BTS New album may be delayed due to concerns raised

BTS New album may be delayed due to concerns raised


With the release date of the new album Proof  of the group BTS approaching, mixed reactions from “ARMY” (fandom names) continued.

It was revealed that Jung Bobby, who is currently on trial for illegal filming of sex, participated in the composition of the song was included in the new album BTS.

BTS The agency Big Hit Music released the track list of “Proof” one after another from the 9th to the 11th.

Among them, there is a controversy among fans over “Filter” in which Jung Bobby participated.안전공원

Jeong Bobby, a former member of the indie band “Autumn Vacation,” was put on trial in October 2020 on charges of violating the Special Act on the Punishment of Violence and Sexual Violence Crimes (photographing using cameras).

Jeong Bobby is accused of assaulting a woman A who was dating and illegally filming sex videos.

Police raided Jung Bobby’s home and found several illegally filmed videos between July and September 2020.

Bobby Chung is also accused of illegally filming another victim, B.

Initially, B’s bereaved family filed a complaint against Jung Bobby on charges of rape and injury, but the prosecution cleared him of charges due to insufficient evidence.

Immediately after B’s bereaved family appealed, the Seoul High Prosecutors’ Office acknowledged the need for a supplementary investigation, and the Seoul Western Prosecutors’ Office, which was investigating A’s case, re-investigated it.

B made an extreme choice in April 2020, leaving a suicide note saying, “I was hurt and suffered by a person.”

On B’s cell phone, conversations appealing to acquaintances were reportedly found, such as “I got drunk” and “I belatedly found out that I couldn’t do anything better.”

Meanwhile, “Filter” was also included in BTS’s February 2020 release album, and is a solo song by member Jimin. At that time, it was not a problem until the Jeong Barbie case was known.

Big Hit Music said, “This album is designed to show why BTS, who has been working together for 9 years respecting each other’s tastes and colors, shines.”

“In particular, the songs on the second CD were selected by the seven members themselves,” he said.

Fans and Internet users who confirmed the decision voiced criticism.

The online community said, “I don’t know if the victim had to include it in the new album at a time when he made an extreme choice.”

“Does the agency include sex offenders’ songs in the album?” “The agency that makes sex offenders earn money.” “Please deal with it.” BTSIf you tag me, will you take responsibility?

“It’s a meaningful song. Even if I put it in, I would have taken out Jung Bobby’s name,” he said, expressing disappointment.

Some fans and Internet users are also sensing boycotts. In the online community,

“Fans should boycott criminal songs,” he said and pre-purchased Proof He also posted a proof shot that canceled the payment.

On the other hand, some are skeptical about the boycott, along with criticism that it is excessive. In the online community,

“When did it come out? It’s controversial”. “I think BTS is the best in the industry, so the standards are strict”

“These days, negative posts related to BTS continue to be posted, and it seems to have been targeted by a specific organization,” he said.

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