-week pre-sale period for the album release, it is outlined as a comeback as early as July.

Lee Hye-in, a researcher at Yuanta Securities, said, “BLACKPINK is expected to make a comeback in the third quarter and start a tour in the fourth quarter.”

The investment industry expects major artists to come out in the second half of the year because YG had poor performance in the first quarter.

YG’s first-quarter sales and operating profit fell 22.4% and 21.4% year-on-year to 75.5 billion won and 6.1 billion won, respectively.

Digital content sales have fallen significantly, which is attributed to the high base due to the influence of BLACKPINK online concerts in the same period last year and the absence of activities by major artists.

Lee Nam-soo, a researcher at Kiwoom Securities, predicted that Black Pink, one of the biggest comeback stars this year, will directly contribute to this year’s concert and MD performance with its first full-length comeback in two years.

Lee Hyun-ji, a researcher at Eugene Investment & Securities, predicted, “We expect profits to show a downward trend due to the comeback of major artists such as Black Pink in the third quarter, and we expect a noticeable improvement in performance from the third quarter.”

He also considered that YG comebacks are often different from expected.

Researcher Lee Hye-in emphasized high performance visibility, saying, “The possibility of changes in the expected lineup of major YG artists’ activities in the second half of the year is low.” 토토추천

Lee Hwa-jung, a researcher at NH Investment & Securities, said, “The off-season continues due to the absence of major artists’ activities, and stock prices are sluggish, but investment attractiveness is also high as momentum is not far away.”

Suzy, shocking exposure…Elegant and sexy

Suzy, shocking exposure…Elegant and sexy


Suzy revealed her status.

Actress Su zy from the group Miss A posted photos on her Instagram on the afternoon of the 19th.

The photo that was released this time is a commercial photo of a brand that Suzy is modeling.

Above all, Su zy was exposed in various places with an X-shaped top and boasted an elegant and sexy atmosphere, attracting the attention of those who took pictures of her beauty.

Meanwhile, Su zy chose Coupang Play’s new series “Anna” as her next film.

Anna is the story of a woman who started living a completely different life, starting with a trivial lie. 파워볼사이트

Director Lee Ju-young, who was recognized for his directing and workmanship through the movie “Single Rider,” directed and scripted.

TWICE open their own Instagram account.The first post is a group photo

TWICE open their own Instagram account.The first post is a group photo


All members of TWICE open their own Instagram account.The first post is a group photo [DA★]

Group TWICE has opened their personal Instagram seven years after their debut.

TWICE has been sharing the group’s official account since its debut in 2015. On the 16th, they announced the opening of their personal Instagram accounts.

The first post was a group photo taken during a rehearsal for a North American concert at Bank of California Stadium in Los Angeles.

The members, who announced a new beginning with the group photo, actively communicated with fans by posting personal photos in their respective spaces.

Meanwhile, TWICE held its fourth world tour “TWICE 4TH WORLD TOUR “III” concert at the Bank of California Stadium in Los Angeles on the 14th and 15th (local time).파워볼게임

The performance was designed to respond to the enthusiastic support sent by global fans on the seven-time tour of the Americas, starting with Los Angeles on February 15, 2022 in a total of five cities, including Oakland, Fort Worth, Atlanta and New York. Originally scheduled to be held once on May 14, tickets were sold out quickly, adding a performance on the 15th, which also sold out at a high speed as soon as the reservation began. TWICE, which sold out nine performances in five U.S. cities, including two encore concerts, attracted about 150,000 viewers in the U.S. alone, boasting a strong audience mobilization.

Hyoyeon, “Your waistline is so slim and slim”

Hyoyeon, “Your waistline is so slim and slim”


On May 17, “Choi Hwa-jung’s Power Time” was broadcast live on SBS in Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul.

Girls’ Generation (SNSD) Hyo-yeon is on her way to work for a radio recording.

Girls’ Generation (SNSD) Hyoyeon released her first mini album “DEEP” on the 16th and is continuing her active comeback activities

Girl group Girls’ Generation and Girls’ Generation unit Girls’ Generation-Oh!A member of GG and a member of GG.

