Brooklyn releases Okapo for suspension of payment.

Brooklyn releases Okapo for suspension of payment.


The Brooklyn Nets will organize the team as expected.

According to a Shams Karania reporter from The Athletic, Brooklyn releases Zaryl Okapo (center-forward, 208cm, 122kg).

Brooklyn recently brought Okapo through a trade. He started trading with Detroit Pistons to clear the remaining contract of D’Andre Jordan (Lakers). Instead of sending $5.78 million and a number of second-round nominations to Jordan, it secured exceptions for Okapo, Sekudombuya, and trade.

Brooklyn was expected to break up with Okapo after the deal. Brooklyn is already full of center staff, including Blake Griffin, Ramakus Aldridge, and Nicolas Clarkston. Therefore, there was no reason to be with Okapo.

Brooklyn, who took a breather in financial management by easing Jordan’s remaining contract, releases him as expected. Bobby Max, a reporter for ESPN, announced that Brooklyn would send him out on a suspended payment. His annual salary for the upcoming 2021-2022 season is $2.1 million, which will be divided into three seasons.

Brooklyn already has a significant luxury tax this season. While there are many luxury taxes to be paid by the punishment section, progressive taxes must also be paid. There are many luxury taxes to be paid anyway, and progressive taxes must be paid in the 2023-2024 season. Accordingly, in order to reduce immediate spending, his payment was suspended.

If it was sent out with a general release this time, Brooklyn’s luxury tax is considerable. Brooklyn, who has already surpassed April, will enter another section of punishment for luxury taxes if Okapo’s contract is added. Considering this, the management decided to pay his contract in installments.파워볼사이트

Okapo played 27 games in Detroit last season. He played 12.9 minutes per game and scored 5.4 points (618.222.708) 2.4 rebounds. Before joining Detroit, he played for the New Orleans Pelicans for two seasons and scored an average of eight points, but his performance in Detroit was somewhat poor.

Meanwhile, he played in Brooklyn in the 2017-2018 season. During the season, he was traded from the Philadelphia Sevenies to Brooklyn and finished the season in Brooklyn. He played his part as a backup center, but failed to renew his contract.

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