Big and fast Volkswagen Ateon R shooting brake.

Big and fast Volkswagen Ateon R shooting brake.

Ateon R

Atheon Estate (or want to be called a shooting brake) is large and stylish. As a basic form, I have been extracting from Pasat Estate. It’s a car that I want to spend a lot of time with.

The body color, the posture of the car, and the attached 20-inch alloy wheel show that it is Atheon R. In the UK, 19-inch wheels run by default. If you have to guess what this means, of course you can think of it as a large, fast Volkswagen. It is a car equipped with a tuning version EA888 engine from Golf R, a dual clutch automatic transmission, and a four-wheel drive system.

What I guessed is exactly right. Basically, the same powertrain was adopted. It is a seven-speed DSG transmission with 316 horsepower. Although the torque transmitted backward does not exceed 50%, 100% of the torque directed backward is distributed to individual wheels. In particular, it can be approached more stably and more dynamically in the process of leaving the corner. Anyway, to some extent.

The interior of Atheon R has several highlights that make you feel sporty. It includes carbon-like inserts, blue stitching, and tightening sheet trims. And if you use your own driving mode in the touch screen infotainment system, you can create a total of 15 damper states. That’s true. There are too many.

However, this wagon is a very practical car. The driving position is smart and can be widely adjusted. It’s not as bad as the latest golf. And this car is big. There is a 565L trunk space with the back seat on it. Folding the sheet increases the loading space to 1,600L. It’s less than Pasat (650/1780), but it’s a little cooler.

The Ateon R Shooting Brake adapted well to the general road. It would be better for an 18-inch wheel, an overseas standard, but we, the British, like large-sized alloy wheels. Even though it has a terrible road. If you have to hold the steering wheel all day, it would be better to be less noisy and comfortable, and to have adequate weight and responsive control.

A hard ride also affects handling. Unlike Ford and Renault, which are the most sporty, Volkswagen pursues safe, accessible, and uncomfortable dynamics. Just like when Golf GTI took off the back seat and was hanging around the Nurburg ring. Therefore, I couldn’t even imagine that the 4.9m-long Estate would do the same. But it’s pretty good. The steering of the Atheon R shooting brake is accurate and sharp. Reminds us that the grip and traction are good enough to be moved. The four-motion system can notice more prominently when running fast. There is no slipping and no disruption. There is no quick and dramatic response. You can feel quite the fun of driving while proceeding Overall, this is the case for most.안전공원

It feels good enough to ride in everyday life. You can also buy this car instead of Golf R Estate. It boasts a wider loading space and a wider two-row space. In addition, the exterior looks better.

Mustang Mach E, Awkward cohabitation of electric cars and muscle cars.

Mustang Mach E, Awkward cohabitation of electric cars and muscle cars.

Mustang Mach E

In 2019, Ford unveiled its new electric vehicle “Mustan Mah E.”

Over the past 55 years, many have been skeptical of the image quite different from Mustang’s identity, which represents American Muscle Car. In particular, many Mustang enthusiasts criticized Mustang’s sudden transformation into a crossover style, which was represented by a typical two-door coupe.

However, unlike many harsh criticisms, Mustang Mach E, which I actually met, is like a fusion dish that exquisitely mixes Mustang’s unique sensibility and electric car characteristics. I briefly rode Mustang Mach E in Munich, Germany, where IAA Mobility 2021 was held.

The test drive is a Mach E4X model with a four-wheel drive system as well as an 88kWh battery expansion option. Muscle cars’ unique slim waist and straight-out roof lines are no longer available, but the fierce impression of intense colors, sleek headlamps, and running logos is no different from before.

As you step back, Mustang’s unique three-line tail lamps and protruding trunk doors catch the eye. The three-line tail lamps connected to the long horizontal line blend with the color of the red body, making it feel as if you are looking at Iron Man’s face. The direction indicator lights are lit sequentially one line at a time like a mustang.

The 19-inch wheel halves the dynamic feeling. Of course, it is a choice for efficiency, but what would it have been like if a tire with a low flat ratio or a wheel of 20 inches or more were mounted?

Pressing the round button on the A pillar opens the door. Above it, like any other Ford vehicle, a function to open the car door with a password was placed.

When you open the door, you realize that this car is an electric vehicle. In the center of the room, a huge vertical display such as Tesla Model S welcomes the driver. A volume adjustment dial is located in the center of the lower end of the display. The combination of digital and analog is fresh.

