Captain SON The Awakening of the wrapped 103 Billion Hishali Song

Captain SON The Awakening of the wrapped 103 Billion Hishali Song

Hishali Song

Captain Son Heung-min wrapped up the Hishali song.

Tottenham no longer have Harry Kane (Bayern Munich). Hishalisson, a man of £60 million (about 103 billion won), has to fill the vacancy.

He started in both the first and second rounds of the English Premier League (EPL) against Brentford and Manchester United. Hishalisson complained about his playing time last season, but there is currently no alternative.

But it was silent. Hishalisson, who moved to Tottenham last summer, played 27 games in the EPL last season but scored only one goal. It was only three goals and four assists, including two goals in the European Champions League.

Goal drought continues this season. Tottenham is in full swing to find an alternative to Kane in the summer transfer market, which closes on September 2nd (Korea time).

Son Heung-min moved from the left to the center and filled the position when Hishalisson was replaced in the 25th minute of the second half against Manchester United. On the other hand, Hishalisson showed a nervous reaction immediately after being replaced.

Son Heung-min clearly said that Hishalisson has no problem after the match against Manchester United. “I can play in any position,” he said. To be honest, I can play all the center, left, and right, he said. “Hishalisson is playing really, really well.” Of course, no matter what role the coach gives, I try to do well on the spot,” he said.

Britain’s “Football London” released an interview with the Brazilian version of “ESPN” by Hishalisson on the 21st. “I was unhappy with myself for not receiving the ball that could lead to a shot,” Hishalisson said of the reaction in the replacement situation. “I need to get the ball, and I need to get closer to the goal. But I was more upset that I didn’t get the ball there. It wasn’t a complaint of replacement or anything else,” he said.

Hishalisson also said, “It’s only a matter of time before you score a goal. I want the fans to be patient a little. It is not easy to replace idols like Harry Kane. Like it or not, the fans will miss him in a game where I don’t score. Kane has scored more than 200 goals for Tottenham. “I want to use it as a model and score as many goals as possible at Tottenham,” he stressed.

Coach Postecoglou started Dejan Kuluchepski along with Son Heung-min and Hishalisson on the three-top for the second consecutive game. Offensive midfielder James Madison supported them as a free roll 메이저사이트

Hishalisson said: “Tottenham paid a lot of money to recruit me. So I’m here. Now it’s up to me. I have to do my part. “I’m also aware of that responsibility,” he said. “I’m getting to know Madison a little bit.” He is a great player and has a good partnership in training. Still, the most important thing is that we get three points,” he added

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