BMW Launches ‘New X7’ Flagship SAV ‘Full Change Class’

BMW Launches ‘New X7’ Flagship SAV ‘Full Change Class’

New X7

BMW Korea announced on the 6th that it will release the advanced flagship SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle) “New X7” in Korea based on changes that are close to complete changes.

Overall, the new X7 reflects the latest design elements. The front part has a detachable headlight in harmony with the BMW Kidney Grill, giving a strong impression. The rear part is equipped with a thin three-dimensional rear light, and the chrome bar is connected to the left and right rear lights, creating a luxurious feeling.

The interior is equipped with the latest BMW curved display and has a 12.3-inch information display and a 14.9-inch control display.

The new X7 will release xDrive40i, xDrive40d, and M60ixDrive models. The new X7 xDrive40i, which will be applied for the first time with a series of six-cylinder gasoline engine, will exhibit a maximum output of 381 horsepower and a maximum torque of 55 kg and m, which is 41 horsepower improvement from before. It accelerates from rest to 100 kilometers per hour in 5.8 seconds.

The M60ixDrive, a high-performance M model, is equipped with a new 4.4L M twin-power turbo V8 gasoline engine with a maximum power of 530 horsepower and a maximum torque of 76.5kg and m. It reaches 100 kilometers per hour from rest in 4.7 seconds.

The New X7 is equipped with a more advanced driver assistance system. It is also equipped with ‘Driving Assistant Professional’, which consists of active cruise control, steering and lane maintenance assistance, and collision avoidance steering assistance.

The X7 comes in two trims: Design Pure Excellence and M Sports Package, with a choice of 6 or 7 seats in all trims, offering a total of 9 options (although the X7 M60ixDrive offers only 6 seats).

The fast-moving Volvo in the age of electric shoes.Small EX30

The fast-moving Volvo in the age of electric shoes.Small EX30


Volvo Motors unveiled its next-generation large electric SUV in Stockholm, Sweden, last month. By planting numerous sensors throughout the vehicle, safety is not only a top priority, but also a high-capacity battery with 111kWh capacity and two electric motors are applied. With a maximum power of 517 horsepower and a maximum torque of 92.8kg.m, it can travel up to 600km on a full charge once.

A small SUV silhouette was captured next to EX90, the main character. It is a small electric crossover that Volvo is preparing to release next year. It’s shorter and more compact than EX90. It looks smaller than Volvo’s compact SUV XC40, which is on sale in Korea.

The shape of the tail lamp is similar to that of EX90. It extends from top to bottom and in a ”’ shape. There is a difference in detail. Unlike the EX90’s vertical lamp with LED embedded like a dot, the next-generation compact SUV has vertical LEDs extending to surface light. Although the front part is not identified, it is highly likely that a headlamp shaped like a hammer of Thor will be applied as it is, just like the EX90. If you follow the latest family look, the shape of daytime driving lights is expected to change.

The overall lateral and rear propulsion is not much different from existing Volvo vehicles. The square and angular body were trimmed into a streamlined shape. Place the door handle in a buried form. As aerodynamics is important in electric vehicles, it seems to be a choice to control the wind.

Like the recently released EX90, the interior adopts Volvo’s unique minimalist design. It incorporates most of the features into a huge vertical center display. In addition, a horizontally long digital instrument panel minimizes interference with the front view.

Volvo’s next-generation small electric SUV will be manufactured based on Geely Motors’ electric vehicle platform SEA. Like most electric vehicle platforms, it has a skateboard form. It is characterized by reducing the weight and increasing the rigidity by increasing the proportion of aluminum. The platform can be commonly used in various segments such as sedans, SUVs, and vans. Up to three electric motors can be installed.

The new small electric SUV aims to secure 440 kilometers of fully charged glass once based on WLTP. It is expected to be released in the second half of next year. Although the exact name is not known, the industry is putting weight on the fact that EX30 will be named as it is expected to be smaller than the previous XC40.

Volvo will introduce a variety of electric vehicle lineup starting with EX90 in 2023 to sell 600,000 electric vehicles by 2025. It plans to transform itself into a complete electric vehicle brand by 2030.

Chevrolet Montana Pickup Truck Reveals

Chevrolet Montana Pickup Truck Reveals

Chevrolet Montana

Chevrolet unveiled Montana on Monday. Montana is the first compact unibody pickup truck in Chevrolet history and is a model dedicated to South American markets such as Brazil. Montana features a 133-horsepower, 1.2-liter gasoline turbo engine, featuring a front designed from a blazer.