The center display may manipulate all functions of the vehicle, including a drive mode, an air conditioner, a steering wheel, and a seat heating wire.

Relatively, the driver’s digital cluster is cute. The horizontal length of the screen is similar to that of any other car, but it is only half the length. Nevertheless, the level of information delivered is by no means insufficient. It delivers all information from the remaining mileage to the remaining battery capacity, external temperature, whether to wear a seat belt, sensors around the vehicle, and speed in a clean graphic manner. As it is thin, it is convenient to grasp at a glance between steering wheels. The absence of HUD is not regrettable at all.

If you select a gear by dial and place your foot on the accelerator pedal, the car will move forward. There is no vibration or sound, so it is definitely not like the previous Mustang.

I entered the city with doubts. When I take my foot off the accelerator pedal, the regenerative braking is stronger than I thought, and the car stops quickly. Mustang Mach E supports one-pedal driving, so there is no need to brake in leisurely daily driving. If you feel a sense of heterogeneity in strong regenerative braking, you can also turn it off on the center display. When the original pedal mode is turned off, deceleration is performed smoothly like a normal internal combustion engine vehicle when the foot is removed from the accelerator pedal.

I went up to the autobahn with the feeling that I was bored more than I thought. Only then does a Ford official next to it open a drive mode selection window. Mustang Mach E supports three driving modes: Whisper, Engage, and Unbridled.

In Whisper mode, which corresponds to the echo mode, it proceeds quietly as if whispering as its name suggests. Even if the accelerator pedal is pressed deeply, it does not react quickly and moves to an appropriate level. The engagement mode is the same as the normal mode of a general vehicle.

As I was in the autobahn, I signed the Unbridled mode. Mach E transforms into a wild horse in Unbridled mode, which means “unsuppressed.” First of all, a “doongdoongdoong” sound similar to the sound of horseshoe or V8 engine began to be heard from behind the vehicle.

I’m excited even though I know it’s from the speaker. And I encountered an unlimited speed section of the Autoban.

He boldly stepped on the accelerator pedal to the end. The dung dung sound from behind begins to rise and speeds up. As the battery is laid on the floor, the vehicle is stable even over 180km/h without feeling staggered.

However, the acceleration force is regrettable compared to the rising sound. The Mustang Mach E four-wheel drive model had high performance of a maximum output of 346 horsepower, but the whole body did not bounce off strongly with the momentum of being buried in a seat as it did in the first test drive of other electric vehicles. In other words, strong sounds fill the disappointment.

The thirst for fast speed felt even greater because the test drive was so short. If you want a true muscle car feeling, the high-performance model Mustang Mach EGT is a must, not an option.토토추천

Ford Mustang Mach E is meaningful in that it boldly broke the prejudice of the American Muscle Car brand and chose electricity.

I would like to welcome the fact that Mustang has not gone extinct even though the era of electric vehicles has arrived. However, it is true that poor emotional satisfaction is regrettable compared to the name value of Mustang. Wouldn’t solving this problem be the homework that not only Mustang but also all sports car brands have?

Benz GLC year change and boomer sound are falling out.

Benz GLC year change and boomer sound are falling out.

Benz GLC

The domestic specifications of Benz 2022 GLC have been unveiled. According to related industries, 2022 GLC has deleted wireless charging and hands-free access functions of smartphones due to supply and demand difficulties of semiconductors. The high-performance AMG lineup even lost the boomer sound. The 360-degree surround view and air cleaning system have been changed to basic.

The 2022 GLC is basically equipped with a keyless go and air cleaning package that allows you to open and close with a door handle with a smart key. The air cleaning package is a technology specially developed for the Korean and Chinese markets, and it always monitors the concentration of ultrafine dust inside and outside the vehicle to keep indoor air comfortable.

The 2022 GLC 220d 4MATIC and 220d 4MATIC coupe, 3004MATIC and coupe, 300e 4MATIC and coupe have added parking packages with 360-degree surround views and parking assistance. The 300e has an AMG line exterior and interior package, a 19-inch AMG wheel, and a ventilation sheet for the 300e coupe.안전놀이터

The 2022 AMG GLC 434MATIC and Coupe have been changed to the existing optional AMG variable performance exhaust system. All 2022 GLC lineups have deleted smartphone wireless charging systems and hands-free access functions. Hands-free access is a function of opening and closing the trunk with kick motion.