He is in charge of main dancer and sub vocalist within the group.

Among Girls’ Generation members, Taeyeon and Tiffany are the most active in music.

Currently, he is also active as the DJ’s name “HYO,” and is also showing his ability to compose and arrange his solo songs.

Kimic includes blond hair, dance, racy, eccentricity, and slip of the tongue.

Lee Mi-Joo looks perfect in a miniskirt crop top

Lee Mi-Joo looks perfect in a miniskirt crop top

Lee Mi-Joo

Lee Mi-joo, a broadcaster from the group Lovelyz, delivered a sexy and lovely update.

Lee Mijoo posted several recent photos along with heart emoticons on her Instagram on the 15th.

In the photo, Lee posed in a school uniform-style cropped top costume.

Lee Mijoo added sexiness with a very short skirt and a top with slightly visible abs.

Meanwhile, Lee Mijoo, who was born in 1994 and is 28 years old this year, is from Okcheon, North Chungcheong Province, and debuted in 2014 with Lovelyz’s first full-length album “Girls’ Invasion.”

With a bright and active personality, a member who energizes the members with his bubbly behavior and personality that deviates from the overall tendency of Lovelyz members.

“Living in Australia for a month.” HYOMIN

“Living in Australia for a month.” HYOMIN, I can’t believe you’re so sexy while eating


T-ara Hyomin showed off her sexy body.

Hyomin posted a photo on her Instagram on the 16th with a message saying, “Adults are Ju Land instead of Legoland.”

In the photo released, Hyomin is having a good meal while eating delicious food at a restaurant.

In particular, Hyomin, wearing a mini dress, boasts a glamorous body, drawing attention.

Meanwhile, Hyomin recently made headlines for living in Australia for a month

TWICE ranked 15th among Japanese singers

TWICE ranked 15th among Japanese singers


Asian girl group TWICE was ranked 15th among Japanese favorite singers.

Japan’s Oricon released the 15th “Favorite Singer Ranking” on the 24th, which surveyed 20,000 people from October 29 to November 15.

Arashi came in first and Namie Amuro came in second, followed by Nogizaka 46, Mr. Children, and Hikaru Utada.

Smurf, who disbanded in 2016, still showed off his fandom by ranking 13th.

TWICE was the only Korean singer to be named in the rankings, which announced a total of 50th place.

In the survey of female musicians only, it ranked ninth, and in the ranking by generation, it ranked sixth among teenagers’ favorite musicians, showing potential for growth.

TWICE is said to have reignited the third generation of Hallyu in Japan.

This year, it topped the Tower Records “Top 10 K-pop singer-released albums” category with its first regular Japanese album “BDZ,” and ranked eighth in the “annual album ranking” in Oricon. 안전공원

For his single album Wake Me Up, he received the 60th Japan Record Awards Award for Outstanding Work hosted by TBS Broadcasting Station.

TWICE will also appear at NHK’s Hongbaek Song Contest, Japan’s most prestigious year-end song festival, for the second consecutive year on the 31st.

Next year, it will be the first Korean girl group to embark on a dome tour in Japan.

JISOO, the doll’s visual that shined during the trip to Jeju Island

JISOO, the doll’s visual that shined during the trip to Jeju Island


BLACKPINK Jisoo shared her daily life.

On the afternoon of the 11th, Ji-Soo posted photos on her Instagram with a message saying, “The sun was bright and Snoopy was cute.”

In the released photo, Ji-Soo is wearing a black bucket hat and a flower-patterned dress, leaving a proof shot with Peanuts characters.토토추천

Peanuts characters in harmony with his doll-like visuals draw attention.

Earlier, Jisoo received attention by announcing that she had traveled to Jeju Island.

Meanwhile, Ji-soo, who was born in 1995, debuted as a member of BLACKPINK in 2016, and took her first step as an actor through the drama “Snow Reinforcement.”