Brooklyn Nets power is extraordinary [NBA]

Brooklyn Nets power is extraordinary


Will Dubbingmon (Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Ben Simmons) eventually play the season together? If that happens, Brooklyn could emerge as the favourite again.

The Brooklyn Nets have not carried out the Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving trade until the 20th (Korea Standard Time).

Both Durant and Irving requested trade once this summer, making the league noisy.

In particular, in Durant’s case, numerous teams, including Phoenix, Miami, and Philadelphia, have shown interest in recruiting, but no trade has been made for nearly three weeks since the trade request was known.

First of all, Brooklyn’s needs are high. Brooklyn is known to want at least one All-Star to have several first-round nominations if he trades Durant. In some cases, Durant’s ransom soared further as Utah and Minnesota’s Rudy Gobert trade was carried out.

Kyrie Irving, whose mental issues have been revealed to the world in the past two seasons, has virtually no team other than the Lakers interest. But the Lakers are also determined not to spend recklessly to recruit Irving. In particular, rumors say that he has no intention of giving up more than two nominations for the first round. This is because Irving is a maturity contractor who will qualify for FA next summer and is a “four-dimensional” who makes unexpected actions.

Local observers say Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are likely to face the opening of the season without being traded in the end.

If both Irving and Durant remain, Brooklyn fans are expected to witness the “Dubbingmon” trio, which will work together on the court for the first time ever.

If Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving remain, Brooklyn is a team that could quickly emerge as favorites. 강남풀싸롱

Just overshadowed by their trade requests, Brooklyn has had a pretty good offseason this year. Second-rounder Rookie Kessler Edwards, who stayed with Patty Mills and Nicola Claxton and showed potential with wing resources last season, also renewed his contract. He also signed Royce O’Neill as a trade and signed an FA contract with TJ Warren. Goran Dragic, Bruce Brown, and Andre Drummond left the team, but the overall energy level of the team improved, and the wingline depth became thicker

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