GLC 3004MATIC, AMG GLC 434MATIC and Coupe, and AMG GLC 63S 4MATIC+ Coupe even deleted the Boomester Surround System. AMG GLC 63S 4MATIC+ Coupe has been changed to a 21-inch AMG 5-spoke matte black wheel, and 22MY production is being delayed due to supply and demand difficulties in semiconductors.

Small SUV…Jeep Renegade 80th Anniversary Edition.

Small SUV…Jeep Renegade 80th Anniversary Edition.

Jeep Renegade

Jeep regularly presents a variety of commemorative models to commemorate the launch of the brand.

Recently, a large number of edition models have been introduced to mark the 80th anniversary, adding new vitality to the portfolio. Although there has already been no major change through the test drive of previous 80th anniversary editions, I have been able to feel the addition of sensibility and charm quite different from the general jeep’s portfolio through “small changes.

In this situation, we faced the 80th anniversary edition of Renegade, the existence that marks the start of the Jeep portfolio.

The Jeep Renegade 80th Anniversary Edition (hereinafter referred to as Renegade 80th), prepared for the test drive, literally presents a compact and solid image. In fact, it has a 4,255mm battlefield, and its full width and height are also very compact with 1,805mm and 1,700mm. Thanks to the addition of a 2.4L engine and an AWD system, the empty vehicle weight reaches 1,580kg.

Renegade with small charms. 80th.

Jeeprenigade has been receiving a lot of attention and loved by consumers as a compact SUV with bold and off-road sensibility despite its small physique at the moment of its debut and even after the design change. Today’s main character, Renegade 80th, is the same.

Instead, like other 80th anniversary models that previously test-driveed, “It doesn’t seem special,” and on the contrary, unique details are added throughout the exterior to present specialness. Thanks to this, it was also quite fun to test drive and look for the “corresponding factor.”파워볼사이트

The front design is a typical jeep sensibility. The seven-slot front grill, newly refined headlights, and bodykits are added to reveal the sensuous and tough sensibility of the SUV. It is a small vehicle, but it is enough to draw attention on the road.

For reference, a dedicated gray color is added to the front grill and jeep lettering, creating a bolder and more intense image. However, it would have been better to choose a different color to stand out a little more on the road.

The side also follows the design suggested by the existing Renegade. Although it is a small body, the body silhouette that stands out in volume and the overall height that exudes ample space are eye-catching. For reference, the presence was emphasized through the lettering color of the door panel and a dedicated badge on the side, and a “dedicated color” was added to the four wheels.

Finally, the rear design presents a presence that stands out with a newly refined rear combination lamp and emphasizes the identity of the vehicle with lettering in colors dedicated to the 80th anniversary edition. For reference, all other elements are the same as the existing ‘renigade limited AWD’.

Car to keep in mind, Cadillac XT4. [test drive]

Car to keep in mind, Cadillac XT4.

cadillac XT4

The Cadillac brand is a model of pride for U.S. cars and is one of the most advanced models in GM’s lineup of the U.S. Big Three. Sedans, coupe and SUVs, which are being released, are also increasing their awareness to the point that they are being used as protocol cars for the U.S. president with their uniform style and luxurious characteristics. As the Cadillac gradually reduced its body size, it even created a small SUV, giving owners a wider range of choices.

Cadillac launched its new entry-class luxury SUV XT4 in Korea and started selling it to customers in earnest. Expressing Cadillac’s younger brand identity, XT4 is a model that can satisfy next-generation luxury consumers with its unique design, relaxed performance, various connectivity-based technologies, best-in-class spatiality and safety. Cadillac plans to strengthen its positioning as a representative brand of Young American Luxury, which was completed through the XT4, which newly defines an entry-class luxury SUV.

In fact, Cadillac is a brand that has once again risen to the top of the U.S. big three as its parent GM has overcome many difficulties. Cadillac, which had been changing since then, was replaced by CT for sedan models and XT for SUVs in 2015, and it was a new era. Through this, sales have also increased, drawing more attention, and GM has suggested that it will add eight new cars to the Cadillac brand by 2020 to target 500,000 units a year.