Montana is the first Unibody pickup in Chevrolet history. It is a new compact pickup truck that combines the comfort of a utility vehicle with the versatility and robustness of the pickup truck. It is a model exclusively for the South American market, and it is also predicted that it will be released in the U.S. Montana’s exterior reflects Chevrolet’s latest global design.

The front part features daytime running lights, split headlamps, and dual port grille, which are inspired by blazers and designed to be sleek. It is equipped with a roof rail and a cargo hold sports bars. Montana’s strength is its multifunctional trunk. Tono cover sealing system that supports the best waterproof protection function is applied.

The trunk capacity is 874 liters. Unlike competing small pickup trucks, Montana offers a wide range of accessories, which can utilize trunk space for a variety of purposes. The powertrain is a 1.2-liter three-cylinder gasoline turbo engine and a six-speed manual or automatic transmission with a maximum output of 133 horsepower and a maximum torque of 21.4 kgm.

A Chevrolet official said, ‘Montana’s innovative concept perfectly meets the needs of consumers seeking healthier lifestyles, harmony between work and leisure, and productivity and satisfaction. Montana inherits Chevrolet’s unique high quality and reputation for pickup trucks, offering a new definition of a small pickup truck,’ he said.

Honda said, “Level 3 autonomous driving technology wins!”

Honda said, “Level 3 autonomous driving technology wins!”


Honda is going to upgrade its technology so that it can operate level 3 autonomous driving even at the legal speed (100-120km/h) of highways. Honda aims to zero the death rate of traffic accidents related to cars and motorcycles worldwide by 2050 through autonomous driving technology.

In March 2021, Honda introduced the world’s first sedan “Legend” with level 3 autonomous driving technology only for 100 units. Honda’s Level 3 autonomous driving system, “Traffic Jam Pilot,” can operate in congested sections under 30 km/h on highways and can only be used within 50 km/h.

According to Reuters, Honda engineer Mahito Shikama told reporters, “We believe that pursuing level 3 autonomous driving technology can help reduce accidents.” However, he did not respond to the specific timing of mass production.

Autonomous driving level 3 is a conditional automation step, which means that the vehicle runs on its own on a specific road and section in the vehicle system. Release of the steering wheel does not sound a warning tone and does not require the front view to be fixed.

Earlier in May this year, Mercedes-Benz launched a drive pilot service, a level 3 autonomous driving system, for S-Class and EQS in Germany. It can drive autonomously up to 60km/h. In Korea, the Genesis G90 equipped with a level 3 autonomous driving system will be released in the first half of next year.

Expanding RIVIAN overseas sales network, securing 114,000 pre-orders

Expanding RIVIAN overseas sales network, securing 114,000 pre-orders


U.S. electric vehicle startup RIVIAN has begun to hand over Canadian customers for its “R1S” sports utility vehicle. Rivian, which obtained approval for sales in Canada in September, officially announced that it has started international delivery of two models of R1T pickup and R1S SUV.

On the 27th local time, LIVIAN said that delivery of vehicles to Canadian customers will begin before the end of the year, adding that it recently invited pre-contractors and media representatives from Vancouver to hold a new car launch event.

RIVIAN said pre-orders in the U.S. and Canada have recently increased from 98,000 at the end of June to 114,000 units, adding that it is rapidly increasing production and expects a total of 25,000 customers to be delivered this year.

Local media said LIVIAN plans to start selling in the European market in the future and is currently focusing on selling in the North American market.

RIVIAN, headquartered in Irvine, California, originally set a production target of 50,000 units this year, but lowered the target by half in March due to global supply chain disruptions. Currently, RIVIAN manufactures R1T pickup trucks, R1S sports utility vehicles and delivery vans to Amazon at its normal plant in Illinois.

In September, a Georgian court rejected an incentive plan to support Libyan, and the construction of a new plant with an annual production capacity of 400,000 units hit a snag.

BLACKPINK JENNIE, a real dream car designed by herself

BLACKPINK JENNIE, a real dream car designed by herself


BLACKPINK JENNIE was impressed by the car she designed herself.

On the 24th, JENNIE’s YouTube channel “Jennie Rubyjane Official” posted a video titled “Jennie X Sonderwunsch vlog.”

In the video, Jenny couldn’t stop admiring the car she designed herself.

In the middle of the studio surrounded by black cloth, there was a covered car. JENNIE, who saw the actual vehicle after the curtain was lifted, screamed happily and even took a picture to commemorate.

