BTS RM indigo diary at the end of his 20s

BTS RM indigo diary at the end of his 20s


RM, the leader of the group BTS (BTS), will hold an indigo diary at the end of his 20s.

RM released an introduction video of his first official solo album “Indigo” through his agency Big Hit Music at 11 a.m. on December 2.

BTS RM will release all songs of “Indigo” through various music platforms at 2 p.m. on the same day. It is a personal work released four years and two months after the playlist ‘mono’ (Mono) released in October 2018. Although he has released various mixtapes and playlists as a solo musician, it is his first time to officially release an album-type work in the form of a sound source and a physical album, drawing keen attention from domestic and foreign music fans.

BTS RM, who first started thinking about this album in 2019, said, “It’s a kind of diary-like album that contains the emotions, emotions, worries, and thoughts I felt. In 2015, it was RM, and in 2018, it introduced personal works such as ‘mono.’ in the form of uploading them to the sound cloud. “Indigo” is my first official solo album.

Standing at the end of his 20s, RM included songs with honest thoughts, worries, and several platforms on the album. He has confessed his true inner story through various BTS albums and solo songs, and recently chose Indigo (indigo), a color that contrasts with the black and white atmosphere of “mono,” to express his changed tendencies and thoughts.

RM led the overall work, including the album concept, design, composition, and music video planning. In addition, the album was completed through cross-border collaboration called “Connecting Music to Art.” Earlier, RM released the “Indigo” photo taken with the work “Blue” by the late artist Yoon Hyung-geun, whom RM usually respects.

BTS RM said, “I tried to capture all my music as it is, as it is, my honest self. These are the results of intense contemplation, but I think this album will be a better, Kim Nam-joon’s album and another starting point. That’s why I chose the title of the album “Indigo”.

“I wanted to give a contrast to the black-and-white atmosphere of ‘mono’ to express my different tendencies, colors, and thoughts.” Indigo is the basic color of jeans, from nature. So I chose the title of the album as a starting point to think about starting my full album with a natural basic color called Indigo, he said. “Indigo, navy, and blue will be different throughout the album, so you can feel the gradation of those colors.”

The album consists of a total of 10 tracks. Starting with the title song “With Cherry Filter Cho Yu-jin,” all traces of “Yun (with Erykah Badu),” “Still Life (with Anderson Pack),” “All Day (with Tablo),” “With Kim Sa-wol,” “Closer (with Paul Blanco, Mahalia),” and “Changing Life and Cold Reason (2.2), “With Melon,” and “Lith.”

With RM in charge of writing and composing all the songs, DOCSKIM, Pdogg, HONNE, eAeon, and Eun-young participated in the album as producers. Eight out of ten songs were featured by fellow musicians.

BTS RM said, “A total of 10 songs are included, and the genre and atmosphere are very different and various songs.” It is tied in a color called indigo and naturally connects organically. “There are many people who participated in featuring and producing, and while there are songs that I feel I have to complete by myself when I work on them, there are songs that I think will be much more complete and more vital if someone’s color is added together,” he said.

“This time, I worked with various musicians because there were many songs that I wanted to add someone else’s unique frequency, narrative, and emotions. I also learned a lot while working. It was a new experience and lesson,” he added.

Regarding the first track “Yun,” RM said, “It is a song with the narration of the late artist Yoon Hyung-geun, who I respect very much, and also Erica Badu featuring in the U.S., who is also a legend. It is a song that calmly unravels what I realized through Yoon’s work and messages and what I think now. Yun Hyung-geun’s painting is hung on the album cover. That’s why I started track 1 with “Yoon.”

“Still Life is originally a still life,” he said of the second track “Still Life.” However, it is a song that interprets “Still Life” as a dual meaning of “still living” from my point of view, not as a native speaker of English. I wanted to tell the story of a still-life painted, framed, but still alive and moving, and moving forward and living without being trapped in a canvas frame. It’s a song with some energy, so I thought it would be nice to add funky vocals. “I worked with my favorite Anderson Pack in this part,” he said.

BTS RM first collaborated with Epic High Tablo, who made him dream of becoming a singer through the third track “All Day.” RM said, “After track 2, we’re on an upward curve, and it’s about finding our own taste and originality in the world we’re living in an algorithm right now. It’s an easy, comfortable, and exciting song to listen to, but I think it would be good if you could see the implications in the lyrics. “I thought it would be nice to have someone to write those implications with, and I thought Tablo was the best in Korea in this respect, so I asked my brother to do it.”

He collaborated with Kim Sa-wol through the fourth track “Forgetfulness.” RM said, “It’s a complete fork. Acoustic guitar, whistling, tapping the desk in the studio”I recorded it with all the unflagged sounds, such as rubbing jeans or playing a studio toy,” he said. “I worked completely unflaggedly.” It’s the first song I worked on on this album. All the cozy, lonely, and calm things are melted. I really like Kim Sa-wol’s second album, and I thought it would be great to work with her. He said, “He made a rich song with the featuring.”

Honnewa, who worked with him through the existing mixtape, worked on the fifth track “Closer (with Paul Blanco, Mahalia).” RM said, “Please listen to it comfortably,” adding, “I thought I might have all these experiences.” I think it would be fun to think about the thoughts and feelings beyond the cell phone,” he said.

BTS RM said of track 6 ‘Change pt.2’, “I solved in an exceptional way the things I believed to be eternal change and change. “I worked with my friend Lee Ian,” he said.

“I think the seventh track ‘Lonely’ will be the most comfortable pop to listen to. I worked at a hotel. It is a song that comfortably unravels the experience of being a nobody and universal emotions that anyone may have felt at least once in their life, through paintings or travel. ”

Track 8 “Hectic (with Cold)” is a city-pop song. RM said, “I don’t think there’s a lot of city pop that male singers do. Female vocals seem to do it a lot. I worked with my old friend Colde, wondering what it would be like for men to do City Pop. He said, “I think the song has become richer because he has a very urban sensibility.”

The 9th track “With Cherry Filter Cho Yu-jin” is the title track of the album. RM said, “It’s a song that sings my wish and confusion that I want to live like a wild flower that blooms calmly rather than a fireworks display that disappears quickly and has a lot of things to clean up. “I think Cho Yoo-jin’s incredibly rocking and powerful vocals have secured the scalability of the story I want to tell,” he said.

Regarding the last track ‘No.2 (with Park Ji-yoon), RM said, “The story of not looking back is a story that continues from the Greek and Roman myths of the past. Whatever we went through, it was the best, and I wanted to tell you not to look back because it made all of your present.”

“From the beginning, I thought it would be nice for Park Ji-yoon to sing it in a calm style together. “I thought I would be much more persuasive if I borrowed his voice, so I worked with him and I think it was a great finish,” he added.

BTS RM said, “In the end, music is something that people do like a picture, so I think it’s important to know what life, what reason, what narrative, and what will comes from. I think the person who sang and wrote the song is more important than the music and song is good. “I think it would be good to think of this album as an album with my will and reasons,” he said.

“I no longer listen to my album from the moment it was released. From that moment on, I think it’s up to the audience and listeners. I hope that the people who listen to this album share what they felt and breathe life into the song with their own interpretations and margins. “I’ve been working hard for the past four years, so I’d appreciate it if you enjoyed listening to it,” he said.

Finally, RM said, “I hope to deliver an amazing message with this song when I live like the people I’ve been with now when I was young.”Rather than that, I think you have a taste for at least one song. Like ginkgo leaves that you put on your bookmarks and take out once in a while, I have a small wish for albums or songs that are on your playlist once in a while. He added, “I would appreciate it if you show a lot of love and listen to it beautifully.”

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