The overall style emphasized the attractive style of XT4 based on the character line and sporty style that shows the design identity of the simple yet unique Cadillac at a glance. In addition, a total of seven color portfolios, including Autumn Metallic, which are specific to XT4, actively express the individuality of next-generation luxury consumers. The body size is 4,595X1,885X1,610 and the wheelbase 2,779mm, respectively.

Glossy black mesh grille with emblems around the front, glossy black fascia inserts in the front and rear, and Cadillac’s signature day-time running lights are located in harmony to complete the first impression of the confident XT4. In addition, the luxurious front looks are delivered as well as the top models and family looks.

The side features XT4’s character, along with a special design of 20-inch alloy wheels, which are treated in glossy black and provide the largest-in-class size, with roof rails, window surround molding and body side molding that visually smoothly connect the front and rear. Lear is the only Cadillac SUV design to emphasize the unique characteristics of XT4 by applying vertical L-shaped lighting signature.파워볼사이트

According to Cadillac’s Cut-and-Sewn strategy, the interior was finished by craftsmen to maximize the strength of luxurious materials, while carbon fiber trim and white ambient lighting emphasized the luxury of XT4 interior. In addition, it is creating a new sensibility of XT4 with its sophisticated design and finish so that it can feel like entry-level luxury.

In addition, the satisfaction of indoor experience is completed through a large space. The second row space provides the best-in-class space with 1,004 mm legroom, 970 mm headroom and 1,400 mm shoulder room respectively. In addition, it provides load space that transcends segments of 637 liters and 1,385 liters when folding in second row to maximize space utilization.

The XT4 has a variety of premium convenience specifications that increase satisfaction with direct vehicle experience, including first-row driver and passenger massage seats, as well as air ionizers, first-row heating and ventilation seats and second-row heating seats for comfortable boarding environments.

In addition, the class’ only rear camera mirror extends the rear clock by more than 300% when driving and supports functions such as reduction and magnification, vertical angle adjustment and brightness adjustment to ensure optimal rear view according to driver’s needs.

Cadillac also played a crucial role in the market’s restructuring by abandoning its previously stubborn muscle engine and adopting a downsize engine. However, after some time, models belonging to large emissions and body parts are also included in the lineup, and powertrains, which are difficult to see as downsize, are also applied to XT4.

XT4 has an efficient yet powerful performance in line with the needs of young customers who pursue a wide luxury life. The 2.0-liter direct injection gasoline twin crawl turbo engine applied to the XT4 has a maximum power of 238 horsepower and a maximum torque of 35.7kgm combined with the best-in-class automatic 9-speed transmission.

In particular, the XT4 also features an active sports chassis and CDC suspension applied to Cadillac’s large SUV XT6 to effectively control the response of the road surface while providing even more agile movement in cornering. It also features a twin clutch all-wheel drive system to freely adjust the driving force distribution to the wheels on the four sides and to ensure that the road grip is not lost in any driving conditions, such as off-road, snow or rain.

Ferrari Rome, Aston Martin and Bentley and other specials.

Ferrari Rome, Aston Martin and Bentley and other specials.

Ferrari Rome

Personal taste is still the most crucial factor for anyone choosing a new sports car. It’s like no one can force you to choose a bottle of Argentine Carmenere wine, a black-and-green rib eye steak, or the music of The Wars.

Nevertheless, it can be difficult enough to narrow the range of options in the bizarre sports car market given to us. “What’s next, Mr. Road Tester from Motorca? Do you want me to pick a really fast guy? Or is it a hybrid? Or a lightweight with a driver’s seat in the back? What about heavy electric vehicles or really rough and hardcore ones?”

My general response to this question is that you tend to drive as much as possible to discover any unexpected facts, making you choose carefully whatever you imagined in the first place. Whatever you like, I would always advise you to think carefully about where to actually use and how to drive a car, and how to drive it and how often before you sign it.

After all, only two types exist, considering the practical part of today’s sports car market, where there are many different options. It’s actually a car you can use and a car you can’t. Nothing has a greater impact on the enjoyment of possession than practical utility. This may sound like a simple distinction, but in reality it is often forgotten or overlooked. This can also be said to be a unique personal taste.

The concept of a sports GT car designed to be more useful explains these parts. That’s because it’s all about modern grand tourners.

Modern GT cars will permeate your life very simply. Because their strengths are designed for that. However, in some areas, it has a completely different direction from other vehicles.