JENNIE’s hand-designed vehicle was filled with his hands. JENNIE Rubyjane and NINI imprints and cloud-shaped paintings made Jenny feel her own emotions.

JENNIE, who saw it in person, said, “It’s very pretty. I’ve been preparing since last year, but I think it’s very special when I see it in person, but I really like it. The inside and details are all the details that I want. It was a very meaningful moment,” he said.

Meanwhile, Zonderbunsch is a German word for “individual wish,” and is a concept car for only one person provided by the world-class Porsche. 안전공원

In other words, the Porsche Thai Khan, where Jenny directly participated in the design, is the only vehicle in the world.

Tesla sells $75 tequila glasses … It’s sold out again

Tesla sells $75 tequila glasses…It’s sold out again

tequila glasses

Tesla is selling tequila glasses this time.

According to foreign media such as Cascoups, Tesla released the tequila glass set online and the price was set at $75 (KRW 100,000) for two.

Foreign media analyzed that “Tesla, which has millions of loyal followers around the world, can release virtually any product, and we know that the product is likely to be sold out immediately,” which is why products that are not related to electric vehicles continue to appear.

Tesla sold a tequila called “Tesla Tequila” two years ago for $250 (KRW 330,000), and decided it was time to sell a glass that was filled with it.

The product is inspired by Tesla’s lightning shape, and the alphabet “T” appears to be stuck in a small metal stand in the form of an upside-down shape, and added, “Enjoy your favorite alcohol with a limited edition Tesla Shipping Glass set.”

“Each glass inspired by Tesla Tequila’s unique silhouette has a Tesla logo on its angled outlines and proudly displays glass products on custom-made metal stands,” it was guided.

One glass can hold 1.5 ounces (42.5 grams) of drinks and is about 3.5 inches (9 centimeters) high.

On the sales site, the phrase “out of stock” is currently displayed, along with “scheduled to be restocked,” and other products such as Tesla blankets, Giga Texas belt buckles, cyber truck-inspired whistles, and $70 wireless phone chargers are also being guided.

Looking at the full change of Hyundai Motor’s Grandeur

Looking at the full change of Hyundai Motor’s Grandeur


Hyundai Motor released the Grandeur Full Change on the 14th. As the new Grandeur inherited Grandeur’s legacy in the past, the identity and grandeur of the flagship sedan were emphasized with a luxurious feeling such as two-row electric reclining seats and two-row door electric curtains. It is reminiscent of the first-generation Equus position in the past. The price starts at 37.16 million won. 안전놀이터

The new Grandeur runs on 2.5 gasoline, 3.5 gasoline, 3.5 LPG and 1.6 gasoline turbo hybrids. Prices start at 37.16 million won for gasoline, 38.63 million won for LPG, and 43.76 million won for hybrid. Hybrid is the price before tax benefits are applied, and the price will be disclosed after the completion of the eco-friendly car notice.

Based on the third-generation platform, the new Grandeur has a body size of 5035mm in length, 1,880mm in width, 1,460mm in height, and 2,895mm in wheelbase. Compared to previous generations, the total length increased by 45mm, the wheelbase increased by 10mm, and the rear overhang by 50mm. It is the first generation Equus position of Hyundai Motor’s front wheel drive flagship in the past.

The new Grandeur exterior reflects Hyundai’s new lighting design, including horizontal LED lamps, as well as all-time Grandeur design elements. Frameless doors, flag-type side mirrors, and C pillar opera glasses are representative. The 20-inch high-brightness sputtering wheel is based on the design of the first-generation Grandeur wheel.

Calligraphy, a high-end trim, has a unique pattern on the front parametric pattern grill, and is differentiated from ordinary models such as dedicated wheels, DLO molding, and dark chrome-finished rear bumper bottom garnish. You can choose black ink with an all-black concept applied to major internal/external points such as emblems.

The interior is equipped with a wide display consisting of a 12.3-inch digital instrument panel and display, an integrated 10.25-inch air conditioning controller, and a column-type electronic shift lever. The 10.25-inch integrated air conditioning controller supports haptic reactions and can set key functions to suit the driver’s taste, such as favorites.

The one-spoke-style steering wheel, which contains the perfume of the first-generation Grandeur, operates in conjunction with vehicle manipulation and voice recognition by placing LED lights on the central horn cover. The interactive ambient mood lamp in the crash pad garnish part emphasizes the connection between the driver and the car by emitting various colors for each scenario.