As a result, Ferrari’s GT car, featuring a brand-new front with a V8 turbo engine, offers a perfect example in a very special, fresh, dynamic and convincing way.

If there is an opportunity to compare them continuously, as I have done here, what anyone will know is that they are quite different from those of Bentley and Aston Martin, the closest competitors.

In the meantime, I find it strange that this company, which has a lineage of GT, such as Daytona or 250 GT and 550 Maranello, has been allowed to be so underrated in the market of this genre until recently. Ferrari’s relatively more expensive V12 front engine model was ultimately quite niche.

However, Rome turns the company back into the center of the Grand Touring Sports Car genre. The car is beautiful, elegant, powerful, exciting, compact and clearly usable.

But what’s really impressive is that next to Aston Martin’s DB11 AMR, which is ahead of the cylinder’s number and top output, and the Bentley Continental GT8, which is differentiated from any other GT car on the planet, Rome has created its own space very effectively.

Rome accurately found a finer gap in the niche market and carved its own location. And this was something that a well-qualified demonstrator should be able to predict.

Rome, which maintains its versatility in everyday life and the elegance of its classic front engine layout, is simply a daily GT sports car that differentiates Latin energy and vitality from the mid-ship engine model.

The first clue to how this vehicle achieved that can be found in that ratio. When next to Aston Martin and Bantley, the size certainly looks small (and also light). It weighs up to 300 kilograms lighter than Aston Martin and is similar to the weight of the four-cylinder F-type Jaguar.

It also certainly feels that way inside. While the main dimensions of a typical vehicle do not tell the whole story (actually the loop in DB11 is quite low), both the Ferrari’s loop and bonnet are quite low to actually sit on. The packaging of the front end is actually very tight, and the engine position is set significantly lower than other competitive models.

That’s why driving DB11 or Continental on narrow roads can make you feel like you’re going down narrow corridors with a dinner table made of teak wood, but Rome can do it much easier.

From any angle, this Ferrari looks great. Much simpler and softer than Aston Martin, who is more masculine and muscular, and much smaller and more delicate than Bentley, who is handsome, but Dodrazy. Even with a slightly less characteristic metallic color, such as the “Blue Rome” applied to Ferrari’s British test-drive, it overwhelms both competitive models with its static appeal.

It can be expected that inside the vehicle it feels much smaller than its rivals. In the driver’s seat in Rome, there is a certain close intimacy that cannot be found in Bentley. However, Ferrari is actually satisfactorily packaged and is certainly better than the larger Aston Martin. Aston Martin’s broad threshold and transmission tunnels seem to rob him of the advantages of what otherwise might have been the spaciousness.안전놀이터

Roman sheets do not have as much leg space as DB11 or as much space as Continental, but even tall people can sit comfortably in the front. In the case of second row space, Aston Martin and Ferrari are somewhat similar. So either way, you can seat the young children in the second row (actually I’ve been to Rome) but you don’t want to burn them for hours at a time. Nevertheless, even adults and teenagers should abandon the idea of burning them in this space.

The exquisite balance between sport and comfort, Kia EV6

The exquisite balance between sport and comfort, Kia EV6

Kia EV6

Hyundai Motor Group’s momentum is scary these days. Internal combustion engines are targeting high-performance markets with Hyundai Motor’s N brand while introducing hybrid products one after another, attracting many choices from consumers. On top of that, there is also a strong trend in electric vehicle markets. Hyundai Motor has changed the paradigm of the domestic electric vehicle market with Ioniq 5, and Kia has also released EV6, showing a firm commitment to dominate both the internal combustion engine and electric vehicle markets. Among them, EV6’s media demonstration was held and visited the “EV Unplugged Ground Seongsu” in Seongsu, Seoul.

Cafes and restaurants that have recently remodeled abandoned factories to make the impression of existing factories are gaining popularity among young people, and EV6 Unplugged Ground Seongsu is also characterized by remodeling the textile factory building that was built more than 60 years ago and is sustainable” in the electric vehicle market. This place presents a blueprint for starvation to lead electric mobility by providing a quick look at the development philosophy and product characteristics of EV6.

Before the test drive, the first thing we met in the space that was guided by Docent was media art decorated with 475 bundles of waste plastic fabric fabric behind EV6. In fact, the fabric fabric-based sculpture used in EV6 is designed to symbolize the EV6’s maximum mileage of 475 kilometers (without long range, 2WD, built-in cam), followed by a media wall of 475 LED lamps on a large wall. There is something beautiful and intimidating about the huge sculpture that is constructed using the tall factory building.

The following is a space where you can see the features of EV6. It allows users to experience a variety of characteristics such as maximum mileage, 800V fast charging, V2L that allows electric vehicles to be used as mobile energy storage devices, and excellent acceleration performance of 0-100km/h 3.5 seconds. For example, it is easy to understand what electronic devices are connected with V2L function when you go camping with EV6 by displaying actual products such as how many hours they can be used.

In line with the launch of EV6, it also displayed exhibits based on E-GMP, a platform dedicated to electric vehicles, in cooperation with upcycling brands. Upcycling products using seat belts, seat leather, and airbags from real cars can also be purchased here, highlighting the eco-friendly image of electric cars.

Toyota, self-driving shuttle at the Olympics, all stop.Why?

Toyota, self-driving shuttle at the Olympics, all stop.Why?


Toyota has announced that it will completely suspend the operation of its self-driving shuttle “e-Palette” that it has put into the Tokyo Olympics. This is due to a collision between a blind player and a shuttle near Tokyo Stadium, where the Paralympics are in full swing.

Toyota Motor CEO Akio Toyota appeared on the company’s YouTube video on the 28th (local time) and apologized to the player who had an accident and said he would stop operating the self-driving shuttle. He also said he wanted to meet with the person involved in the accident and apologize in person, but the actual meeting was not made.

“This accident shows that self-driving cars still have limitations on general roads,” CEO Akio said. “In particular, self-driving cars are difficult to operate in situations where there are people with visual impairments.”

The accident occurred on Wednesday. At that time, the e-pallet stopped at the junction and the driver was changing direction to manual control. In the process, the shuttle, which was driving 1 to 2 kilometers per hour, hit the player, and the player who was in the accident was immediately transferred to the Athletic Village Medical Center. Lee reportedly walked to his accommodation after being examined and treated.

The e-Palette is a level 4 self-driving car that was unveiled for the first time at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. As you can guess from the name “Palette,” it has been developed to respond to various demands such as shuttles, camping cars, and cooking cars by placing the body on a flat platform.

The company unveiled an e-pallet designed to transport athletes and officials to the Tokyo Olympics earlier this year. The e-Palette Shuttle is 5255mm long, 2065mm wide, and 2,760mm high, and it has 20 passengers. When accommodating wheelchairs, it has a size of 11 people (including four wheelchairs. The driving distance is 150 kilometers.

Toyota said it is urging police to investigate the cause of the accident and will also investigate itself.파워볼사이트

350-horsepower four-door coupe, Audi S7 TDI

350-horsepower four-door coupe, Audi S7 TDI

Audi S7 TDI

The latest trend in the automobile market is to reduce the proportion of diesel vehicles and prepare for the coming era of electricity. Nevertheless, diesel models for the “present” are still emerging, attracting consumers’ attention.

Audi S7 TDI, a high-performance diesel model introduced by Audi, is also a vehicle that emphasizes this characteristic. The excellent 350 horsepower performance of the TDI engine and the charm of the premium four-door coupe are combined.

What kind of attractiveness and efficiency does Audi S7 offer?

The core of Audi S7 is the output and efficiency presented by TDI engines.

In fact, the V6 3.0L TDI engine with a maximum output of 350 horsepower and 71.38kg.m under the bonnet is enough to attract public attention. This combines the 8-speed Tiptronic Transmission and Audi’s Quattro System.

This configuration allows the Audi S7 to accelerate up to 100 km/h in just 5.1 seconds, reaching a maximum speed of 250 km/h. For your information, the efficiency is very high with an authorized fuel efficiency of 12.0 km/L (city center: 10.7 km/L speed: 14.1 km/L).

In order to drive freely with Audi S7, he moved to World Cup Park via Gangbyeon Expressway as usual. The trip computer was reset and started driving freely.

We looked at the situation on the freeway with the driving market, and not many vehicles were seen, raising expectations for the driving results. For your information, in this free ride, all sections were driven in “auto” mode to examine the nature of the vehicle.

He stepped on the accelerator pedal of the Audi S7 TDI to speed up to 90km/h, the speed limit of freeway.