Eco-friendly values such as antibacterial artificial leather, natural dyed napa leather, and eco-friendly pigment color were also considered. The antibacterial treatment material is luxurious with a soft touch. It is the first in its class to provide two-row seat reclining and two-row door-powered curtains that lie down at a back angle of up to 8 degrees with a one-

The sense of interior space is grandeur. In the second row, even if the first row seats are set freely, there is a large leg room for a 180-centimeter-tall man to sit. Unlike the Kia K8, which is a competitive model, it also has plenty of headroom space. All seats have a somewhat rigid seating. When the auto-flush door handle is deployed, operating noise flows into the room.

Indoor quietness has been strengthened, including a triple sealing structure that blocks wind noise around the frameless door, double-joined sound insulation glass including opera glasses, increased thickness of A pillar fixing windows, road noise reduction technology ANC-R, and all trim sound absorption tires. A new preview electronic control suspension option has been introduced.

The new Grandeur is equipped with UV-C sterilization function that removes harmful bacteria, 10 airbag systems with first-row center side airbags, BOSE premium sound, fingerprint authentication, digital key 2, and QHD resolution built-in cam 2. Powertrain performance has increased, and ‘E-motion Drive’ has been applied to hybrid.

BMW launches ‘online edition in November’ such as 3 series limited edition

BMW launches ‘online edition in November’ such as 3 series limited edition

3 series limited edition

BMW Korea will release “November Online Limited Edition” through the online sales channel BMW Shop Online at 3 p.m. on the 15th.

The new November online limited editions are the New 3 Series and New M340i First Edition, the New 218d Active Tourer First Edition, the M135ixDrive Prism Fire Orange, the M3 Compensation MxDrive sedan, and the M4 Compensation MxDrive Coupe San Marino Blue.

X5 xDrive40d Online Exclusive and X6 xDrive40d Online Exclusive are also sold as online-only models that add multiple pieces of equipment to the regular sales model.

The online limited edition can be found online at the BMW Shop.

Turnpike Twist, McLaren Artura Charming Hypercar

Turnpike Twist, McLaren Artura Charming Hypercar

McLaren Artura

Hakone Turnpike is known as a sacred place among Japanese car enthusiasts.Japan’s little Nureburgring, whose speed is thirsty, continues to run wild. This is the actual background of the famous scene in which Ryosuke Takahashi’s FC3SRX-7 competes with Hōjō Lin’s R32 Skyline GT-R, which is called the Grim Reaper, in the immortal masterpiece <Initial D>. Almost all driving characteristics, including ride comfort, handling, acceleration, and braking, can be identified on this 14km-long pass, so local manufacturers and automobile media often use it as a test bed.

We also found Turnpike for the same reason. McLaren’s all-new plug-in hybrid supercar ‘Artura’ planned an exhilarating shakedown. Of course, there is also the Fuji Circuit nearby, but the turnpike is the perfect test drive for Artura, which will run more on general roads. You can look forward to it because it will be different from a car that only knows how to shout out with its humble output.

McLaren’s electric shoes are not the first for Artura. Earlier, for the first time in the hypercar segment in 2013, the P1 first installed the PHEV powertrain, and the speedtail, which recorded the fastest record in McLaren history with a maximum speed of 403 km/h in 2018, was also a hybrid. Here’s a fact to note: these two were limited production models and not Artura.

Artura, which has been based on the electricity technology that has been steadily trained, is an important starting point for McLaren, who has walked the path of luxury supercar brands, to open a new era of technology and performance. As you may have noticed, the model name, which is a combination of Art, which means art, and Future, which means the future, also contains this meaning.

McLaren Artura

Starting with Artura, McLaren Yangsan Roadcar, which will be developed from this point, is likely to introduce PHEV powertrain. It is speculation to the end, but next-generation PHEV hypercar with signature V8 twin turbo engine following P1 can also be expected.

What is certain is that McLaren will continue to stick to the backwheel. At a technology workshop held before the test drive in Japan, I asked Tom Taylor, a senior manager who led the Artura development program, about his questions. Like the Ferrari SF90, the engine rolls the rear wheels in the conventional way, and the electric motor rolls the front wheels, and is not planning to release the Artura.

“McLaren’s philosophy of dealing with dynamic driving does not yet have four turns,” he replied. I don’t know again in the distant future. If you build a hypercar that exerts a terrifying power, you may end up fiddling with the four-wheeled rolling card.. Anyway, whether it will be a more anticipated brand in the future depends on the new V6 twin turbo engine, PHEV system, fierce exhaust sound, ultra-light body and aerodynamic design, as well as the attractive new supercar filled with interesting elements.