It is showing the presence of the “high-performance diesel” model as the development of output that is quite thick and intuitive is added. For your information, the fact that you can enjoy a cool sound when you change the driving mode is another attraction of the Audi S7 TDI.

For your information, the Audi S7 TDI attracted attention as the error of the instrument cluster was more than 1km/h even when driving at 90km/h based on GPS. In addition, the transmission chose an 8-speed gear ratio, and RPM remained at about 1,200 RPM.

One of the attractions of Audi S7 TDI is that it has many sensory elements applied to Audi’s “technology-drawn interior space.”

In fact, the Infotainment system, which consists of colorful virtual cockpit and two display panels in the interior space of the Audi S7 TDI, is sufficient to attract everyone’s attention and provides excellent satisfaction in functional aspects.안전놀이터

In addition, the S logo of the steering wheel and red leather, which provide the value of high-performance models, are added to increase sensuous satisfaction. The sound system is also equipped with Bang and Olufson sound systems to further enhance spatial value.

Kia EV6 Long Range GT-Line 4WD Test Drive

Kia EV6 Long Range GT-Line 4WD Test Drive

Kia EV6

It was surprising. Like the relationship between Sonata and K5, Ionic 5 and EV6 thought they were twins with similar personalities. The difference was bigger than expected. Although it uses the same E-GMP platform, its direction was completely different.

Journalist Kang Joon-ki
Photo by Kia, Kang Joon-ki

‘It doesn’t go as far as I thought?’ When Ionic 5 first came out, I expected an overwhelming ride over Kona Electric. However, driving distance of 429 kilometers based on long range 2WD was somewhat disappointing. Consumers use enough mileage as an indicator when judging ‘good electric vehicles’. On the other hand, EV6 is based on 475 kilometers in Korea and 528 kilometers in Europe. It can compete with Tesla Model 3.

He arrived at the EV6 test drive site in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, full of anticipation. Today is the first time for another reporter to attend the new car presentation and see EV6 in person.

Design also plays a part in saying that the personality is completely different from that of Ionic 5. If the Ionic 5 puts square style on the straight line, the EV6 puts a voluminous positive vibe on the curve. The low-lying body, voluminous fender, and tail lamp, which also serves as a rear spoiler, show off a unique presence. The test-drive I was assigned to is a red GT-line, with a high-performance atmosphere inside and outside.

The length, width, and height of EV6 are 4,695 x 1,890 x 1,545mm, respectively. Compared to the new sportage that appeared recently, it is 35mm long and 25mm wide. The image shows that the EV6 is quite a big car, although it is expected to be about the size of a K3 GT. On the other hand, the height is 115mm lower than the sedan, but it is better to understand that it is higher than the SUV. Wheelbase, which means distance between front and rear wheels, is 2,900mm, which is 85mm longer than Sorento.

While explaining the wheelbase, I want to explain the back seat first. The second row of bridge space is about the size of a mid-size SUV such as Sorento. When a 182cm-tall male adult fits in the front seat and sits in the back, about three fists are in the spare space for his knees. Seat cushions are cozy and have plenty of cushion length. The backrest can also be reclined quite a bit. However, the roof is low, so there is not enough headroom. It is slightly higher than the Stinger’s파워볼사이트

The basic capacity of trunks is 520 liters based on VDA. It can be disappointing if you expect enough trunk space like a mid-size SUV. For your information, the Sonata & K5 is 510L, which is slightly wider than the “modern” mid-sized car. In particular, the angle of the rear window is gentle, so it is impossible to load a large load. Instead, the back seat can be folded 60:40 to make it useful. A family car of a three-person family consisting of a couple and one child is enough.

The front seat is also different from the Ionic 5. I focused on the driver rather than the cool feeling of space. Two-spoke steering wheels with good grip, a towering floating center console, and a dial-type gear lever are good examples. However, it is a bit disappointing in terms of “differentiation.” Curved displays that combine two 12.3-inch monitors and touch-type air conditioning unit panels will be shared with regular Kia lineup. It is regrettable that it would have been better to emphasize the characteristics of exclusive electric vehicle lines that start with the alphabet “EV.”

However, it is noteworthy that it has realized the eco-friendly environment in the material sector, regardless of design. The EV6 is certified as a carbon footprint by the UK Carbon Trust. This is the result of applying about 75 eco-friendly materials to door map pockets and floor mats per car.